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by , 08-29-2008 at 08:38 AM
Today history was made. Now in the race for president we have an African American male running for president and a female running for VP. Either way we're going to change as a country and I feel blessed to be a 27 year old woman living in this time.

(and yeah watching Palin talk right now I'm in tears.)

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    Except....that we aren't totally sure Obama IS African American- he won't show his REAL birth certificate- PLUS he slipped, had an uh-oh moment when he said "My Muslim faith", has terrorists ties, supports not only abortion but infanticide, AND has paid 800,000 to ACORN, was their lawyer AND leader, oh and he says he's a Christian BUT makes fun of the my opinion, he's bad news all around- Go McCain/Sarah! We need values/morals put back in America!