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by , 11-02-2007 at 07:34 AM
So yesterday I had major computer problems ranging from the power cord issue to the internet and $97.19 later I have a computer that works! Yay! But I am home! I had $7.15 ($2.50 in my account and $6.65 in quarters/change.) worth of gas (okay plus I had one gallon more in my car. Like when I got gas it was at 36 miles.), so I was totally freaked about not making it up the hill. But I made it up, drove to work, got my paycheck, deposited it, got gas, and then got the part to fix the computer. It wasn't working intially... So I was all set this morning to go down the hill and fix it. But I went to the computer around 6 am and OMGOSH! Working! Yay!

It's weird up here. Like our house is so safe that we kinda'.... forget that not everyone was so lucky. We only have a funk. That's it. And we threw everything out in our fridge. Even my rooster sauce. We got a cake that says "Yay!" But it's weird because my neighborhood/street is so safe then you go down to Knollview and it's not that way, or you go to town and on the way you see standing mantals where houses were.

I got to see Pearl, who... totally missed. She's so good!

Thanks everyone for their prayers and good thoughts.

I am wearing my Halloween costume to work today too.

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