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Keeping Track of my Trips!

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by , 01-09-2009 at 09:21 PM
[SIZE=2]List of Attractions through [B][COLOR=Blue]2[/COLOR][COLOR=SeaGreen]0[/COLOR][COLOR=Navy]0[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]8[/COLOR][/B]
[B]Disneyland[/B]: 55
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Alice in Wonderland: 20;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Astro Orbitor: 1;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Autopia: 2;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 21; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Billy Hill and the Hillbillies: 3;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters: 40; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Disneyland Railroad: 3;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Dumbo: 2;[/SIZE][SIZE=2]The Enchanted Tiki Room: 6; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Fantasmic!: 20;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] The First 50 Magical Years: 1; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Gadget's Go Coaster: 2;[/SIZE][SIZE=2]The Haunted Mansion: 25; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Haunted Mansion Holidays: 15;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Honey I Shrunk the Audience: 1;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Indiana Jones Adventures: 28; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger: 2;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Innoventions: 5;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Jungle Cruise:[/SIZE][SIZE=2] 20; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]King Arthur's Carousal: 3;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Mad Hatter's Tea Party: 7; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: 23; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Mark Twain: 1;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Matterhorn: 18; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Monorail: 5;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: 28; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Parade of Dreams: 28; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Peter Pan's Flight: 15; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Pinocchio's Daring Journey: 22; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Pirates of the Caribbean: 29;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Princess Fantasy Faire: 8;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Remember Dreams Come True: 14;[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin: 8;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Snow White's Scary Adventures: 18; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Space Mountain: 25;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Splash Mountain: 54; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Star Tours: 8; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Storybook Land Canals: 1;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Tarzan's Treehouse: 3;[/SIZE][SIZE=2] Tom Sawyer's Island: 1; [B]P[/B]ixie Hollow: 4; Mickey's House: 4; Minnie's House: 1; It's a Small World Holidays: 12; A Christmas Fantasy Parade: 25; Believe... in Holiday Magic: 4; Santa's Reindeer Round-up: 4; The Laughing stock Co.: 2; Sleeping Beauty's Castle: 3

[/SIZE] [SIZE=2][B]Disney's California Adventures[/B]: 55
[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Tower of Terror: 22; Muppet Vision 3-D: 6;
[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Grizzly River Run: 21; Mission Tortilla Factory: 16; [/SIZE][SIZE=2]California Screamin': 36; Sun Wheel: 3; Maliboomer: 8; Mulholland Madness: 21; It's Tough to be a Bug: 5; Golden Dreams: 1; Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular: 2; Disney's Electrical Parade: 5; Golden Zephyr: 4; Disney Animation Studio: 9; Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!: 14; Boudin's Bread Factory: 7; Heimlich's Chew Chew Train: 4; Pixar Play Parade: 26; Toy Story Midway Mania!: 22; Soarin' Over California: 3; Orange Stinger: 1; Dot's Puddle Park: 3; King Triton's Carousal: 1; Playhouse Disney Live!: 1; Flik's Fliers: 2; Francis' Lady Bug Boogie: 6; Drawn to the Magic: 2; Bountiful Farm: 2; Blue Sky Cellar: 5; Redwood Creek Challenge Trail: 3; "The Magic of Brother Bear" Totem Ceremony: 1[/SIZE]

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    Share some with me por favor. Thanks. :-*
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    holy crap thats alot lol
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    All of the code looks funny.