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An Epcot Adventure

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by , 02-26-2009 at 06:21 AM
[URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL][SIZE=3]About a year ago, my wife and I renewed our contract with T-Mobile and were rewarded with four free airline tickets. We used one set to go to South Carolina, where we went to Charleston and Hilton Head, including the Disney Vacation Club there. (See my blog report for lots of pictures and details.) With two tickets left to use before March 1 and a very limited and mostly unappealing choice of locations, we chose to head off to Walt Disney World for four days sans kids. We booked our getaway in October. This was to be our first visit alone in two decades. (Not knowing we would be in California for Christmas - and at the Disneyland Resort at the time of booking.)[/SIZE]

[LEFT][URL=""][SIZE=3][IMG][/IMG][/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=3]Having saved for a couple of years, we decided to splurge a bit and stay at one of the moderate resorts. After much discussion, we chose Port Orleans Riverside. Our last visit staying on the property was at All Star Sports in 2007- a great choice since we had our youngest son with us. Previously, we had stayed at the Caribbean Beach in 1989 when the price was an unbelievable $59 per night! [/SIZE][/LEFT]

[LEFT][SIZE=3]Mid-February was a new time of the year for a visit. We really didn't know what to expect aside from the fact we planned to take it easy, sleep in, eat at some nice restaurants, go swimming and enjoy the parks. What a great opportunity to get out of a Colorado winter and see some green landscape.[/SIZE][/LEFT]

[LEFT][SIZE=3]Arriving at 11:55pm into Orlando, of course we were glad to be making use of Magical Express to get to our hotel. The trip would end of taking two hours- arrival at 2am! We thankfully chose to carry on our luggage and felt quite bad for other folks who hadn't, as they wouldn't see their bags until morning. [/SIZE][/LEFT]

[SIZE=3]Rest of our Epcot Adventure is on my Insights blog: [/SIZE][URL=""][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/URL]


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