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Dark Skies in a Downgraded Kingdom

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by , 03-10-2009 at 05:51 AM

[SIZE=3]The most difficult part of this trip report is not avoiding the issue and saying what I need to say right from the start. I love Animal Kingdom- but I was totally bored and ready to leave the park by 2:15pm! If it's your favorite theme park at Walt Disney World, please read on and give my appraisal a fair shake before you judge me...[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]After a great two days, one at Epcot, one at Magic Kingdom (and one at Disney's Hollywood Studios yet to come), my wife and I were ready for a third great day- at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's a spectacularly beautiful park, unique in many ways. (Cruise my blog for my "True Life Adventure" on the creation and evolution of this park. It's a multi part series.) This visit, it was the only park we got up early for. That should say much.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=3]We hopped on the first bus of the day. I was feeling an adrenaline rush just thinking of riding [I]Expedition Everest[/I]. I couldn't wait. I was also anxious to show my wife this park in a relaxed and unhurried manner. [/SIZE]
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[SIZE=3]Arriving in the parking lot, the sky was quite gray and the day felt "heavy". Walking through the gates into the park, it seemed as all was very quiet. The animals seemed still, and I couldn't hear (or see) any of the birds- just the sound of the small waterfall just past the entrance. This gave a very different first impression to what the day would be like. Misty, overcast, somewhat mysterious...[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]I left the rest of my trip report and photos on my [URL=""]Insights[/URL] blog! ;)[/SIZE]


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