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Glad to Be Aboard!

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by , 09-11-2008 at 04:33 PM
Hi Everyone,

I've been asked to start a "MiceSpace" blog and post a few of my articles here. Pretty excited to join up! Hope you are glad to hear that, too.

What should you find here? Well, I'm thinking that I want to continue with one of my favorite things: concept art. Having been a Disney park fan for decades now, I've collected alot of fun stuff. Also on my hot list is sharing information, opinions, and trip and photo reports as I visit the resorts and anyplace else related to Disney. (Even visit some non-Disney park every once in awhile.)

What will happen to my own blog? Well, I'll still be posting more and different Disney news articles, concept art and other fun pieces on it, [URL=""][/URL].
So you'll just want to check out both places from time to time.

Not only do I like to share about Disney parks and their creation and history, I love to hear what other folks have to say, so I hope you'll speak up as well.

Watch for my first article soon- it'll be a blast!


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    Cool, welcome!