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9/1/08 - Monday in the Parks - News, Photos and Tips

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by , 09-01-2008 at 04:43 AM
Good day, first off, while many of us are enjoying a day off today, a lot of folks are being affected by Hurricane Gustav and the upcoming Tropical Storm Hanna, our prayers and best wishes go out to all those who are impacted by the weather. Here is hoping that the damage will be kept to a minimum.

Lots to get to today, so lets start....

What will you Celebrate? October 5th update

Tickets to Miley Cyrus' birthday party went on sale Saturday morning, and all reports had sales going smoothly, but that might be due in part to a low volume of requests. As of Sunday evening, tickets remained available at

For those who haven't heard, Disneyland will be open from 6:30 AM to just 5 PM on Sunday, October 5th due to the major press event that evening.

Disney's California Adventure special after-hours Halloween Parties update

Tickets remain available for Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party in DCA for every day it is being offered. Go to for Print at Home tickets.

Remember, that Disneyland Resorts Halloween Time starts Friday, September 26th and is included in your regular park admission.

End of Summer brings closures and refurb walls

Tuesday, September 2nd has Disneyland starting a re-pavement project in Tomorrowland.

The plan is to work on the north side of the main pathway first, and will require the Buzz Lightyear Fastpass machines to be turned off, and a temporary queue/entrance for the actual attraction, so be prepared to see the walls, and look for alternative paths to get to the attractions you want to see on the East side.

As mentioned here earlier, all three McDonald's locations in the Disneyland Resort will close for good on Tuesday.

The current Refurbishment schedule has the Harbour Gallery reopening on December 19th, just in time for the Peak Christmas season.

Burger Invasion in DCA is listed to reopen in May of 2009, and the Conestoga Fry Wagon date is listed as "N/A".

No word on what food will be served when the locations reopen.

Also don't forget the entertainment cutbacks, with Fantasmic!, Aladdin (the show in DCA) and the Electrical Parade going on hiatus.

The Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger also has its last showing ever today, and the current plans have the theater in Adventureland remaining dark until next Summer.

Golden Dreams is headed to Yesterland, last shows will be Sunday, September 7th

The Orange County Register reported the following on Saturday.

Update on attractions and restaurants closing after Labor Day in Disneyland Resort - Around Disney -

The last performance of Golden Dreams for the public, an American dream film performance in Disney’s California Adventure, is Sept. 7. Disney announced back in fall that as part of sprucing up California Adventure, Golden Dreams will be replaced by a dark ride based on “The Little Mermaid.” So, if you want to see the show — show up by Sept. 7. Still, the theater will be open through the spring, but only to school kids as part of the Disney youth education program.
Club Libby Lu in Downtown Disney Anaheim adds "Get Flipped"

The Orange County Register reports that the current Club Libby Lu store in DtD has added a "Get Flipped!" photo studio.

Downtown Disney’s Libby Lu flips for photos - Jan Norman on Small Business -

Get Flipped takes photos of a subject in two different poses, and then combines them so that holding the photograph one way shows one of the images and turning it slightly reveals the other image. It simulates action for $10.

ESPN Zone Anaheim hosts WIPEOUT casting call

Hundreds of people got up early on Saturday morning for the chance to be a participant on ABC"s new hit show, WIPEOUT.

If you missed the opportunity to try out, you still can contact the casting company for more information at MysticArt Pictures

Disneyland Hotel History Tour

Last Friday,Donald Ballard, the author of the Disneyland Hotel: The Early Years 1954-1988 offered a tour to about 50 fans, which included some historical items, and a chance to visit the Presidential Suite.

You can find out more information on the book at

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Man enters fenced off area and gets hit by the Ninja Roller Coaster.

Saturday afternoon around 4 PM, a park patron made a very big mistake, and jumped a clearly marked safety fence to retrieve his hat, which had fallen off when he was riding.

The fences and park policies are in place to keep everyone safe. When an item falls into one of these safety zones, park employees can't even enter the area, unless the ride is completely shut down, and special safety procedures are followed.

More on the story can be found at this link

Man Hit By Roller Coaster At Magic Mountain*-*Hometown Station KHTS AM-1220

Last Day for Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas

Due to losing its lease at the Las Vegas Hilton, today is the last day the attraction will operate, after a 10 year run.

Las Vegas Star Trek exhibit closing after 10 year run -

San Diego Zoo cancels its popular Founders Day event

Since 1950, the San Diego Zoo has opened its doors for free one Monday each October. But the free event has become too popular and has overwhelmed the Zoo and its support services, including parking and the nearby streets.

So the Zoological Society will instead offer up to 250,000 tickets to charities. > News > Metro -- Zoo dropping free Founders Day event

Long Beach to host the Original Lobster Festival this weekend.

Starting this Friday, September 5th through the 7th, Rainbow Lagoon Park, near the Long Beach Convention Center will be the site of the Original Lobster Festival.

$25 gets you admission to the event, along with a 1.25 pound Maine Lobster dinner, including all the fixins.

Long Beach Lobster Festival - Fresh Live Maine Lobsters

MiceChat plans its 2nd Annual Knott's Scary Farm meet

You are invited to join MiceChat users on Saturday, September 27th to attend the very popular Knott's Halloween Haunt.

Plans include having the VIP Pre-Scare dinner and then a night in the park.

More info can be found here...

A Big Thank You to all of our readers.

This week, has being asking selected viewers of its website what websites they use for vacation planning.

Here is the actual list of websites, and the order they are listed.
Other – please specify

We are glad to see Disney recognize MiceChat/MiceAge and thank you for helping us become one of the major websites that focus on the Walt Disney Company and Theme/Amusement Parks around the world.

Disneyland Half-Marathon Photos, results and impact.

First, the official Disneyland Resort Press Release

John Lucas of Eugene, Oregon, Wins Third Annual Disneyland Half Marathon, Setting New Record

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Aug. 31, 2008) – Course records were broken in Men’s, Women’s and Master’s divisions in the third annual Disneyland Half Marathon, Sunday at Disneyland Resort.

John Lucas, a marketing specialist for a sports apparel company in Eugene, Oregon, crossed the finish line first with a Disneyland Half Marathon record time of 1:08:05 (exactly two minutes faster than the 2007 winning time), leading the field of an estimated 13,500 participants.

“It’s a very meaningful place for me,” Lucas said of Disneyland. After qualifying for the Olympic trials in the 2006 Los Angeles Marathon, Lucas took his girlfriend Molly to Disneyland and proposed to her in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The couple also honeymooned at the Resort after their wedding in 2007.

“My favorite moment (in today’s race) was coming back through Disney’s California Adventure and seeing Mrs. Incredible and Sully cheering us on,” Lucas said, referring to Disney•Pixar characters who lined the course.

Lucas said he liked the competitive field and “the flat course really helped me keep a rhythm.”

Placing second overall was Mark Batres, 23, of Rowland Heights, Calif., with a time of 1:09:55. Chokri Dhaouadi, 36, a Tunisian runner who trains in Las Cruces, New Mexico, finished third with a time of 1:12:14.

Mary Akor, 31, of Gardena, Calif, was the women’s half marathon champion. Akor finished with a Disneyland Half Marathon women’s record time of 1:19:24, despite losing her race chip and having to start from the back of the pack. She caught up with the women’s leader at approximately the five mile mark, in the 13.1-mile event.

“I had to make my way through all the other runners,” she said. “But it was a great race with so many people out there cheering us on. That really made it special.”

The women’s second place finisher was Mary Kate Bailey, 33, of San Diego, Calif., with a time of 1:19.33. Suzy Schumacher, 39, of Phoenix, Arix. – last year’s winner of the women’s Disneyland Half Marathon – took third place with a time of 1:25:12.

Kevin Broady, 45, of Brea, Calif., who finished first overall in the 2007 Disneyland Half Marathon, earned a notable Master’s Division (age 40+) victory this year with a division record time of 1:13.26 and a fourth place overall ranking.

Edith Martinez, 40, of Brea, Calif., was the top women's Master’s finisher with a division record time of 1:28:29.

In the men’s Half Marathon wheelchair division, Ralph Pieplenbos, 55, of Monrovia, Calif., crossed the finish line with a time of 1:19;27

Last year’s winner of the women’s half marathon wheelchair division, Kristen Messer, 21, of Austin, Texas, repeated this year with a winning time of 1:37:42.

Approximately 13,500 runners from 50 states and 16 countries registered for the magical 13.1 mile Disneyland Half Marathon this year. The field included first-time half marathoners as well as veteran runners. The course traveled through two Disneyland Resort theme parks and along Anaheim streets with landmarks such as Angels Stadium and Honda Center, while colorful Disney characters and festive music inspired them along the way.

Runners who completed the half marathon received a commemorative Sleeping Beauty Castle medal, the signature medal of the Disneyland Half Marathon and one in the Disney endurance series collection.

The Coast-to-Coast medal, a new award, was presented to nearly 1,000 runners who completed either the Walt Disney World Marathon or Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January and then completed Sunday’s Disneyland Half Marathon. The Coast-to-Coast medal showcases the iconic “Partners Statue,” of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

The 2009 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend will be held Sept. 4-6, with the Half Marathon being held on Sunday, Sept. 6. Registration for the 2009 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend opens on Monday, September 1, 2008.

For more information and to view complete searchable race results visit

The event went fairly smoothly, and was well managed.

Alas, there was one problem that had some of the guests staying in the Disney owned hotels upset.

The park operating hours had Disneyland opening at 9 AM, and DCA opening at 10:30 AM because of the Marathon. And the course went all the way down Downtown Disney, cutting off all access to Disneyland until 10 AM for those staying at the Hotels.

Disney did make arrangements with Coach USA/Gray Line, the folks who operate the ART shuttle system to run a shuttle from the Grand Californian Hotel to the Lion King Tram area until the race ended. But many guests didn't know about it, and if they did find out about it, there was a long line, as guests of the Paradise Pier Hotel were advised to walk to the Grand Californian Hotel to catch the Shuttle. Hopefully Disney will find a way to allow Hotel guests access to Disneyland in 2009 during the race.

Selected Photos from

New Guide to the Magic Maps have arrived at DCA, with the Toy Story Mania! logo. (and the Toy Story Midway Mania! logo is on the inside.)

That should do it, have a great week!

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    I agree. I love reading the updates. I really need to go back down there soon. I just have a question, why are they closing Burger Invasion, putting in a restaurant for a year, and then taking that out, and putting in the Beer Garden? Doesn't make much sense. Anyways, great update, and looking foreward to more!!!
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    I find it mildly funny that the trophies for the Half-Marathon is the same ones that they use for Mousecars (Operation Cast Member yearly award ceremony).
  10. FerretAfros's Avatar
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    Those trophies are also used for the high school band, orchestra, and chorus competetions that they have in WDW. I wouldn't be surprised if they were used for some of the cheerleading and dance competetions that they have in DL too. They seem to be the generic award that gets handed out for all sorts of special reasons.
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    I wonder if they should make the DL Hotel a regular tour, maybe part of a larger DL 'history' tour, which covers the development of DL and maybe surrounding Anaheim. There are probably some interesting stories there.
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    Thanks for the update; I am always surprised when Disney has an issue as simple as figuring out how to allow on-site guests access to the park during a marathon.
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    Hey Darkbeer,
    You must've missed the reopening of the magic crystal shop (now named The Magic Star) over in Fantasyland. The interior is quite beautiful, and the animatronic marionette show in the shop window has been completely cleaned up and refurbished!
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    Hi Darkbeer,
    I have a question for you. How come after all these years, Disneyland moved the annual CM Holiday party from the first Monday & Tuesday in December to the second Monday & Tuesday?

    I booked our trip for the second week in December (8-10th) so as to avoid this event. I'm kinda bummed because Disneyland closes at 6 p.m. those days, but I'm looking forward to riding California Screamin' at night.

    Any insight you might have would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance = )
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    Wah? How dare those Cast Members have their holiday party EVER? They have some nerve!
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    She isn't saying that Castmembers shouldn't have a party. She is expressing her frustration that she booked her trip based upon the previous schedule for the parties and will now have less time to spend in the park due to the schedule change. Seems like a valid gripe to me.
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    First off, the new Store is the Wishing Star, and I got some photos today....

    As for the CM parties, it is due to how late Thanksgiving Day is this year. The CM Parties are the WEEK after Thanksgiving week, which is December 8th and 9th, basically the 2 days after the Candlelight Ceremony. They need a FULL week of a slow period to set up the event, and can't do it until Thanksgiving week is fully over (which is 11/30/08 this year). So since the Candlelight processional is later, so is the CM parties. Sorry you misunderstood the scheduling...
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    Ooops! Wishing Star...
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