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by , 08-19-2008 at 09:31 AM
Why do people make blog posts, yet not allow people to comment on it?

Are they afraid that the comments will actually make sense?

Are they just poop stirrers who just want to say what they want for the whole world to read, but can't handle the comments that will come back (and that will more than likely be negative)?

Are they that sad that they have to hide behind the veil of the internet to get their voice to be heard, because they can't handle a little confrontation with their views when the majority of the world probably views the opposite way?

It's like poking a sleeping bear with a stick. Then when said bear wakes up they run away and hide in the basement under the dirty laundry :???:

Good luck with that bear!

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  1. frecky's Avatar
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    Cause they are weenies Matt. They like to whine and complain but not be told they are wrong.
  2. The Dark Lady's Avatar
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    Maybe they just don't want their blog entries soiled by needless comments filled with needless complaining about something that's not even worth getting stirred up about. You know, like I'm doing right now.