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Really starting to get nervous

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by , 10-30-2008 at 11:40 AM
I was pondering about all the people that have been layed off recently. I mean thousands upon thousands of people all over the country are now jobless. And it seems daily that more companies are laying off more and more people.

Where the hell are these people going to find work? Nobody really seems to be hiring anymore. Business' are failing left and right. People are losing their homes because they can't afford to pay their mortgage. How are these thousands and thousands of people, many with families, going to make it?

It scares me that this is all looking so much like 1929, and that when I'm my mothers age I'll be talking about how we survived the Second Great Depression.

We'll eat lots of canned soup. We'll be scraping every bit of peanut butter out of the jar before we buy a new jar. We'll wear clothes until they can't be mended any more.

For fun we'll stay at home and watch more tv instead of going to the movies or to plays and concerts. We'll have more family and friend gatherings and play games instead of going bowling, or mini golfing.

It's all so scary.

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  1. sunnygirl's Avatar
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    It is pretty scary, Matt, but we'll get by. The statistics are truly frightening. But hey, nothing wrong with more time with family and friends, right? And games are fun!
  2. Mouse princess's Avatar
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    Unfortunetly it seems we are heading straight into dire times, but Like SunnyG said, we will get by. They made it in the Great Depression, we will make it now. It is going to take a lot of change, and it really sucks. And it is really scary.