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I'm O'nut, and I'm not into buying Disney "stuff"

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by , 11-09-2008 at 09:18 PM
That's right. I love going to the parks. I love anything related to the theme park adventure. But I have zero desire to purchase anything Disney related.

I don't collect anything Disney related. I don't have any Disney clothes (aside from the baseball hat I bought and I only bought it because I forgot mine at home).

The only thing I'm remotely interested in making purchases of are Nightmare Before Xmas stuff, and even then I have to really REALLY want it.

People just make the assumption that, because I have an AP and go often, that if they are looking for a gift for me for say, a birthday... "Awwww we can just get him anything Disney and he'll love it". Actually, not so much! I'd rather have the cash. Or a pony.

Well there ya have it. I've officially come out of the closet (again). :)

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  1. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    I totally get what your saying though.

    As for the "nightmare" stuff, I collected it for years but now, it's just over-hyped and over-priced. We don't buy too much Disney stuff other than Shirts or hats anymore.
  2. knittingknerd's Avatar
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    I'm with you 100% there. Seriously you can count my Disney merchandise on one hand and 3 were gifts.

    I want a pony too, or maybe an alpaca (I guess I would need two of those...)... No Disney stuff just alpacas.
  3. Mouse princess's Avatar
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    Well if you don't want the Disney stuff, you can send it to me
  4. pratt55's Avatar
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    Crap now I have to save up to buy O-nut a pony.

    Please contribute to the 'Let's Make Olympicnut's Dream Come True' Fund
  5. sleepybear's Avatar
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    Agree! People always want to buy me stuff with Mickey on it. Yawn! I tell them-- I like Disneyland-- not Disney.