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All Saints Day

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by , 11-01-2007 at 09:14 AM
Growing up going to Catholic elementary school from 1st - 8th grade, we always got the day after Halloween off because it was a holy day of obligation.

Good in that we got the day off, bad in that we HAD to go to chuch that day.

It was always weird because all of my friends went to public school, so I really had nobody to play with that day. I'd walk around the neighborhood, seeing the leftover Halloween decorations in peoples yards. Glowless pumpkins sitting on the front stoop. Dead smashed pumpkins in the street (that always made me sad).

When Halloween fell on a Tuesday, that meant All Saints Day fell on a Wednesday. That was good for me, because that meant I got to go with mom to the bowling alley as that was when her league bowled. Plus it was a chuch league, so all the moms that had kids in my school brought their kids and we'd all have a fun few hours running around the bowling alley. We'd play "elevator" in the bathroom area (don't ask, we were weird) and we'd bug our moms for quarters for the vending machine that had toys and other crap in it.

Yep, All Saints Day was a mixed bag of feelings as a kid. Sad that Halloween was over, and that I had to go to church, and that all my friends were in school. But happy in that I had a buttload of candy, I was not IN school for the day so I could stay up later, and those no school Wednesdays were awesome!

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