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  1. Holy crap! Claritin D totally did me in today!

    by , 02-08-2008 at 05:31 PM
    I took one at 10 this morning and by 2 I was so totally out of it! I was tired, loopy (more than usual) my body felt all wiggly. I left work early and drove home (as carefully as I could) and fell into bed.

    I still feel wiggy. What the heck! I've NEVER had a reaction like this, ever. Benadryl usually makes me feel this way, and it doesn't ever affect me this bad. And Claritin D hasn't ever made me feel like this either.

    I feel buzzed, but it's not a fun buzz. ...
  2. Feeling ugly? Do I have the place for you to go to to feel better about yourself!

    by , 02-02-2008 at 11:44 PM
    Go to a Star Trek event.

    I went to the Star Trek Tour at the Queen Mary today and let me tell you, if you are feeling particularly down on yourself: your appearance, your weight, whatever. Go to one of these.

    You'll feel superior almost immediately, I guarantee. I walked out of there feeling like I was the buffest most attractive man in the world!

  3. Your inane threads are starting to irk me!

    by , 01-11-2008 at 03:12 PM
    Do you REALLY think the community cares if you found a lipstick you lost? Or that a baby bird fell out of a tree? Or that you saw a toddler eating cotton candy outside of Mr Toads Wild Ride and it was "so cute"?

    Do you honestly think we all care that you discovered a package of Certs at the bottom of your purse? Or that deviled eggs make you fart?

    NO! So stop creating entire threads like these!! It's a complete and utter waste of MiceChatters time to ...
  4. Shut up

    by , 01-08-2008 at 12:33 PM
    Just shut up! Don't you wish you could say that to people sometimes? But because of certain circumstances, you can't.

    So here, I'm saying it.

    SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Stop with the questions!!!

    by , 12-22-2007 at 07:45 PM
    Will it be busy on Arbor Day?

    How busy will it be the 3rd day after Christmas?

    Will the second week of March be busy?


    Honestly people, do you think we KNOW? We don't! You're guess would be as good as anyone elses guess, and none of us have crystal balls. So use the common sense God gave you and figure it out on your own!!

    I mean really. Common sense would tell you that, during the week of Christmas and ...
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