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  1. Sky School, Turtle Reef, D.C. Universe, Snoopy on Ice and More

    by , 06-23-2011 at 10:40 PM

    Another "new" attraction is about to open at Disney California Adventure as soon as this weekend. We'll take you to the park to see what's coming 'round the bend. We'll also take a brief visit to Disneyland which is settling into a busy summer season. After that, we poke around the new D.C. Universe at Magic Mountain. And, since we are known for packing as much into a single ...

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  2. Who's Who in the Queue? The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

    by , 06-22-2011 at 07:32 PM

    As you wait inside the queue for Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean, you surely have noticed the fine drawings on the wall. What you might not be aware of is that these pirates are the real deal. Well most of them anyway. In doing research for the attraction, Imagineer Marc Davis was inspired by real pirates and their stories. In fact, the attraction was originally going to be a walk-through
  3. Pan-Pacific gates, Sky School readies for takeoff, Wilderness Explorers move in, MORE

    by , 06-20-2011 at 12:11 AM
    Disney California Adventure's new Pan-Pacific Auditorium-inspired entrance gates were revealed on Saturday as tarps came down on the new streamline moderne structure. The new entry gate isn't quite finished yet on ground level, but the removal of scaffolding and tarps marks the completion of major work on the main construction. Inside the park, finishing touches are being applied to the new Paradise Garden dining complex and the Goofy's Sky School roller coaster. The new dining area and rollercoaster ...
  4. Tiki Room News, Confectionery Unwrapped, Main Street Firehouse and more!!

    by , 06-19-2011 at 08:29 PM

    New This Week:

    • Feature of the Week: Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
    • Dining Around the World: Tusker House
    • Pinocchio's Village Haus Construction
    • Star Wars Weekends: A Final Look
    • Main Street Firehouse Closing
    • Confectionery Unwrapped!
    • Epcot Food and Wine Festival Event Information
    • Tiki Room News - New Show Details!

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  5. New Knott's Ice Show; Flag Day Ceremony; Tim Burton at LACMA; Cars2; Mud Run

    by , 06-17-2011 at 10:13 PM

    As I have said many times in the Weekend Update, I'm never sure where in the world our correspondents will take us! This week's column was a surprise, even to me. I think you'll agree that this week's trip around the globe is quite unique.

    Fishbulb got a sneak peek at the new "Happiness Is" Ice Show at Knott's Berry Farm. The ice shows at Knott's ...

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