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  1. Disney's Changing Adventure: Malibombed, Flopped crops, Sunk ship, ElecTRONica, +MORE

    by , 09-06-2010 at 12:55 AM
    As Labor Day weekend comes and goes, Disneyland will enter a brief couple of weeks of between-seasons off-season crowds and Disney is taking advantage of this time to get some refurbishments underway before big crowds return for the wildly popular Halloween Time festivities. The holiday weekend also marked the curtain call for several opening-day fixtures in California Adventure, including the Maliboomer thrill ride and Pizza Oom Mow Mow and Burger Invasion restaurants. While the restaurants will ...
  2. I'm not that old.

    by , 09-04-2010 at 07:59 PM
    I had a super great time in the Dells with my grandson and my husband. We had some rain, but it did not spoil our fun.

    When we got home today, I was greeted by my neighbor/tenant who bought me a cute Mickey card, and beautiful birthday flowers. When nobody else even gave me a card, I figured it was just the excitement of the trip.

    However, later on tonite my grandson and his girlfriend arrived with a beautiful birthday cake. The only glitch was that Sean had ...
  3. Today is my birthday

    by , 09-03-2010 at 09:59 PM
    Today is my birthday, and I find myself thinking about my brother. He was 53 weeks older than me. Unfortunately he died back in 1994, and I really miss him a lot. I often wonder how he would like the internet, and cell phones, and iPods, and all the things that came after him.

    When we were kids he ignored me most of the time. When we got older that changed, and we became brother and sister. We often had the same thoughts, ideas, and sometimes could finish each other's sentences. ...
  4. Space Mountain Soundtrack; Discovery Kingdom; Power Rangers Convention; Indian Ruins

    by , 09-03-2010 at 08:27 PM

    From Power Rangers to Indian Ruins, we have something for everyone in this edition of Weekend Update.

    First up we have a Walt Disney World update from Denise nbodyhome Preskitt. She documents the new Best Friends pet care center on property as well as audio of the new Space Mountain soundtrack.

    There is no confusion this week about sir clinksalot ...

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  5. In The Parks - Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Filming, Tron, Haunt, Night Frogs and More

    by , 09-02-2010 at 10:28 PM

    How did September get here so quickly? Where did our Summer go? No time to sit and reflect on another Summer past, we've got Fall falling into place. And with Fall comes the really busy season for Disneyland's construction workers. There is a brief lull in which to get big construction projects off the ground, and soon Maliboomer, Mulholland Madness, Pizza Oom Mow

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