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  1. 'Toy Story 3' is an Emotional and Visual Treat . . . in 2D

    by , 06-20-2010 at 09:57 AM (The Mouse Castle)

    OK, let's get the gripes out of the way.

    First, "Toy Story 3" is not as good as "Toy Story" or "Toy Story 2." But, then again, Michelangelo's David wasn't as good as the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

    Second, seeing "Toy Story 3" in 3D is totally unnecessary. The effect is subtle and adds absolutely ...

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  2. Wizarding World; Toy Story 3; Main Street Disneyland Hong Kong; Classic Revolution

    by , 06-18-2010 at 08:56 PM

    Can it really be summer already? The signs are all around me. I tried to hop onto the I-5 this afternoon to go to the bank and was met with bumper-to-bumper traffic heading to San Diego. Then when I got back to work, there was no parking to be found. All the beachgoers had pretty well locked up the available spaces. I have a sneaky suspicion that the parking lots at ...

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  3. In The Parks - Toy Story, Park Updates, Save the Disneyland Hotel Waterfalls

    by , 06-17-2010 at 09:02 PM

    Somehow, MiceChat survived our highest traffic ever during the launch of Disney California Adventure's World of Color last week. Did you get a chance to see the big new water extravaganza? What did you think? MiceChatter reviews are mixed but largely positive about the new show. It's certainly wet, but not all washed up (sorry, I couldn't resist one more

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  4. Getting My Game On: World of Cars, Split/Second, Epic Mickey and More

    by , 06-16-2010 at 10:03 PM (The Mouse Castle)
    [I]FULL DISCLOSURE: A few weeks ago, I attended a "Bloggers' Night" reception in Hollywood hosted by the good people at the Disney Interactive Media Group. They plied my friends and I with free food and beverages and allowed us to play some of their new and upcoming video game releases. This article has in no way been influenced by the extraordinary hospitality and generous gifts we received that night. So far as you know.[/I]

    I'll be the first to admit my video game ...

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  5. California Color Part 1: World of Color debuts, Glow Fest lights up, Blue Sky preview

    by , 06-14-2010 at 02:46 AM
    It's finally here! World of Color is now playing three times nightly (except on Grad Nites) to full crowds and has finally put Disney California Adventure on the map. But is the show worth all the hype? Disney sure thinks so, and this weekend saw the biggest publicity push for DCA since plans for the park's expansion and remodel were announced two years ago. It's no surprise, either World of Color is the first major project in the park's expansion plans to be completed and Disney is hoping ...