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  1. 11/14: Holidays are (almost) here, WDW Christmas Parade, Bolt, Plaza Pavilion, +MORE

    by , 11-14-2008 at 12:14 AM
    Welcome once again to Dateline Disneyland. I'd like to thank David "Darkbeer" Michael, Mac Daddy, and MonstersGoBoo! for their help with photos this week. As always, our contributors are amazing and this column wouldn't be possible without their help!

    As always, you can click on any of the photos with the special Project Tracker watermarks to be taken directly to their respective threads on MiceChat for the latest news and info about the projects.

    And if you haven't ...

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  2. Ummmmm

    by , 11-12-2008 at 10:51 AM
    My phone needs to be here now. hahaha!

    I'm so impatient. I'm used to having everything come to me right when I ask for it!

    Online shopping has that disadvantage... I hate waiting.

    But oh well. I'm gonna go to Coach and make myself feel better.
  3. It's Just One of Those Days

    by , 11-12-2008 at 08:09 AM
    [FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=4]I'll spend most of the morning lounging around in bed and watching movies.

    Later on, I'll probably go splurge on a Coach item at the Coach outlet. Nothing beats discounted/last season's Coach items. LOL

    I have yet to visit my grandpa, but I'll probably send a call over that way to see if it's okay to visit. It should be, but I just want to be sure.

    BTW, thanks for all of your comments on my last post. I just needed to vent. I don't ...
  4. I am more of a Disneyland, than Disney fan.

    by , 11-11-2008 at 07:03 PM
    I know some real Disney fans.

    They have every video, DVD, blue-ray, x-ray, or HD that Disney has ever thought of making.

    (Come to think of it, most of those folks have kids, and I don't, except for my inner child - well, more on THAT another time.)

    But I am not that big of a fan of the company, the Disney characters, cartoons, Walt Disney World or the other parks, etc.

    I am a [I]Disneyland[/I] fan.

    Oh yes, it ...
  5. Breaking News: Cancer

    by , 11-11-2008 at 07:03 PM
    [FONT=Garamond][SIZE=4]I have no knowledge of cancer. I know that there are different types, but that's all I know. I don't understand the different stages within each, either. I think cancer is also a scary thing, and it's not something to just brush off.

    Last year, my boyfriend's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. He passed away last November; his one year is on this November 29th. I went through a tough time, nowhere near as tough as my boyfriend, but it was still hard to get by. ...

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