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  1. Not that I am living in the wilderness or anything... and introduction to Kim

    by , 10-05-2007 at 11:27 PM
    I realized since the sudden influx of posting I haven't introduced myself all fancy dancy.

    Howdy! I'm Kim. I knit (duh), sew, card make, try to paint, and craft in general. I am a nerd by all accounts. My favorite color is brown because the color of my favorite foods (chocolate and cooked red meat), and drink (coffee!). Ta da!

    Switching gears:
    2nd day in a row a critter, I think a bear, has gotten into our trash cans! 3rd time this week! Since this morning the only ...
  2. My Back...

    by , 10-05-2007 at 03:18 PM
    Last week I pulled my Lumbar muscle in my back at work! All I was doing was moving buckets around! I wasn't even lifting them! I went to the doctor and he gave me some muscle relaxers but I can only take half of one at night because I work so early in the morning! The pain killer is ok but only lasts a little while! So I went & bought a back brace...that helps alittle but it gets uncomfortable! I guess I just be loopy for a while till it gets better.....:blink:
  3. Better than ever

    by , 10-05-2007 at 11:07 AM
    So I'm feeling much better. My voice is almost entirely restored, and the coughing has subsided. Just in time for the weekend!

    I've been looking forward to this weekend for months, and it's finally here! Going to spend some quality time with some dear friends and just really enjoy myself. :)

    Life is good today.
  4. Brian and I need this weekend

    by , 10-05-2007 at 08:44 AM
    After the craptacular month we've had, there's nothing I'm looking more forward to than spending this weekend at Gay Days with all of my extended family. That and meeting so many new faces I've grown to know over the years here, it's looking to be a great memory making couple days.

    And I can't wait to see all the fun photos that will be posted next week :)
  5. The first post in my new MiceSpace

    by , 10-03-2007 at 11:13 PM
    So I think the fact that the old MiceSpaces are gone is a sign for a fresh start.

    Lots going on in my busy little world. Stress and insecurities that I'm trying my best to overcome. Realizing that no matter how hard I try I'm never going to make everyone happy so I should try and concentrate on myself and hopefully the rest will fall into place. Trying to be a good friend ... and trying not place voodoo hexes on those that do them wrong.

    Big weekend at the park. ...