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  1. Pirates Reopens at Disneyland, Cars Land Comes Together Knott's Xmas and More

    by , 11-24-2011 at 10:49 PM

    Happy black Friday everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are ready for another huge In The Parks update, because it's a good one today. Pirates of the Caribbean finally returned to Disneyland a few hours after opening yesterday, and we were on the first boat over the falls. There are some changes, but not many. We'll also check on the progress of Cars ...
  2. Samland's Disney Book Buying Guide

    by , 11-23-2011 at 09:54 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you are having a wonderful time doing whatever it is you are doing right now. Since the gift-giving season is just over the horizon, I thought I would take a moment and write about a few books that would be perfect for the Disney theme park fan in your life. And since I am still in the process of plugging my own book - Walt and the Promise ...
  3. Behind the Scenes at Epcot's Test Track

    by , 11-22-2011 at 05:09 AM (From The Mouth Of The Mouse)

    Hello, and welcome to this week's [B]'From The Mouth Of The Mouse!'[/B]

    Each week, we spotlight a different Cast Member story to give you more insight into some of your favorite attractions, resorts, and movies from all over the Walt Disney Company. ...

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  4. Disney World Construction, Harry Potter Problems, Sea World Christmas and MORE

    by , 11-21-2011 at 10:07 PM

    Do you see what we see? Millions of twinkling lights all over the Orlando area theme parks! We have been covering the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios festivities holiday decorations for the past few weeks; this week we finally see what Universal Orlando and Sea World have in store. There is a lot of shimmer and shine for us to share. What's more, we even stop by the amusement

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  5. December 2nd

    by , 11-21-2011 at 01:26 PM

    On Friday December 2nd we're taking part in the [URL=""]33rd Annual Seal Beach Christmas Parade[/URL]
    We're currently in the process of decorating the truck for the occasion and have a few surprises up our sleeves. The truck is one of the last entries in the parade, but we recommend that you arrive early for parking purposes. ...