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Temporary..Promotion At work!

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by , 10-18-2007 at 04:33 PM
This past July my boss went out on disability (Again) and I got pushed into doing all her work! So since July I'vee doing ordering, inventory, putting loads away, baking and pretty much running the Bakery department! So last week my supervisor tells me that he thinks I have bee ndoing a good job ang that he is giving me title of Bakery Manager till my real manager returns probably in January!
I get the pay and everything! :yea:
Today I go to the annual Department Head manager meeting for the district and they are talking about goals, percentages, figures and stuff! And of course I'm sitting there like a deer in headlights not knowing what they are talking about..I was just kinda pushed into the job!
After the meeting Ronnie (the supervisor) tells me again what A good job I'm doing ang re-arrures me that he will help me get throught the upcomming holidays..bussiest time of the year for the grocery bussiness!
I walked out of the meeting feeling good about myself with a good outlook toward the up comming months!

I forgot to mention.....My departmentalso won an award today for being the number 1 store in our district!! Got a plac and everything to hang in the back room!!

I'm feeling good!;)

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  1. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    Congratulations! It's always nice to be recognized for a job well done, and the raise doesn't hurt either.
  2. NeverNeverland's Avatar
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    YAY MELISSA!! You deserve it! Hope everything goes well!