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by , 10-08-2008 at 12:12 PM
You know what? I'm pretty awesome. And I don't need a college education to be awesome. I'm intelligent, beautiful, funny, and charming as all get out. Those are what I like to call "real world tools".

My life is not turning out how I thought it would, and that's all right. It's going to turn out how it's supposed to, and everything between point A and point B is just filler. Life's too short for regrets and heartache over things you have no power to change.

I do have the power to change how I look at my situation.

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  1. All Aglow's Avatar
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    You always seem to say these things right when I need to hear them and apply them to myself.

    And that makes you also inspirational. Look at you go!

    Love you!!