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Feeling blue

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by , 11-03-2007 at 07:47 AM
So we watched this wedding show last night, and I know it's silly, but it had me feeling kind of down. :(

There were a lot of women with wonderful mothers out shopping for these perfect wedding dresses and what struck me the most was how much the mothers cared about the wedding details. My mother seems disinterested in everything but the financial aspect of it.

My sister, who is my maid of honor, is somewhat less than enthusiastic about her role in my wedding. To me it was a really special thing, but she has no interest in doing any of the typical maid of honor things. It makes me feel kind of sad.

And my dad...where to even start with him? The last time I saw him was in November last year for my cousin's wedding. I haven't even seen him since Erik and I got engaged. I feel like if he even cared a little, he'd come see us and congratulate us and act more like a dad whose only daughter is getting married.

Maybe I have unrealistic expectations, maybe the wedding planning is just illustrating how bad my relationship with my family really is. I don't know. For whatever reason, it's got me a little down.

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  1. MTNGIRL's Avatar
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    I already posted to you elsewhere, but try to not let this get to you.

    Remember you've got a whole family who will totally revel in your wedding plans. They (me) want to see it all, be part of it all and are more excited that you can probably imagine!

    I cried when I saw the picture of you in your wedding dress. You looked amazing and incredibly happy.

    When you need someone to share with, remember you've got girlfriends who are dying to be a part of this
  2. dsnylndmom's Avatar
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    I can totallly relate, I hate those moments when you think you've accepted how your family is only have it blow up in your face and remind you of what you don't have It sucks and it hurts.

    BUT you remember you have us, we're are so excited for your wedding, we squeal, giggle and clap with delight when we hear the updates, we teared up when we saw how beautiful you looked in your gown, we want to kick the people that pissed you off when you were shopping. We are there for you, every step of the way, always