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All righty then...

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by , 05-02-2009 at 06:27 PM
I am days away from turning in my thesis and reaping my rewards, in the form of a master's degree in education. Tuesday is our last class meeting, Thursday is the master's hooding ceremony, and Saturday is the actual graduation. It's been a long two years and now the end is finally here.

My husband is pretty sure I'll go back to school in a few years from now, that I can't turn down an academic challenge. I said no. After I presented my paper to my class, the professor pulled me aside afterwards and told me I should really consider going for my doctorate. I said no. And laughed. A lot.

And as I sat at lunch that afternoon, I was reflecting on the journey and before I could stop my brain, I found myself thinking, "That wasn't so bad..."

We'll have to wait and see what the future brings. For now, I look forward to life getting back to normal at home, to clearing off my dining table/office area so we can actually eat there, to trashing piles of papers, and being able to read for fun again. What will it be like to have my weekends free again? To do stuff during the week? I can't wait to find out! And as soon as my signature ticker is up for this adventure, I can change it to show my WDW vacation, which is my grand reward for all of this hard work. Hurray!

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  1. LuvsLilo's Avatar
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    Congrats on completing your master's degree and yay for WDW!

    I would love to get my master's degree in History but if I go back to school I promised myself I would get a "useful" degree.
  2. dsnylndmom's Avatar
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    I'm starting a "When will Susie go back to school to get her Doctoral Degree" pool
  3. knittingknerd's Avatar
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    Yay! Congrats!
  4. Radiobarry's Avatar
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    What a marvelous accomplishment, SusieP! I truly honor you for this! Having seen my wife get her Masters in Nursing, I know approximately at least how much blood, sweat and tear stuff you've poured into this. Fantastic!

    -- Barry