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London Calling!

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by , 06-24-2008 at 11:23 AM
Virgin Atlantic has just reminded me that we are leaving in 6 days and 8 hours and some odd minutes, when I logged into their website. That was nice of them!

So as if I wasn't already panicky enough, now the clock is actually ticking.

If you read this and have been to London, drop me a comment and tell me about your most favorite thing to do there!

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  1. Olympicnut's Avatar
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    Tower of London. And eat at their cafeteria. Honestly, they have amazing spaghetti, if it's spaghetti day. Weird no?

    Harrods. Just go and look around. Then, go to the Chocolate Bar.

    If you find a La Tosca tapas bar (there's a few) have the chicken croquettes for me ok? Simply amazing.

    London Eye.

    Straddle the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory. I straddled it. It's fun to straddle. I like saying straddle too can you tell?

    Most of all have a blast! Take your time, don't rush yourselves, you'll have a better time.
  2. CupcakeTerror's Avatar
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    (Random Reader)

    Have a great trip! I have to agree about not rushing and really enjoying yourself.
  3. nbodyhome's Avatar
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    I love Hampton Court Palace, and Kensington as well. I became a member of the Royal Palaces last time, and it was well worth it (since visiting can be pricey):

    Definitely a value if you plan to visit more than one or two.
  4. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    Thanks for the link, Denise!
  5. MTNGIRL's Avatar
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    I asked K (since I've never been), and he too highly recommended the Tower of London.

    Have a wonderful trip
  6. IndianaJenn's Avatar
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    Susie I am so excited for you!

    My favorites:
    - Tower of London
    - Westminster Abbey
    - Harrods
    - Portabello Market in Notting Hill

    Have a fantastic time!
  7. nbodyhome's Avatar
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    If you want to bring back souvenirs for friends, I love going to groceries stores (Waitrose, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencers). They have such wonderful assortments of chocolates, biscuits and teas for low $!

    Marks and Spencers has a great food counter, and most grocery stores have a nice selection of food for takeway (usually cold, but the Waitrose at Gloucester Road has hot foods like Chicken Korma - at least the last time I was there!)

    I love the Victoria and Albert Museum.

    Cathedrals always cost $ to visit, but most museums are free.

    There is a half price ticket booth at Leicester Square if you want to see a show.

    I really like Saint James Park! (near Buckingham Palace)

    London Walks has a very interesting assortment of walks:

    I didn't really enjoy the Big Bus experience, it went so slow! I like to just walk, or take the tube. Unlike Paris, London is a huge city - so walking isn't always an easy option.

    ASDA is Wal Mart, and also a good grocery store to visit.
  8. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    I'm planning to do the London Walk for the British Museum, figuring it's the best way to get the lay of the land, because I know I'll want to spend extra time there afterwards. And I'm looking at doing a Harry Potter themed walke as well.
  9. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    Back from vacation, will update in a new post later!