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Deep Thoughts (and whatnot)


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by , 09-20-2008 at 09:06 AM
I was going to follow Olympicnut's blog post about how his allergies are making him miserable, but I think I'm actually sick all of a sudden. Like, upper respiratory/bronchitis-y sick. Fudge.

I so don't have time for this. My son and husband are going camping today and my plan was to spend the weekend writing the first part my thesis and doing some research, but all I want to do right now is get back into bed. Not to mention that I have homework packets to correct and grades to log, and lessons to plan for the week.

I woke up yesterday with a horrible sore throat and no voice. Thankfully my students were pretty good at keeping quiet for me. Hopefully I'll at least have my full voice back by Monday. Looks like I'll be drinking my weight in tea and napping a lot this weekend. I definitely don't want to end up with full-blown pneumonia.

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  1. pratt55's Avatar
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    Try to get some rest so you don't get worse. Give all the kids who turned their work in on time a B and an F to those who did not do it. Next weeks lesson plan 'what part of the government is the most important and why'

    Now go take a nap.
  2. Olympicnut's Avatar
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    Stupid germs!