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Deep Thoughts (and whatnot)

Random thoughts and general nonsense, posted while I probably should have been studying.

  1. I went to London and all I got was....

    by , 07-23-2008 at 03:32 PM (Deep Thoughts (and whatnot))
    ...this stupid t-shirt. Just kidding! (We did threaten to buy those for everyone else though! )

    Instead, I got a sprained ankle and my husband got bronchitis!

    I slipped down a step and while my right leg shot out from underneath me, the left one got caught below and I landed hard on my ankle. Hard. But you know how grownups are when they fall down (read: embarrassed) and the fact that I was with a whole group of people that I didn't really know, I quickly checked ...
  2. London Calling!

    by , 06-24-2008 at 11:23 AM (Deep Thoughts (and whatnot))
    Virgin Atlantic has just reminded me that we are leaving in 6 days and 8 hours and some odd minutes, when I logged into their website. That was nice of them!

    So as if I wasn't already panicky enough, now the clock is actually ticking.

    If you read this and have been to London, drop me a comment and tell me about your most favorite thing to do there!

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  3. Wow

    by , 06-17-2008 at 09:11 PM (Deep Thoughts (and whatnot))
    I'm so confused this week. How do I feel? Let's see.

    School ends this week= happy
    Road trip this weekend=happy
    Gas prices= not happy
    Road trip is for cousin's wedding=happy
    Whole family staying at same hotel near beach in Santa Cruz=happy!
    Missing other friends' super awesome Disney wedding= not happy
    Missing out on visiting with people arriving for said Disney wedding=not happy
    Vacation in England=happy
    Worrying about money for said ...
  4. Sea Monkeys- the final chapter

    by , 06-02-2008 at 05:55 PM (Deep Thoughts (and whatnot))
    I'm down to one lonely survivor. The tank is turning a bit green and there is weird stuff on the bottom. Sea Monkey poop? I'm not sure. I don't think I want to know, quite honestly.

    Oh Sea Monkeys, I tried. The box says you can live for up to 2 years, and I couldn't get you through 6 months. I've failed as a Sea Monkey farmer. No castle building, no underwater parties, and no baby Sea Monkeys came out of this experiment.

    Okay, so now what? I have one left. Is he lonely? ...

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  5. Finished!

    by , 04-23-2008 at 07:32 PM (Deep Thoughts (and whatnot))
    Hurray! 2 classes done, 2 more to go! This time next year, I'll be getting ready for graduation. That makes me very, very happy.

    Last night I had to give a presentation on a curriculum analysis project, but instead of giving it just once to the whole class, we were in groups and moving around, so I had to give it 5 times instead. It did make the presentation length much shorter, but it was really tiring. When you weren't presenting, you were still running around and watching ...
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