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Dapper Day: An Evening Affair

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by , 09-11-2011 at 10:03 PM


Yesterday was quite the adventure and it started before lunchtime, when longtime associate David Corrigan stopped by to shop for some dapper clothes as well as to have a look at the truck . To sum David up in as few words as possible (as he'd like it) you could say that he is the Geof Manthorne to my Duff Goldman, in that he's quiet, calm and able to figure out simple solutions to challenging problems. As he did yesterday with the door to the truck, which was scraping against the outer panel with so much force that paint was beginning to chip off, we were able to fix this with an old pillowcase, two screwdrivers and some elbow grease.

From there we packed up the truck with the proper supplies for a grand day out and got on the road. The drive to Disneyland was rather uneventful until I missed a gear and swerved into the right lane to make way for the cars behind me, this caught the attention of a passing police cruiser who dramatically slide behind us and tailed us for a few blocks before he found another more interesting car. We arrived at the parking structure where we pulled up to a booth that could be accessed from the passenger side window since the driver's side window has a few problems. While we were waiting in line we received a double take which was followed by a nod of approval by one of the other parking attendants. Once we parked the passengers of the truck that pulled next to us seemed interested in our truck, staring at it as we headed for the tram.

Once we arrived in the park we began to saunter through some air conditioned buildings since the weather was still on the toasty side. Since the rest of the crew wouldn't be at Disneyland for a few hours we decided to hit up a few rides. Space Mountain went down after about five minutes of waiting on the upper deck, we thought we could wait it out, but after twenty minutes in the sun we agreed to head back to Main Street. But not before snapping a picture of David in the crosshairs.


We eventually met up with Christiana's sister, Samantha (hereinafter referred to as Sammy) and her friends on Main Street. We ended up riding a few rides (The Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones) all the while having ridiculously random conversation ranging from updates on the truck to how instead of having a doorbell that rings I intend to have on that declares "Welcome my friends to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye!".

Tyler G. called and David and I split up from the group to head over to the front of the park, where we sauntered through the Disney Gallery a bit and eventually met up with Tyler (who didn't have any dapper wardrobe to wear). As the evening continued on we made our way over to the Carnation Plaza Gardens to watch a bit of swing dancing before heading over to the carousel. The crowd congregated around Excalibur as they waited for the rest of the dappers to show up. Soon the area from Pinocchio's Daring Journey to Mister Toad's Wild Ride was filled with a crowd of well dressed guests where we met up with Christiana and the rest of the crew. Tyler G. felt a little out of place in his black hoodie and tee, so he scooted to the side and shot some footage. A few folks even brought some authentically vintage Disneyland guidebooks and menus for impromptu photo shoots.


Around 8:15 the crowd began to mosey towards the entrance of the carousel, the line which we relatively short when we arrived was soon wrapped around and curved almost to the entrance of Peter Pan's Flight. We weren't too sure if we were going to make it onto the first cycle of the carousel since there were quite a few people in front of us. However our spirits lifted when we ended up being at halfway point of the first group and we hopped on the nearest horses. The safety spiel began with "Ladies and Dappers..." which was met with a thunderous cheer from all of us which drowned out a good portion of the rest of the instructions, the starting bell rang and we were off.

I can't exactly put the ride into words, which is odd since I can ramble about every other topic under the sun, but it was a whirlwind of waving, short bursts of applause, a lot of grinning from ear to ear, and camera flashes, quite a lot of camera flashes. Once our round was finished we stuck around at the exit where we filmed and photographed the second cycle.

Hold on to something horsie, we’re about the make a jump to light speed. Justin Jorgensen, organizer of Dapper Day(s).


By now it was 9ish and none of us had eaten dinner. So, after a bit of terrible leadership and decision making by me eventually the rest of the group decided to eat at Pizza Port. During our meal we deliberated on where we were going to go until After Dapper Drinks at Trader Sam's. We had to get to the Emporium and meet up with another friend as well as move the truck to the Downtown Disney parking lot all within the next hour or so.

We finished our meal and headed out, just as the fireworks began. We weaved our way through the crowds and finally made it into the Emporium where we chatted with [URL="!/sarahsnitch"]Sarah[/URL], gave her a brief update on the project just as the fireworks ended and the flood of people charged through the store. Outside at the fire station we met up with Juliana our other friend who had rushed over after getting off work about an hour before. We chatted as the park cleared out slowly and once again split off as David, Tyler and I walked through Downtown Disney toward the structure. Since truck can only fit two people comfortably and legally Tyler stayed behind at the ESPN Zone to meet up with rest of the group while we moved the truck. After a few minutes of walking, some awkward reversing of the truck, crazy weaving through traffic and a few illegal U-Turns (parking traffic was detoured far away from what we were expecting) we we arrived at the Downtown Disney lot. We met up with the rest of the group and showed off our work in progress truck.


All the compartments, accessories and minor details went over rather well and we headed over to Trader Sam's for a few No-Booze Brews that were quite refreshing, although mine (A Skipper Sipper) ended up being more tart than I'd expected, and I would've liked it on any other except at that moment I was terribly dehydrated from the days activities and ended up enjoying the sips I received from my chums' drinks more than my own.


The conversation from this point centered around pop culture, the project and Disneyland and soon it was midnight and we all had work in the morning so we headed out. David and I had a smooth drive home and we discussed how nice it would be to have the truck flying down the freeway when we finally get everything together.

Earlier in the evening David had noticed the engine temperature was running a little high and we thought it would correct itself, however it was still running high as we continued the drive home, dropping slightly when the cold night air ran over the engine at higher speeds. As I pulled into the garage David noticed a fair amount of steam coming from under the hood. We popped the hood and noticed some radiator fluid buildup around the cap and we are going to have this checked up on this week. Until then it seems like this truck is grounded.

In the end it was an amazing day for everyone and I recommend participating in the next [URL=""]Dapper Day[/URL] if you enjoy the camaraderie that comes from being around people who love the parks and snazzy clothing.

NOTE: I will post another entry tomorrow that is a bit more truck-centric than this one for those who are interested in our progress with the rocket and other points of the truck.

Thanks for reading and continue to [URL=""]spread the word[/URL]. We only have 14 days left![/COLOR]

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