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Truck Tuneups and Hooligans

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by , 09-19-2011 at 03:10 PM
It has been quite the roller coaster of emotions the past few days, after a quick look over of the engine it seems that the over heating from the other day is an easy fix. The engine needs few bottles of fluid here and there which will all be fixed next week when we take it in to a professional.

On the flip side my 1TB hard drive has gone kaput, it will connect and detect files but it will eject after thirty seconds with a hearty click from the drive itself. Along with the drive itself we might lose over 300GB of footage from the last year, although I think between my main computer and laptop we'll be able to find all the footage, though we'll still be short a hard drive for the road. Speaking of the road we need to start charting out an on the road workflow since we'll be shooting and editing as we go.

Besides that we are calling a few people in our inner circle and finalizing the design and set up of the rooftop rocket.




And now for a brief overview of the design process when it come to the rocket.
Above are three screenshots from Toy Story, Toy Story and Wall-E and they are the clearest shots of the rooftop rocket, or at least the entire set up. Originally we were going to go with a setup that was closer to the Wall-E rocket with the struts from the body and the fins for support. However since we are focusing on the Toy Story Trilogy with the documentary (and it looks quite a bit more supportive) we decided to go with the three struts on the body setup.
Since we are making the rocket using vacuum forming we will try out best to recreate the vertical seam which is seen most prominently in the Wall-E screen shot. The fins will be formed from a separate piece of plastic and carved into curved and kid friendly shapes. The rocket will be removable and hight strength magnets will secure the struts to the roof of the truck while it is in motion. A suction cup based fail safe is another addition we were considering just in case we hit a speed bump at high speed or a passing bird happens to take a nose dive into the rocket.

This weekend we plan on having a small crew get together to celebrate the progress on the project so far, as well as continue planning the rest of the schedule for the project. One such idea will be posted about soon enough and I think everyone will get a kick out of it.
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