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The Road To Pixar


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by , 10-02-2011 at 09:26 PM


A few days ago we had a quick BBQ to celebrate the conclusion of our Indiegogo campaign. Tyler G and I were up all night shooting out info on the project via twitter and facebook.


We were quite excited about this too.

Also at the BBQ we introduced several new people to the crew who are going to be performing various jobs as we continue production. We'll introduce them in greater detail by Wednesday (we're going to have another quick meeting this Tuesday to get everyone up to speed).



Thursday evening David O. came by to have a quick look at the truck. Since we hadn't taken it out for a drive since it started to steam on Dapper Day. This was fixed with a few quarts of water to the radiator, besides that we were keeping a running log of a few areas to double check when we take it in to a mechanic Tuesday morning. Once the first inspection was finished we took a drive around the neighborhood.


While driving around town there were a few other components that David thought we should have checked out (mostly involving odd noises from under the hood) but thankfully there isn't anything major that would need to be fixed. We'll know by next week if we were right in our predictions.


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