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L'Uovo con le Pinne

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by , 11-03-2011 at 09:17 PM

The other day I stopped by Jacob's dad's place to have a look at the evolution of our "Sankara Stone" to the final rocket. After carting the fiberglass almond around he eventually found a place that could form the rocket without costing us an arm and a leg. The only obstacle was the low melting point of fiberglass (at least according to the plastic experts), which was corrected by a layer of bondo which was applied by a student of [URL=""]Long Beach State's Department of Design.[/URL]

Here is a close up of one of the fins, with Mr. Ricchio's distinctive designer chicken scratch. Using only a low quality [URL=""]screen cap[/URL] from Toy Story 2 he was able to get a rough impression of the shape (the somewhat smaller fin shape within this fin). We pulled up several blu-ray quality screen caps and proper adjustments were made within minutes.


With the first fin cut the work was easier from here and while he traces several more fins and I shot some footage we took some time to discuss topics ranging from progress on the project, the sad state of the education system and a brief history of Apple.

Sharp eyed readers may notice something interesting about this stack of uncut fins. Stay tuned. We've got big plans for the holidays.

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