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Weekend Update

Shamu, Zoo, and Disneyland too - a World Wide Update!

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by , 03-29-2008 at 12:01 AM

Another weekend is upon us, and what a lovely week it has been too - as evidenced by sunny pictures from Disneyland, Sea World, Tokyo, the Los Angeles Zoo, and fantastic guest shots of Walt Disney World. We really look forward the weekend and hope you do too.

Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, FL

We start off in Florida this week with these great shots of the Magic Kingdom sent to us by reader WDWizard.

we set off across the Seven Seas Lagoon toward the Magic Kingdom:

Contemporary Resort

Grand Floridian


The haunted side of the river

The natives call this Temple Shirley,
but here at the Jungle Cruise, we call it Shirley Temple.

Tom Sawyer's Island (Pirate free)

Space Mountain as seen from outside the park

Year of too many dream tie-ins

Sea World
Orlando, Fl
Our lovely SummerInFl presents us with a tease of just a few photos of Sea World. Is it just me or does the water always seem bluer at Sea World

Whale surfing

Playful Whale

Dolphin Cove

Journey to Atlantis


Sky Tower

Where the new coaster will go

View fron the tower to Aquatica

Pedal boats

Entrance to Sea World

Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo, Japan

TDLFAN is at it again - Taking beautiful pictures of Tokyo Disney Resort that is. Is it just us, or is the Tokyo version of Tower of Terror one of the most amazing show buildings ever built for a Disney park?

Spring Flowers at TDL

Spring Flowers

CM Magician at Work at the Magic Shop

The magic shop has re-opened, with some minor changes in lighting and decor

Stitch is coming to the Tiki Room...Opening Summer 08

TDL's 25th anniversary Dream Box DVD set now on sale!!

And here are some Tokyo Disney Seas Shots from TDLFAN:

Welcome to Tokyo Disney Seas

New TDS balloons

Tower of Terror.

Coolest new TOT toy... a Coin bank! When you put a yen coin in the back, the Mickey in the elevator goes up and down in the building... A must-have souvenir.

And a couple of shots outside of the park:

Cirque Du Soleil front entrance.

Cirque Logo has been applied to the back wall of the theater.

Disneyland Resort
Anaheim, Ca

We always seem to get luck with lots of great Disneyland visuals. And this week is no exception with PhotoMatt, Hollywood1939, and Fishbulb all checking in with glorious pixels.

Tinkerbell greets you above the Disneyland Resort sign on Harbor Blvd.

The Bank of Main Street wants your money little boy

One of the most romantic places on earth. Many a man has proposed to his true love in this spot.

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies

Somewhere there is a Swiss family wishing they had their tree-house back

This is Magnolia Park, a small garden resting spot next to the Haunted Mansion and New Orleans Square Train Station

Urn in the loading area of the Haunted Mansion

Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize

Still in the shower since 1955

Front side of water

Lots of entertainment in the parks for Spring Break, you can see a group performing on the island stage.


Splash Cat

DCA snap dragons

Pacific Warf

Oh boy, candy corn! Heimlich's candy corn garden in a Bug's Land

Disneyland Hotel waterfalls. There are a lot of maintenance problems (and roped off sections) in this area, but it sure is pretty!

It's blue-tiful

Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles, Ca

PhotoMatt visits the LA Zoo and takes us on a photo safari. Food prices were generally higher than Disneyland (hard to believe but true) and the choices were very limited. Perhaps as a result, most people seemed to bring their own lunches.

A basic annual membership is $45 for one person and a basic family membership is only $75, so admission is a great value.

The zoo is hilly and big, so wear comfortable walking shoes. It will take a full day to see everything if you like to stop and observe the animals. Matt suggests seeing the Australia section first because the koalas are more likely to be awake in the mornings. "They are SOOOO cute!" Consider visiting to help plan your LA Zoo adventure.

Eye Spy
Hello! Who are you? Where in the Disney Universe can you find these little beauties?

Eye Spy # 1

Eye Spy #2 - This is a tough one

Bonus Eye Spy #3

Eye Spy Answers from last week:

EYE SPY #1 - Arnold in his buff days as pictured in a time capsule at
WDW's Pop Century Resort

EYE SPY #2 - Picnic area at Tokyo Disney Sea

BONUS: EYE SPY #3 - The bottom of the Manatee tank at Epcot's Living Seas

And that brings us to the end of another week. Our photographers have just enough time to reload their cameras before we see you all again in just 7 more days. Thank you to all of our wonderful readers and as always, a huge thank you to our amazing team of global photographers, spies, and gossips:
  • Special Guest - WDWizard
  • Jack "Hollywood 1939" Wixom
  • SummerInFl
  • PhotoMatt
  • Fishbulb
  • Your Editor - Dustysage

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  1. BassBone's Avatar
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    Where are the Disneyland Hotel waterfalls?! I've never seen them. Great weekend update!
  2. Jerm's Avatar
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    • permalink
    The horseshoe waterfalls are right out front of the Wonder Tower, they have been there for YEARS! Just most people don't make it past the pool area. If you go to the arcade or Koa Pond you will see them. You can walk down and behind them during the day as long as it is a dry day.
  3. kronos's Avatar
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    Eye Spy #1:
    The Storyteller Cafe at the Grand Californian

    Eye Spy #2:
    The Bug's Life Float from the Pixar Play Parade.
  4. Walt's Girl's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Great pics this week! I LOVE the ones of the waterfalls in the Dland hotel, these have long been a favorite spot of mine.
    eyespy #1
    is in Storytellers Cafe in the Grand Californian.

    part of the new pixar play parade?
    Updated 03-29-2008 at 02:47 PM by Dustysage
  5. aimster's Avatar
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    OMG that koala is so cute it hurts!
  6. Orcatime's Avatar
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    Beautiful pictures. Some of them would make gorgeous postcards.
  7. ministrychick77's Avatar
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    yay for the pics of the disney cat and the koala..

    both so adorable! great pics
  8. Sgt. Tibs's Avatar
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    loving TDL TOT!
  9. DonDuck's Avatar
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    Awesome update & pics!
  10. BC_DisneyGeek's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I love all the photos, but especially the ones that offer a viewpoint or a detail outside the "norm".

    How great is it that Micechat has photographers that are very talented and make the effort to share those effort?
  11. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    Great photos once again for the weekend update.
  12. mstickmanp's Avatar
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    Great pics. TDS has the best ToT hands down!

    Eye Spy #2
    part of the Bug's Life float in Pixar Play Parade
  13. danyoung's Avatar
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    What a great weekly article - the best photographers showcasing their best photos. Love the DL Hotel Waterfall!!!
  14. xalesa's Avatar
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    Fabulous photos!!! Great job. Enjoyed the update.
  15. Legally Brunette's Avatar
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    Amazing photos and I never knew about the waterfalls either. I'll have to check that out.
  16. DinahDoxie's Avatar
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    The Enchanted Stitch Room looks adorable! I just love Stitch! Great photography from all the different parks, so fun to see!