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Weekend Update

Can you say penguin? Welcome to the Weekend Update for May 3, 2008

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by , 05-02-2008 at 09:01 PM

Continuing in our tradition of taking you to all the expected places plus some unexpected ones, this version of the Weekend Update goes to Disney and non-Disney parks in Florida, to Central Park in New York plus a springtime visit to Disneyland Resort Paris. I hope you like penguins! Let's get started:

Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida

We're pleased to have Denise nbodyhome Preskitt back with us this week to do a Walt Disney World update. You can view many more photos from the Orlando area on Denise's website,

First up are photos from the Disney's Animal Kingdom Tenth Anniversary event.

Renowned conservationist Jane Goodall was on hand to commemorate the Tenth Anniversary. Goodall was on hand ten years ago when the park opened.

Also present was Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde who served as lead designer of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Rohde is also credited as the principal creative force behind the Expedition Everest thrill ride.

Rohde signing autographs.

Tink at Epcot, Butterfly Garden

Up close in the butterfly house.

The shops on the Boardwalk

Friendship Boat (taken from the walkway between Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot).

MiceChat's very own BigPigletFan recently shared her Walt Disney World photos with us. Its going to take us a few weeks to share them all with you, but today we'll take a trip to Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival.

Sand Art

"Garden Town" Festival Center. The flowers are recycled from last year's Flower Power concert series decorations.

Pluto is also recycled - previously used in Epcot holiday displays.

Minnie's Butterfly Garden

Minnie's Butterfly Garden. Parsley - the stuff they put with my food that I hate.

Minnie's Buttefly Garden

Minnie's Butterfly Garden

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

The "patches" spell out Mickey Mouse

This is the key to the nautical flags to let guests discover that the flowers spell out Mickey Mouse

Stitch is taking over!

Cypress Gardens Adventure Park
Winter Haven, Florida

Denise nbodyhome Preskitt also visited Cypress Gardens Adventure Park and shares these photos:

Originally opened in 1936, Cypress Gardens is known as Florida's first theme park.

It is known as the Water Ski Capital of the World because many of the sport's landmark "firsts" and over 50 world records were broken here.

I am not sure what this animal is, but I wanted it to come home with me.

Construction Update
Walt Disney World

Contemporary Resort: Denise nbodyhome Preskitt

Animal Kingdom Lodge: Seth Pendowski

Animal Kingdom Lodge: Denise nbodyhome Preskitt

Caribbean Beach Resort pool rehab: Denise nbodyhome Preskitt

T-Rex Restaurant, Downtown Disney: Denise nbodyhome Preskitt

Disneyland Resort Paris
Paris, France

Globetrotting MiceChatter TDLFAN is suffering from computer problems, but went above and beyond the call of duty to bring us these photos from his visit to DLRP last Sunday. He calls this photo tour We Love DLP in the Springtime:

Welcome to DLP.

Main Street USA in Paris.

Parade T-Shirt.

Parade Plush.

Le Chateau!

Big Thunder Mesa.

Keel Boats!

Hakuna Matata Restaurant is open again!

Flowery Fantasyland.

It's A Small World in Paris.


Arriving at the Studios...

Tower of Terror and Partners Plaza in "Hollywood".

Mickey does his thing!

Stitch Live is now open.

Stressed out Mickey plush.

Arriving at Disney Village.

Planet Hollywood after it's refurbishment. Nice!

New garden-style outdoor areas at Disney Village.

Central Park
New York City, New York

MiceChatter MaryAnn in Wndrlnd and her husband spent some time in New York City recently and shares these photos of Central Park, Times Square and Grand Central Station:

Central Park Subway Station

Two Chinstrap Penguins - Central Park Zoo

Gentoo Penguin

Chinstrap Penguin

Unknown Bird - Central Park Zoo

Turtle at The Pond - Central Park

Japanese Macaques - Central Park Zoo

California Sea Lions - Central Park Zoo

Cotton-top Tamarin - Central Park Zoo

Wollman Rink from Gapstow Bridge

Intersection of Fifth Avenue and Central Park South from Gapstow Bridge

Balto Statue - Central Park

Penguin Figure on Delacorte Music Clock - Central Park Zoo

Grand Central Station

Water Fountain - Grand Central Station

Hershey Store - Times Square

Eye Spy

Each week, we provide you with Disney details which we challenge you to identify. Where in the universe can you find this little beauty?

Eye Spy Answers from last week:

It's from the Ratatouille window on Main Street in Disneyland.

On the ground floor of the Fire Station in Disneyland.

And that brings us to the end of another week. Our photographers have just enough time to reload their cameras before we see you all again next weekend. Thank you to all of our wonderful readers, and as always, a huge thank you to our amazing team of global photographers, spies, and gossips:

Jack Hollywood 1939 Wixom
Denise nbodyhome Preskitt
sir clinksalot
A very special thank you to our wonderful guest photographers BigPigletFan, MaryAnn in Wndrlnd and Seth Pendowski for sharing their vision with us.
This Week's Editor - Rixter

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  1. Dustysage's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Excellent update. Wonderful to see so many shots sent in by folks like Seth, Big Pigglet, and MaryAnn!!! Keep up the good work MiceChat!

    If anyone else out there has interesting shots from tourist attractions world wide, please send them along. We'd love to see them.

  2. Melonballer's Avatar
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    • permalink
    That animal that wanted to go home with nbodyhome is a Coati-mundi I believe.

    The unknown bird in Central park I do not recognize.
    Updated 05-03-2008 at 01:17 AM by Melonballer
  3. 's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Nice update you put together there Denise. I am more than happy to help. And I know jimmybop is as well (since he took some of my photos.)

    GREAT eye-spy! I'd be quite surprised if someone knows where that hidden Wall-E is.
  4. nbodyhome's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    BPF - nice photos yourself!

    Melonballer - that does appear to be what the animal is (I wanted to stay with it all day, he was CUTE!) And Happy Birthday!

    TDL - GREAT pics! It's been a year since I've been to Paris, and I'm having withdrawals.
    Updated 05-06-2008 at 04:48 AM by nbodyhome
  5. mojavewolfpup's Avatar
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    • permalink
    is the florida park still doing all the paranoid zomg 9/11 terror jihad F.U.D bs? it looks like a fun park, but i'm not giving thumbprints and whatever other bs they require to visit it. think I heard stuff about that being taken out or broken?
  6. Not Quite Cpt Jack's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I think that reddish brown animal from Cypress Gardens is a Coatimundi (kO Ah Tih Mund EE)
  7. vfire's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    I'm with you on parsley, yuck...

    I think those two Central Park penguins are supposed to be gay... seriously, they're always together and won't mate with a female. It was big news in NYC a few years ago when I lived there.
  8. Olympicnut's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink

    It's from the Ratatouille window on Main Street in Disneyland.
  9. Lost Boy's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Does anyone know if Disneyland Paris has a DeliverEars way to get merchandise? I would love one of the 15 Parade T-Shirts.
  10. Baloo's Avatar
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    • permalink
    nice to see so many people at the Disneyland resort. Looks like the studio had a nice size crowd
  11. Ride Warrior's Avatar
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    • permalink
    What a delight to see the keel boats again. I didn't realize the WDW still had theirs. The Central Park drummer penguin statue is sooooo cool. Reminds me of our own Penguinsoda. She plays the drums with her mommy stick. LOL!
  12. 's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Nope, WDW doesn't have their keel boast still. Those photos were from Disneyland Paris. I would love it if the Magic Kingdom did, but right now I'm going to enjoy TSI without any pirates and a working fort.

    And I am more than happy to help Denise!

    Still no guesses on the eye-spy?