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Weekend Update

Welcome to the Slimmer Weekend Update for May 17, 2008!

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by , 05-16-2008 at 06:38 PM

As we promised last week, we have extensive photo essays from Walt Disney World, Universal Resorts Orlando and Disneyland. MiceChatters silverarrow and sly8008 helped us out with content this week. We've trimmed down the size of the Update by 15% this week, but as we go into theme park high season, you can expect the Updates to just get bigger and better. We're looking forward to some more coverage of Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland from TDLFAN and a west coast trip is in the works for SummerInFL. sir clinksalot is readying reports from some of the great non-Disney theme parks and PhotoMatt has promised us a very special photo essay in the near future. It's going to be a great Summer at the Weekend Update!

This week we'll start on the East Coast:

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Orlando, Florida

TDLFAN takes us on an evening trip to DHS including a dramatic "fantasmic" ending:

A Fantasmic! evening at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Pixar Studios (formerly know as Mickey Avenue) is now home to Pixar's Toy Story Mania

The new park logo is now installed on the archway leading to the Animation Courtyard.

Fantasia Gardens

Sunset Boulevard

Nice new Mickey light up glove - TDLFAN wants one!

Mickey lights up Fantasmic!

Princesses and their handsome men!

Mickey takes on Maleficent...


Magic Kingdom
Orlando, Florida

SummerInFL spent some time in the Magic Kingdom and shares these photos with us:

Who wants ice cream?

TTA (cough)PeopleMover(cough) had to be evacuated.

New DVC Kiosk themed to Dumbo in Fantasyland

Dumbo queue has a new tarp covering.

One more time on the Carousel?

It's a small world after all...

Nighttime in Adventureland

Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida

MiceChatter sly8008 visited the World and shares these favorites with us:

Horse Drawn Trolley: Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland Indy Speedway: Magic Kingdom

Liberty Bell: Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain Queue: Magic Kingdom

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Queue: Magic Kingdom

Flower and Garden Festival: Epcot

Flower and Garden "Heads": Epcot

Italy Pavilion: Epcot

Live Taping: Boardwalk Inn Hotel

Live Taping: Boardwalk Inn Hotel

Cleaning Work: Boardwalk Inn Hotel

Cars Meet and Greet area: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Kilimanjaro Safaris: Animal Kingdom

Universal Studios Florida
Orlando, Florida

We're still working on the flood of photos that TDLFAN sent us now that his computer is back up and running. He has promised us some photos from Hong Kong Disneyland AND Tokyo Disney Resort in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from a theme park that's a little closer to home:

Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort!

Grab a guide map.

Nick Studios to the left.

Hollywood Blvd. to the right.

Kwik-E-Mart...where guests can buy Simpsons souvenirs.


We have arrived!

Krusty eats tourists.

Indoor boarding area looks like a ticket booth.

Snack bar to the right.

Midway games to the left.

Krusty's ride vehicle.

Stroller sign outside the ride.

Disaster! attraction is just that. Thumbs down.

Revenge of the Mummy ride. TDLFAN prefers the Hollywood version much better.

Blue Man Group Theater in Universal Orlando

Islands of Adventure
Orlando, Florida

This theme park has been called "Islands of Miceventures" since it a favorite of those lovable and fun west coast MiceChatters...and in tribute to our wonderful micefriends from the west...TDLFAN gives you "A Walk Through Islands of MiceVentures".

We have arrived at Islands of Adventures.

Ports of Entry.

Marvel Superhero Island

Toon Lagoon

Jurassic Park

Coming Soon: Harry Potter

The Lost Continent

Seuss Landing

Now leaving Islands of Adventure

Anaheim, California

MiceChatter silverarrow shares some views of Disneyland from a recent trip:

Prince Caspian

Another photo of Prince Caspian in the pre-parade before the Parade of Dreams

Mary Poppins and Bert

silverarrow also shares these great little video moments of Disneyland "streetmosphere":

Mary Poppins and Bert

Dapper Dans

Trash Can Drummers

Each week, we provide you with Disney details which we challenge you to identify. Where in the universe can you find these little beauties?

Eye Spy #1

Eye Spy #2

Eye Spy Answers from last week:

Light fixture in the tunnel between the Entrance Plaza and Main Street (left side): Disneyland

Music Store window display: Disneyland

And that brings us to the end of another week. Our photographers have just enough time to reload their cameras before we see you all again next weekend. Thank you to all of our wonderful readers, and as always, a huge thank you to our amazing team of global photographers, spies, and gossips:

Jack Hollywood 1939 Wixom
Denise nbodyhome Preskitt
sir clinksalot
A very special thank you to our wonderful guest photographers sly8008 and silverarrow for sharing their vision with us.
This Week's Editor - Rixter

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  1. Armadillo4's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Yay for another Weekend Update, slimmer but just as awesome as ever! The photos from the East Coast parks, especially both Universal parks were neat to look at. It makes me want to go back NOW. And I love the photos from the guest photographers. Thanks for submitting those. And of course all the regular contributors are fantastic too. Thank you everyone!
  2. mariezp's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Nice photos. Thanks for all the updates!

    I guess I lead a very sheltered life. I have never heard of Islands of Adventure.

    I do believe, Eye Spy #2 would be atop Peter Pan.
  3. Worshipeternal's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    I like the updates and everything and keep up the great work! But I do have one comment (and please take this only as constructive criticism...)

    The "Eye Spy" pictures every week...

    The problem (for me) is that every week I look at these pictures and after a good look, I feel overwhelmed and stop caring because there are a lot of disney parks all over the world and they could literally be in any one of them...

    Now you could say "well that's the point"... Well, thats like showing us a picture of an ocean horizon and then asking us to tell you what coast it's off of...

    Do you see the point?

    Because these photos can be literally anywhere without any hint in terms of direction, it takes all the fun out of the game to me.

    So here's my suggestion: I think it would be a great idea (and whole lot more fun) if we were at least oriented in the right direction.

    If you told us where to start looking, (look for this eye spy picure in: "Insert Disney Park here") or at the very least telling us what continent it's on... it wouldn't seem so overwhelming to me in terms of knowing where to start...

    Again, I commend you for doing this article every week, it's just that the disney Universe is so huge, and I don't have a rocket ship... I'm in the "mouse station" near the original tomorrowland...

    Have a great weekend!
  4. Hakuna Makarla's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Oh man, this was just what I needed !! I so enjoyed seeing all the WDW pics, I am heading there for the first time ever and these pics made me giddy!!!
    this was a wonderful Micechat weekend update!!
    ( and to those who sent in the pics. thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!
  5. Asterix's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    I agree with Worshipeternal, that is the reason I never bother playing Eye Spy. I would really enjoy playing if you specified which resort the picture was taken in, because then I can just play the California edition and I would actually have a chance at guessing correctly.
  6. Craigroy8287's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Great Pics. I have never been to Universal Studios in Orlando. It looks pretty cool.