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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Haunted Mansion Show

The Haunted Mansion Show: Let’s Get Weird!

Step right up! Don't be afraid! On second thought, be very afraid! This week, the Ghost Host takes you on a trip to the "Museum of the Weird" as we pay tribute to legendary...

The Haunted Mansion Show: The Hatbox Ghost’s Magic and Mischief!

This post may seem rather innocent; just another webshow on MiceChat. But there's a twist: This webshow is Haunted! Inspired by Walt Disney's classic attraction, "The Haunted Mansion," join the Ghost Host as he...

Catching Up With The Haunted Mansion Show

We have a bit of catching up to do with MiceChat's Haunted Mansion show today. There are two videos that we lost track of over the holidays and we want to get them out...