Storybook Kingdoms (Czech Republic and Austria)

Follow the kings and queens of old for a storybook adventure through their fabled castles and kingdoms. Learn the secrets of the strings at a colorful marionette show. Then hang on the sweet notes of a young prodigy’s violin serenade. You’ll unlock the whimsical trick fountains of a country palace, fly along the wooden chutes of a former salt mine and even dine among the animals at the world’s oldest zoo. It’s the stuff royal legends are made of and this time the imperial family is yours.

Once Upon A Fairytale (Germany)

Journey through the land that inspired so many beloved Disney stories – a land where magic still lives. Let Sleeping Beauty show you around her charmed castle gardens and towers. Learn to wield a bow and arrow just like the knights of old. Walk mysterious cobblestone streets lit by a night watchman’s lantern. And travel to the place where the teddy bear was born. With so many colorful characters to meet and so many enchanted places to explore– Germany is just the setting for your very own family fairytale.

Alpine Magic (Switzerland)

Experience an Alpine adventure that puts the “great” in great-big-beautiful outdoors. Get out there as you cruise past the cascading towns of Italy’s lakes. And shape pasta the traditional way at a Como cooking school. Then zigzag through mountains, dotted with chalets, to the incredible Swiss Alps. You’ll soar past distant peaks on thrilling ziplines, bike the scenic paths of a lofty village, even hike grassy trails with faithful huskies. All from luxurious hotels in an Alpine playground of lakes, mountains and glaciers – ready for your family to come out and play.

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