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  1. News Happy 6th Anniversary HKDL!
  2. Question Question about Disney Dim Sum
  3. Question Tickets for HKD Halloween Events Question
  4. Idea Epcot Park Hong Kong Ideas
  5. News Toy Story Opening Day
  6. Question Is the Supreme Tour really worth it?
  7. Question Christmas Parade
  8. Question Are the hotels walking distance to the Park?
  9. Question Are there Countdown Party at HKDL? if yes, how about operate time
  10. Video Celebration in the Air Tinker Bell Castle
  11. News 2-Day Tickets Announced - HKDL
  12. Idea Characters we want to see
  13. Question what next at hong kong disneyland
  14. News Child Nearly Kidnapped Claims Mother - AsiaOne
  15. Question Exotic or Local Adventures?
  16. News Ticket prices to rise at HKDL: SCMP
  17. News HKDL Halloween 2011 Plans - Spoilers
  18. Question Food @ HKDL
  19. Question Electrical Parade
  20. News Lightning McQueen debuts at HKDL to Rev Up Summer Fun with Guests
  21. Question Help with a Facebook HKDL contest
  22. Question Best Sleeping Castle Exterior?
  23. Question October Golden Week
  24. Pictures Earth Day 2011
  25. Fun A question..
  26. Question If HKDL builds Downtown Disney, then what shops do you want to see?
  27. Question Is there a specific place for character photos?
  28. Question Help needed for trip in September
  29. News HKOP and HKDL preparing for further expansion
  30. Question Back to HKDL in October or December?
  31. Question Did the Radiation reached Hong Kong / HKDL?
  32. Idea Hong Kong Disneyland fantasyland Expansion
  33. News Pixar 25 years of animation exhibition in HK
  34. Question Halloween & Parades
  35. Question What's going on in April?
  36. Question Would you want to see a resort monorail in HKDL's future?
  37. News 'Magic Access' replaces Annual Passes at HKDL
  38. Video New Mystic Manor interior model video and Danny Elfman
  39. Idea Adventurer's Club still lives!
  40. Pictures Rapunzel in HKDL
  41. Rumor Big Grizzly Mountain Layout Art
  42. News Hong Kong Disneyland Update : New HKDL Preview Gallery, Flights of Fantasy Parade...
  43. News HKDL Park Adding Expansion Preview Center Similar To Blue Sky Celler
  44. Pictures Danny Elfman at HKDL
  45. Pictures Pictures of 2011 Chinese New Year Celebration at Hong Kong Disneyland
  46. Pictures Some 5th Anniversary Pics
  47. Pictures Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit
  48. Video Tinker Belle Pixie Hollow Meet & Greet
  49. Video Tinker Bell Castle Illumination Premiere!
  50. News Another round of expansion
  51. News Flights Of fantasy parade
  52. Video hkdl expansion video
  53. Trip Report HKDL Trip Reports: 2007, 2009 & 2010
  54. News HKDL attendance reportedly up 13 percent
  55. Chat Clone rides for HKDL
  56. News Pixar: 25 Years of Animaion exhibition
  57. News Frank Gehry-designed aquarium to open at HK's Ocean Park
  58. Question What language do characters speak in HKDL?
  59. Question Park Ticket with Hotel??
  60. Other Grizzly Gulch fb page
  61. Video 2010 Procession of Toys Video
  62. News HKDL 5th Anniversary - Celebration in the air
  63. Video "Tinker Bell Castle" Lighting Test
  64. Video Offical hkdl expansion video
  65. Question I want to know...
  66. Question First Trip to HKDL
  67. News Walt Disney Birthday Pin 2010
  68. Other Duffy at HKDL
  69. Question Cannons on Main Street?
  70. Video Hkdl 2010 sparkling christmas tvcm
  71. News Hong Kong Disneyland Outperforming Disneyland Paris
  72. Question First trip to HKDL!
  73. Question Was Disney really cheap?
  74. Pictures Duffy in HKDL
  75. News Press Conference on Expansion Reveals new Details!
  76. Question Breakfast at HKDL
  77. Rumor Anaheim auditions next weekend for Disney Hong Kong jobs
  78. Question What's this Tomorrowland meant to be?
  79. News NEW 5th Anniversary Details
  80. Video "Disney on Parade" Last Show
  81. Question Stitch Lanyard
  82. Pictures Toy Story Land Construction Walls Are Up!
  83. News A Sparkling Christmas 2010 "A Storybook Fantasy"
  84. Chat Should Cinderella Castle have been HKDL's castle?
  85. Pictures My Favorite HKDL Pics
  86. News New HKDL Adventureland art found!
  87. Video HKDL expansion update 12/10/10
  88. Question Going to HKDL and Ocean Park this week
  89. Trip Report Ocean Park Halloween vs HKDL Halloween
  90. Video Official HKDL Toy Story Playland Advert
  91. Question Inspiration Lake?
  92. Pictures 2010 Halloween Pins Set!!!
  93. Question any updates
  94. Trip Report TDLFAN's Photo heavy Halloween Trip Report from HKDL
  95. Video They've got a new MURPHY in Hong Kong DL !
  96. Question Over Halloween HKDL
  97. Question Ideas for second gate
  98. Pictures 5th Anniversary Day
  99. News Mystic Manor Ride system...
  100. Pictures Original Plan for HKDL
  101. Pictures Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.
  102. News HKDL Eyes A Good Year
  103. News HKDL 5th Anniversary, Expansion and food hints!
  104. Pictures HKDL expansion pics update in September 2010
  105. Question Mystic Manor will give...
  106. Rumor Budget Cuts for Mystic Manor ALREADY?
  107. Rumor Disney Cruise Line could homeport in HK in future
  108. Video Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Progress in 22/08
  109. Chat What, No Alien Invasion this year?
  110. News Halloween 2010 at HKDL!!
  111. News HKDL Attendance Grows
  112. Question Disney characters in Hong Kong Disneyland
  113. Fun My Conceptual Site Plan of Discarded HKDL
  114. Pictures TDLFAN's Photo Trip report and july Update
  115. Pictures HK Disneyland Hotel
  116. Pictures A Walk In Adventureland
  117. Question Is there a website that has lots and lots of pictures of this place?
  118. Pictures Marvel invades HKDL!
  119. Question Trip to HK Disney in August
  120. Question Should the OLC take over HKDL?
  121. Pictures Hong Kong Disneyland from the mountain
  122. Pictures A Walk In Main Street
  123. Pictures Hong Kong Disneyland Construction
  124. Pictures Summer Fun at HKDL (A Photo heavy TR)
  125. Pictures More Summer Hangout and HKDL expansion Photos
  126. Pictures HKDLFAN's Summer Update!
  127. Pictures Summer Hangout Media Preview Report [Photo heavy]
  128. Question Why is there no Pirates of the Carribean in HKDL?
  129. News New 5th Anniversary Parade
  130. Pictures Summer Hangout prep and construction update
  131. News HKDL hopes to gain profit from Summer programs PLUS a hint at 5th anniversary
  132. Chat Will there be any events for 5th Anniversary?
  133. Pictures HKDLFAN's Expansion Update 5/6/10
  134. Video Mickey's WaterWorks Parade 2010
  135. Rumor the original expansion plans???
  136. Pictures HKDL expansion update - May 2010
  137. Pictures HKDL May TR
  138. Other An Idealist's Vision of HKDL
  139. Chat did disney really get the bumper deal in 1999?
  140. Question isnt disney suppose to invest $6.9bill?
  141. Question new hk disneyland map (hidden)
  142. News Stitch and Friends Summer Hangout!
  143. Chat HKDL best live shows (inc 3d) disney park in world?
  144. Chat Possible name change?
  145. News Mystic Manor Facebook Page
  146. Question So, when is they gonna' Start Buildin' Somethin'?
  147. Other Dim sum with a magical Disney touch
  148. News HKDL 2009 Attendance increases 2%!!!
  149. Pictures HKDL April TR
  150. Trip Report Photo TR: HKDL Sep'09
  151. Question Hotel advice??
  152. Pictures Year in Review
  153. Question No more Pyro for Golden Mickeys?
  154. Fun HKDL - Fantasy Build-out
  155. Trip Report Tardy Trip Report November '09
  156. Review Drum rolls begin at Hong Kong Disneyland for the Chinese New Year's Celebration
  157. News Give a Day, Get a Disney Day at HKDL
  158. Pictures HKDL launches CNY and Jumping Jam
  159. Pictures New Year of the Tiger Decoration Photos
  160. Trip Report Chinese New Year Super Quick TR
  161. News New WDI HKDL Expansion Lands & Attractions Video Sneaky Peeky
  162. News Annual Pass for Shenzhen and GuangZhou
  163. News Sneak peek at HKDL expansion with new Imagineering video !
  164. Video New HKDL expansion video
  165. News HKDL's net loss narrowed to HK$1.32 billion
  166. Question Hong Kong Disney -Dancer/singer jobs ??
  167. News Hong Kong Disneyland on its way to celebrate the " Year of the Tiger "
  168. Video Year of the Tiger promotion video-TanTao News
  169. Video New Music Video by Kelly Chan for HKDL's Year of the Tiger Event
  170. News HKDL Year of the Tiger Celebration!
  171. Fun HKDL Merch
  172. Pictures A Sparkling Christmas-26/12/09 [Photo Heavy]
  173. Chat Toy Story Land low Capacity !
  174. Chat Lands You Frequent Most & Attractions You Find Most Repetitive @ HKDL
  175. Chat After HKDL, Which Disney Resort(s) Will Next Get Grizzly Gulch and/or Mystic Point?
  176. Question HKDL Lights of Winter Music
  177. News Groundbreaking Ceremony for HKDL Expansion
  178. News 12 Theme Parks (Greater China Region + Singapore) Alliance
  179. Chat HKDL is the worst
  180. Pictures HK plushes... in Paris
  181. Rumor HKDL aims to further expand the theme park or Resort (Expansion Plan B - Round 2)
  182. Fun Lights of Winter Soundtrack
  183. Video Lights of Winter 2009
  184. News Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster Update & New Artwork
  185. News 1st Disney Sport Flagship Store launched in Hong Kong
  186. Question website music. please help
  187. Question Face Character Auditions
  188. Review Snowflakes Fall Early This Year at Hong Kong Disneyland !
  189. Other Hong Kong is preparing for the rise in Visitors to the region
  190. Rumor Downtown Disney District and 3rd Hotel to be announced
  191. News HKDisneyland Expansion To Pick Up Speed At Urging of Secretary of Commerce
  192. Question What's "Glacier Peak"?
  193. News HKSAR CE Donald Tsang "No worries for Disney Shanghai", Singtao News
  194. News HKDL plans Retail District & "Glacier Peak" not dead yet, Oriental Daily
  195. News Hong Kong to introduce more attractions, RTHK News
  196. News Top 5 reasons for visiting Hong Kong, A Recent HKTourism Board Survey
  197. News HKDL CEO "we'll complete the expansion as soon as possible", RTHK News
  198. News HKDL to open 3 New Lands between 2011-2012, Mingpao News
  199. Question A Westernland in HKDL, could it happen or even work?
  200. News HKOP Chairman Allan Zeman is worried about HKDL when Shanghai Disney Theme Park opens
  201. News Disney Shanghai: Good for China, Bad for Hong Kong, BusinessWeek
  202. News HKDL is speeding up expansion
  203. Other HK Gov and WDC have invested HK$25 billion at HKDL, TVB news
  204. News It's official -- SHDL a GO!
  205. Review A Tribute to Tim Delaney - Part Three: HKDL Tomorrowland - Exclusive Interview
  206. Pictures Candidate for Shanghai Disney's Castle
  207. News China To Greet Obama With US$3.6 Billion Shanghai Disney Theme Park, Forbes
  208. News China government reportedly approves Shanghai Disney park plan, MarketWatch
  209. News Shanghai City Mayor "Press Conference for more details on Disney Project", RTHK News
  210. News Hong Kong Disneyland’s Alien Invasion (Promo Video)
  211. Other Is the space between HKDL's two existing hotels big enough for 2 MORE hotels?
  212. Question Universal Studios Singapore will fare better than HKDL??
  213. News Shanghai Disney Theme Park to be announced this week
  214. Rumor 750 MILLION for Proposed Pirate Land?
  215. News Official - A Sparkling Christmas A Winter Wonderland
  216. Rumor Obama to push ahead Disney Theme Park during his China Visit in Mid November
  217. Rumor it's a small world holiday?
  218. Other Collecting HKDL Art.
  219. Idea Disney Cruise Line and Hong Kong Disneyland (to Australia and Bali, Indonesia?)
  220. Rumor New Hotel for HKDL?
  221. Trip Report HKDL Trip report (LOADS of pics)- 10/10/09
  222. News HKDL is gearing up for 5th Anniversary
  223. Question Was HKDL to Recive Soarin' ?(And Star Tours too?)
  224. News Chinese golden holiday brings a boost to Hong Kong's economy & HKDL
  225. News Construction for HKDL's expansion to begin soon!!!
  226. Fun The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Music Thread.
  227. Fun What ride or attraction would you like to see in HKDL?
  228. Review Hong Kong Disneyland Grizzly Trail Artwork and Model
  229. Review Alien Invasion at Hong Kong Disneyland as Halloween season began !
  230. News CEO of HKDL:"we are not afraid of competition with Shanghai Disneyland"
  231. Question Survey on Hong Kong Disneyland
  232. Fun Happy Birthday Hong Kong Disneyland!
  233. Video Mystic Manor Revealed
  234. News China Overseas Land may be contractor of Shanghai Disneyland
  235. News Clock is ticking, counting down to the announcement of Shanghai Disneyland
  236. Other HK Disney Security, NOT ACCEPTABLE!
  237. Review Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween : Alien Dark Force Invades Tomorrowland !
  238. Pictures 4th anniversary merchandise
  239. Question Location of Disney Store
  240. Video TVC 15 Seconds Teaser - Haunted Halloween 2009 "Alien Invasion"
  241. Question Random thought about HK park layout
  242. Other HKDL is one of the founding members of HKGPC(Hong Kong Green Purchasing Chapter)
  243. News HKDL quietly cancels the 20% renewal discount for all APs
  244. News Disney NetPal (Disney+Asus Netbook) available in Hong Kong!!
  245. News Beijing Olympic venues looking for cooperation with Hong Kong Theme Parks
  246. News HK Disneyland needs to be more than just different: SCMP
  247. News Shanghai Disney Park "No Threat" says SH Official
  248. News HKDL donates trees to Po Lin Monastery(Precious Lotus Monastery)
  249. Question Pirate mountain
  250. News Disneyland to submit plans for more attractions: this month SCMP