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  1. Trip Report Australians in HKDL
  2. Question Celebration of Love
  3. News New ticket pricing at HKDL
  4. Question Just booked New Years Eve 2009 At HKDL!
  5. Question Crowds
  6. Other Survey of Hong Kong Disneyland
  7. Review My brief review of HKDL
  8. News Grizzly Mine coaster and a new Frontierland coming to HKDL
  9. Question Future Hong Kong visit
  10. Fun Very interesting HKDL ariel view
  11. Question Map
  12. News Celebration of Love this February
  13. Question Does HKDL have a 1st visitor pin
  14. News Hong Kong Disneyland receives national honor
  15. News "HK DIsneyland hopes to unveil major new attraction" South China Morning Post.
  16. Pictures Mickey Celebration of the Ox Year Media day pics and video [Photo Heavy!]
  17. News Shanghai DL - now from an official source
  18. Question When will HKDL get a Downtown Disney?
  19. Rumor Equity To Repay China For Loan & Expedite HKD Expansion Plans
  20. News Mickey Celebrates the Year of the Ox WEBSITE
  21. Idea International Price Comparison for resorts
  22. Video Mickey Celebrates the Year of the Ox video!
  23. News expansion??? 31-12-2008
  24. Trip Report Disney's Rockin' New Year's Eve
  25. Other Itinerary for HKDL
  26. News Expansion plans -- yet again
  27. Pictures Civil works outside Adventureland
  28. Question Questions about HKD
  29. Question Space Mountain and Pooh HK
  30. Pictures Year of the Ox Plans
  31. News Fewer Chinese and Foreign visitors to HKDL
  32. Pictures Royal Hong Kong Disneyland Pics
  33. Question What is Inspiration Lake used for?
  34. News Economic downturn
  35. Video Royal Christmas Ball video on youtube!
  36. News 3 New Themed Lands proposed, Mingpao News
  37. News HK Gov and WDC close to finalizing Multi-Billion (HK$) expansion deal, Apple Daily
  38. News 80 yrs with Mickey!!
  39. Question pin trading
  40. News UNICEF Charity Run for Children at Hong Kong Disneyland
  41. News Disney Princess to be crowned at Hong Kong Disneyland
  42. Question Unbuilt Hong Kong Attraction- What is it?
  43. News Initial Blueprint and Masterplan for Expansion is ready!
  44. Chat A Sparkling Christmas
  45. Question Dining in HKFL
  46. News Hong Kong Triathlon (ironman) ITU Asian Cup 2008, 15th & 16th Nov 2008 @ HKDLR
  47. Question Pin Bags
  48. News Hong Kong Disneyland firms up finances to boost expansion
  49. Question Halloween Too Scary for Young Children?
  50. News HKDL loan due for repayment today
  51. Video Glow in the Park Halloween Parade 2008
  52. Pictures Demon Jungle and More other pics!
  53. Question Construction Photos?
  54. Question what should the 2nd gate of hk disneyland resort be?
  55. Question When will hong kong disneyland build a splash mountain?
  56. Question Help Finding HKD T-shirt
  57. Chat How sad
  58. Trip Report Spirited Musings and Deep Thoughts on HKDL ...
  59. Trip Report Spirited Musings and Deep Thoughts on HKDL ...
  60. News Annual Passholders bring a friend for free offer.
  61. News Art of Animation unveiled
  62. Question !st trip to Hong Kong Disneyland
  63. News HKDL Expansion: Grizzly Trail
  64. News HKDL Haunted Halloween 2008 - Spread to the Adventureland!
  65. News HKDL Donates Mural to Hospital
  66. News HKDL Appoints New Managing Director
  67. Pictures 3rd Anniversary, Olympic merchandise at HKDL
  68. Question The biggest Adventureland?
  69. Video Mickey Presents Dream Sports Moments - Full Show
  70. News New HKDL website
  71. Question Going in Feb 2009
  72. News Disney offers to refinance Hong Kong Disneyland loan, HK Government resisted
  73. Video IASW Promotion DVD on youtube!
  74. Video Video TR july 19
  75. Other Making of HKDL Book on ebay.
  76. Question Headed to Hong Kong ...
  77. Question Crystal Lotus
  78. News HKDL Welcomes Students from Sichuan Earthquake Area
  79. Rumor Haunted Mansion getting built at Adventureland, Apple Daily
  80. Question Hk Hm?
  81. Pictures HKDL Source's Chief Spy Update and Construction Photos
  82. News Summer Double Fun and Mickey Presents Dream Sports Moments
  83. News Wen Wei Po reports SHDL deal is done
  84. News HK news paper front-page news:HKDL plans to expand 30% area in 5 year!
  85. Question What happened to "The Art of Animation"
  86. Trip Report my opinion to Hong Kong Disneyland
  87. Question Main Street Bakery
  88. Pictures The latest photos of Adventureland's construction site
  89. Trip Report Uncle Mac goes to HKDL, May 27 & June 1
  90. Question Will there be a Castle Walk-thru for HKDL?
  91. Trip Report Loomis in HKDL - 24 May to 27 May
  92. Closed Down Attractions?
  93. Hellooo Hong Kong!~
  94. New Nature Walk Trails and Guidebook
  95. turtle talk with crush - soft opening
  96. Prince Caspian at HKDL
  97. Mysterious Unbuilt Attraction
  98. China has given the green light for Shanghai Disney Resort, Oriental News & Sun News
  99. Disney urges HK Government to make final decision before September
  100. IASW Character photos???
  101. IASW Official MTV & Grand opening video
  102. HKDL Source's IASW Opening Event Coverage
  103. HKDL on May day
  104. Its a small world Grand Opening Video and HKDL IASW Page
  105. IASW soft opening photos!!!
  106. it's a small ice cream shop
  107. opening ceremony of IASW, 27th April 2008
  108. IASW queue
  109. Kung Fu Panda Themed Attraction vs IASW
  110. Bronze Statues for the Hub
  111. did anyone smell the coconut scent in the Asia Section at IASW?
  112. What do you think the two 'prposed' themed lands would be called?
  113. expansion negotiation talks stall
  114. HKDL IASW tryout report!
  115. HKDL visit by RCCL cruiser
  116. IASW clock parde video
  117. New IASW music video!
  118. 2 more Disney Resorts in Asia, YNET
  119. A New Music Video "It's A Small World" for the upcoming opening celebration of IASW
  120. Earth Day 19th to 26th of April
  121. HK Small World Video (merged)
  122. Head of HKDL, Bill Ernest Promoted to President of Disney Asia (New Post), RTHK News
  123. hello Hong Kong Disney cast members
  124. Area Music loops
  125. Hong Kong Disneyland's Winnie the Pooh ride...
  126. Special sneak peek of IASW fpr AP holders from 20/4/08-21/4/08
  127. Hong Kong to spend over HK$10 billion in Tourism Related Facilities, RTHK News
  128. Annual Passport
  129. HKDL and MySpace.cn Joint promotional event for "IASW", Xinhuanet
  130. IASW officially opens on 28th-April-2008, RTHK News
  131. Its A Small World Site is now live at the HKDL site
  132. Unofficial Gay Day 2008@ Hong Kong Disneyland: May 10, 2008
  133. Opening date of IASW.
  134. Mickey's House
  135. HKDL-Tomorrowland,Fantasyland,Adventureland late photos!
  136. Park Entertainment CD?
  137. City of Shanghai to announce Disney Theme Park sometime around Olympic Games 2008
  138. 2008 Promo TVC
  139. Iger talks about Shanghai Disneyland
  140. HELP! 2days In HongKong..what to do?
  141. Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong Disneyland
  142. HKDL participated in 4-day immersion course for Casinos, Resorts and Entertainment
  143. Top Priority: Expansion, Mingpao News
  144. Really impressive HKDL construction pics
  145. More questions about hotels
  146. HKDL might announce expansion plan soon
  147. HKDL and HKOP might extend battlefield to Shanghai etc
  148. Hong Kong Mega Bridge Helps HKDL by linking up Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai
  149. IASW to open at end of April, Worldjournal
  150. Hey Toby!!
  151. New High School Musical LIVE at HKDL site
  152. Cast member rates at HKDL
  153. Shanghai Disneyland?
  154. HKDL Photo Review--- Main Street
  155. Phase 2 photo and rumor Down Town area photos
  156. Your Magical Guide to HKDL
  157. Muppet Mobile Lab officially opens on 26th Feb 2008
  158. HKDL Year of the Mouse TP & Pics
  159. Scandal and Disney
  160. the crowd in HKDL
  161. Smoking at HKDL
  162. Fine Dining
  163. T Shirt sizes
  164. Glow In The Park
  165. IASW 06-02-2008 new Update!!!
  166. IN-Transit Easy Pass w/ free Bus to HKDL
  167. HK Disneyland reverses downtrend
  168. HK$80 Special Offer for Stranded Factory Workers Due To Snow Storm
  169. Kung Hei Fat Choy (Happy Chinese New Year) !!!
  170. Free worldwide Lifetime Pass for first Year of the Rat/Mouse born baby
  171. Big HKDL Photo Update
  172. Mickey's Rockin the Mouse Castle Show
  173. Photo preview from HKDL
  174. Raging Spirits
  175. One or Two days
  176. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Awarded
  177. HKDL to setup Disney Children's Fund in Hong Kong, Metro HK News
  178. People Who Use to Love Disney
  179. Hong Kong CD?
  180. 2008-01-22 Its a small world new photos!
  181. Year of the Mouse starts today!
  182. 2 new themed areas unique to HKDL
  183. Disney is ready to inject capital for expansion plan, HK Metro News
  184. Disney considers to increase stake in HKDL
  185. Happy Chinese New Year Music Video from Twins at HKDL
  186. Round 1 for 2008: HK$8Million Golden Rat Lucky Draw Vs Buy 3 Get 1 Free
  187. Twins to promote their latest Album on 2-Feb-2008
  188. Chinese New Year Kids show?
  189. Fireworks
  190. Behind The Scenes: Twins' [送猪型鼠]Music Video
  191. The latest promotion video of HKDL CNY(with English subtitle)
  192. HKDL to participate at 2008 Chinese New Year Night Parade
  193. Pop Group "Twins" invited for "Year of the Mouse" Preview Day
  194. Over 60% oppose HK Gov to inject capital into HKDL according to survey, Metro Radio
  195. Disney Children's Programs in Hospitals
  196. Dear Katsmom
  197. closed attractions
  198. HKDL to setup Activity Room at Public Hospitals, RTHK news
  199. Hong Kong must do attractions
  200. Mickey's Main Street Express
  201. It's A "Different" Small World + Rumored Major Attractions + Downtown Disney
  202. HKDL's Official Name
  203. Chinese Tennis star Peng Shuai visits HKDL
  204. 2008 Year of the Mouse Madallion for sale in China
  205. A Reminder: Keep Hong Kong Clean!
  206. Happy New Year 2008 !
  207. The Official Launch of Digital Terrestrial TV in Hong Kong Today!
  208. Harbour Fest, Disneyland top waste survey, Standard News
  209. New Title Song for 2008
  210. Mickey's Main Street Express
  211. Theme Parks in China, Time
  212. Magic Castle opens tomorrow!
  213. anyone got the Swarovski Crystal Tee?
  214. The Year of the Mouse celebration!!!(chinese new year)announcement!
  215. Getting Political and Charitable
  216. Tickets
  217. New Aviation agreement with India and Mainland China would boost tourism
  218. New Attractions in the pipeline, Mingpao News
  219. New Attraction! but it is coming from Macau
  220. Hong Kong Residents Spend US$25.6 Million For Christmas Shopping
  221. HKDL with grandma
  222. Merry Christmas to HKDL MiceChatters
  223. Fraud And Ticket Scam Alert
  224. Chinese Version of HSM 2 "Bet On It"
  225. Chinese Version of HSM "Breaking Free"
  226. High School Musical 2 Chinese Version Press Conference
  227. Countdown to 2008 with HKDL
  228. HKDL to cater for young adults
  229. Frederick Ma criticized HKOP for not working with HKDL
  230. HKOP turned down HKDL's request for Multi-Parks Tickets
  231. HK Gov and WDC in talks for expansion and financing
  232. HK Gov considers to inject over HK1.x billion into HKDL, Hong Kong Economic Times
  233. Bill Ernest expects WDC to inject capital
  234. New Attractions Announced - Muppets, Turtles, HSM and Animation
  235. HK Gov might not inject capital into HKDL
  236. A New Iconic Landmark Proposed - an Eiffel Tower and London Eye rolled into one
  237. 2nd best Disney Theme Park in terms of Product Sales
  238. What is that on the left of IASW?
  239. 4 new attractions (smaller scale) coming soon
  240. 2nd Year Result released: HKDL suffers a major blow by HKOP
  241. VoluntEARS Pack Presents
  242. The Year in Photos
  243. The current IASW
  244. The chance is slim for Shanghai getting Disney Theme Park, China Times, 7th Dec 2007
  245. First time to Hong Kong DL--Help??
  246. Disney Christmas HarMagic
  247. HKDL Brings Christmas to Central
  248. Frederick ma talks about Expansion of HKDL during an interview on TV
  249. ChongMing Island, the potential site for Disney Theme Park at Greater Shanghai
  250. I've fallen in love with Hong Kong Disneyland