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  1. Pirates Taking over HKDL between 4th May-30th June 2007
  2. Breaking News: It's Pirate Land - but not as we hoped! (Merged)
  3. Update: Pirates Spotted in Hong Kong!
  4. Pirates Land Scrapped? Shanghai too?
  5. Pirates Set to Invade Victoria Harbour!
  6. Easter at HKDL
  7. 'Buy 3, Get 1 Free' from Cathay Pacific & Dragonair
  8. Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal might visit HKDL
  9. Complimentary Deluxe Annual Pass Offer
  10. 903 Disney Attack : A Radical New Party
  11. New Benefits for Annual Passholders
  12. Updates on the Shanghai and Hong Kong projects
  13. TDLFAN's Springtime Visit to HKDL
  14. Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me~
  15. Pin Trading Fun Day
  16. IASW construction
  17. Easter Plans Announced
  18. HKD's future HKDisneySea?
  19. New attractions at HKDL and HKOP
  20. HKDL plans to hire 600 temp workers for Summer 2007
  21. HKDL Unveils New Location of Ticket Express Counter
  22. Penny's Bay Development wins top award
  23. When is Small World's Opening Date!
  24. HKDL Source Downtime
  25. HKDL Source Asks, Disney Answers
  26. my around the Disney world trip!
  27. New Gallery and Video at HKDL Source
  28. Is MSEP still coming to HKDL?
  29. HKDL plans to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong returning to China
  30. Gulfnews: Waiting for the Crowds
  31. A Pirate Themed Event coming up in May
  32. TDLFAN's Chinese New year visit to HKDL
  33. The Prospect of a Mulan "E Ticket"-caliber Attraction
  34. No Sign of Crowds at HKDL whereas HKOP was packed today.
  35. I want to go to Hong Kong Disneyland!
  36. Tickets almost soldout between 20-22 Feb 2006
  37. Allan Zeman: Hong Kong's Mouse Killer,Forbes
  38. Hong Kong Top 10 Consumer News (2006) unveiled
  39. HK Disneyland ready to host more visitors
  40. Disney VoluntEARS welcome ‘Year of the Pig’
  41. What The Haunted Mansion should look like in Adventureland at HK Diseyland
  42. Why no Frontierland in HK Disneyland?
  43. HK Disneyland Hotel receives 2 awards "2006 Star Lights Awards for Hotels in China"
  44. Disney Launches YES Program
  45. Central to Disney ferry service inviting tender
  46. More Chinese New Year Goodies
  47. Valentine's at HKDL - Romance and Merchandise
  48. Advice
  49. HKDL+Arabians' Dancers(at 5th Anniv DLRP) at 2007 CNY Nite Parade
  50. Jacky Cheung and the Gang Dress Up for Chinese New Year
  51. Breaking News - It's a Small World Logo Unveiled
  52. Photo Update 24-Jan-2007 - Chinese New Year Merchandising & Construction
  53. IASW further expanded to 83,500 sq. feet
  54. what is the name of...
  55. Disney received one of 12 merit awards for websites
  56. Alleged Sexual Harrassment at Stitich Encounter, Apple Daily News
  57. Photo Update 21 Jan 2007 - Space Mountain Stripped Bare Edition
  58. Pirates Concept Art?
  59. From Florida to Hong Kong: HKDL's new VP of marketing
  60. 'Pirates' and 'Haunted Mansion' Rumours Al Lutz
  61. Disney Princess Academy at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
  62. Early Adventureland Closure 12-Jan-07?
  63. No Smoking at Inspiration Lake
  64. China Postal Service to issue stamps on Disney Piglet
  65. Photo Update 4-January-2007
  66. HKDL plans to partner with HKIA to go after 8 million of Transit Passengers
  67. Mickey & Minnie in Traditional Chinese Costume! "Happy ChineseNewYear(Yr of the Pig)"
  68. Disney "Y.E.S." (Youth Education Series) Essay Competition
  69. Sorry - more questions
  70. With the Collaboration of 6 Disney Princesses, Sales increased 300%
  71. 4 ways to avoid chaos at Chinese Lunar New Year
  72. A New Guide Map released in Jan 2007
  73. KCR Railbus-Disneyland Super-FUN Combo
  74. Frozen Treats? What Flavors?
  75. Coffee, Tea & Milk ? Refreshment Stand hosted by Meng Niu
  76. Theatre in the Wild closed for maintenance:21-26 Jan 2007
  77. Limited Edition "Yr of the Pig" Commemorative Silver Medallion Now available
  78. Where's the biggest outdoor dance floor?
  79. NYE Report and Photos from the HKDL Source
  80. Slideshow and Photo Gallery on Mickey's 2007 Countdown Party
  81. Just got back from Mickey's 2007 Countdown Party
  82. Disney Princess in China:Snow White wins over Cinderella
  83. HKDL to consider Special Promotion/Offer for 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong SAR.
  84. Mickey's 2007 Countdown Party vs numerous offerings tonite
  85. Mickey
  86. Disney's Non-Park Christmas Efforts with Photos!
  87. Exclusive Photos for Mickey's 2007 Countdown Party
  88. TDLFAN's Xmas photos/report from HKDL
  89. Merry Christmas from the HKDL Source Team
  90. HKDL to Host 'Largest Outdoor Dance Party on NYE'
  91. Fireworks at HKDL
  92. Exclusive New Construction Photo Update 21-22 December 2006
  93. Phase 2 Reclamation will be completed by 2008
  94. A new Mickey themed area?
  95. HKDL released details on 1st year operation at Legislative Council
  96. Going to Mickey's 2007 Countdown Party!
  97. HKDL to consider hosting Supergirl Singing Contest
  98. More Benefits with Annual Passes
  99. Believe it or Not? Feng Shui could help
  100. One ticket for all attractions in Hong Kong (hot off the press), Takungpao
  101. Disney ups intake for new year, The Standard News,2006-12-20
  102. Fan Meetup at HKDL.
  103. Park-Wide Construction Update with Photos
  104. Cold Weather Warning in Hong Kong
  105. Hong Kong Disneyland's annual pass shows sign of hope, People's Daily, 2006-12-16
  106. Photo trip report to HKDL, Dec 13-14
  107. HKDL to attend meeting at Legislative Council, HKDLR, 2006-12-17
  108. New Construction Pictures of IASW
  109. Photo Update 16 Dec 2006 - New Construction Pics, Cotton Candy and More
  110. Concept Art for New Attractions
  111. Model of IASW
  112. Video Clip on IASW and Mickey's Waterworks (New Parade)
  113. Mickey 's waterworks at HKDL, HKDLR, 2006-12-14
  114. 3 New Attractions announced by HKDL today, HKDLR, 2006-12-14
  115. Happy Excitement News: HKDL Appoints New Director of Travel Trade Sales
  116. Disney's Shanghai park plan in doubt, MSNBC, 2006-12-11
  117. Gallery Opens at the HKDL Source
  118. 2 pickpockets from Peru were caught red handed at HKDL
  119. Universal Studios Singapore Vs Hong Kong Disneyland in 2010
  120. Tan Family Rates the Park
  121. NEW VP at HKDL gave a hint that HKDL will be expanded, HKDLR
  122. A new e-magazine on HKDL from Fans
  123. The latest news update on what's happening in HKDL plus more directly from Hong Kong
  124. New Gift Annual Pass available for Christmas
  125. It's Christmas at The Source
  126. HKDL to give out 40 AP (annual pass) during the TV programme, HKDLR,2006-12-1
  127. New VP of Human Resources Announced
  128. A First-Time Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland
  129. Nature Walk at Hong Kong Disneyland
  130. HKDL might announce expansion plan soon
  131. airport transfers and tips
  132. Hong Kong & Disneyland planning advice!
  133. A Bumpy Ride For Disneyland In HK,Despite Fixes.....Washington Post
  134. New model Disney roars ahead, Guardian Unlimited, 2006-11-20
  135. Disney Fans Meetup at HKDL in November/December
  136. Photo Update 19-Nov-2006 - THREE Cranes and Santa
  137. 2007 Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassador Selected
  138. Ticket tag system debuts
  139. HKDL announced that they are going to hire some temp workers/helpers, HKDLR. 2006-11
  140. New Healthy Choices Menu at HKDL
  141. Washrooms at HKDL Voted as best by a survey, HKDLR, 2006-11-16
  142. Forget Photo ID, HKDL Goes Biometric
  143. A new web site tailor made for Tourism Industry
  144. no estimated attendance number for 2007
  145. 10,000 Annual Pass sold
  146. Top Attractions set for Winterfest, HK Gov News, 2006-11-14
  147. How to I lodge a complaint to HK Disneyland
  148. This Week in Hong Kong Disneyland...
  149. Xmas YouTube Videos
  150. Hong Kong's "Thousand's of Sparkaling Lights"
  151. HKDLR.COM to debut on 15th
  152. NYE Countdown Details Released By Disney
  153. New pics of the Christmas Festivities and More
  154. tourism in Northeast Asia will generate more than $1 trillion economic activity
  155. Tree Lighting Report and New attraction for 'lovers of Pooh'
  156. Santa Claus is coming to town with Mickey and Minnie this Xmas
  157. HKDL Contributes to the operating income of overseas theme park for Year 2006
  158. Disney Announces OFFICIAL Christmas Plans
  159. Construction Cranes at Fantasyland with pic, HKDLR, 2006-11-6
  160. Magical Xmas 2006, HKDLR, 2006-11-6
  161. A new Restaurant?
  162. Disney Princess Matching Game, Sina News
  163. Honda Supports Wild About Safety Campaign
  164. will HKDL participate in Hong Kong 10th Anniversary Celebration in 2007?
  165. New Poster Ad at Causeway Bay for Xmas Celebration at HKDL, HKDLR, 2006-11-03
  166. MTR Shopping Malls and HKDL to promote Xmas together the 1st time, Wenweipo
  167. Jim Hill talks about future attractions at HKDL, Jim Hill Media, 2006-11-2
  168. Competition heats up as HKOP plans 3 new hotels against HKDL
  169. Marine theme park sets record as Disneyland struggles ,The Raw Story,1st Nov 2006
  170. Future expansion plans?
  171. HK population to reach 7.51 million in 2015,Wenweipo, 2006-10-28
  172. How are the crowds at HK Disneyland?
  173. HKDL considers refinancing loan,MarketWatch, 2006-10-24
  174. New attractions and facilities will be opened successively at Hong Kong Disneyland
  175. Weddings at HKDL Source
  176. Special Hotel Offer for Hong Kong Residents
  177. Interested in Visiting HKDL? Good News:Oasis Hong Kong got approval from HK Gov't.
  178. Disney's Hollywood Hotel to represent Hong Kong in global culinary competition
  179. New Promo to attract local, Mingpao News, 2006-10-20
  180. Travel Awards 2006: Favorite Overseas City: Hong Kong,TheGuardian,October2006
  181. New anti-smoking law and HKDL
  182. HKDL Annual Passes
  183. TDLFAN's Halloween Report from HKDL (photos!!)
  184. "IASW" in 2008, Combo ride"POTC" and "Raging Spirits" shelved, "MSEP" postponed
  185. HK Ocean Park preparing another attack on HKDL for upcoming Xmas and New Year
  186. Congrats, HK D Hollywood Hotel won 3 awards at MLA Black Box Culinary Challenge
  187. Jungle Cruise enhancements??
  188. "It's a Small World" might be delayed for another 15 months, Metro HK news, 06-10-16
  189. Main Street Fleet Expands
  190. is TDLFan in HKDL now?
  191. NEW!! Seasons of change at HKDL Source
  192. Castle
  193. Honlywood at Hong Kong?
  194. "Golden Week" losing shine in HK, People's Daily, 2006-10-8
  195. China's biggest Theme Park to debut next yr? any impact on HKDL?
  196. Proposed Disney Theme Park@Shanghai has been shelved by Beijing Central,WorldJournal
  197. Hidden Mickeys?
  198. Grand Salon & Studio Lounge
  199. Secretary for Economic Development & Labour Visits HKDL and Ngong Ping 360
  200. Video of new Halloween parade
  201. HKDL & HKOP both extend their hours to cater for more visitors
  202. Haunted Mansion
  203. Fan of Stitch with over 1,000 Stitch Merchandise
  204. Video Clip for the Preview of Disney's Halloween on Hong Kong TV
  205. Contragulations Hong Kong! Hong Kong tops the chart for Economic Freedom again!!
  206. HKDL Autopia Video Clip
  207. HKDL's Disney Halloween with pics and comments from Mainland Visitors.
  208. Proposals (Tourism Development at Lantau Island) to be examined.
  209. What to expect this October National Day/Mid Autumn Festive Period?
  210. Holidays travellers to top 5.67 million during Oct.National Day/Mid-Aut Fest Period
  211. The Pearl River Delta will be hottest Tourist Destination in the world.
  212. Annual Pass Now Available
  213. The Size of HKDLR, official figures!!!
  214. Video News Clip on Annual Pass
  215. IASW under construction, Mingpao News, 2006-9-28
  216. A New Bi-lingual Website for Fans of HKDL will be launched soon!
  217. Annual Pass available tomorrow!
  218. Hong Kong Aug Tourists arrivals 2.35million,up 11.2% yr on yr, AFX news
  219. Miss Luna Midnyte is leading HK Ocean Park to take on HKDL's Disney Halloween!!
  220. WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07
  221. Casino at Macau drawing visitors from Hong Kong, WorldJournal,2006-9-23
  222. My HKDL Trip Report
  223. A Preview to Disney's Halloween event at HKDL, HKTVB
  224. Disney in talks with Singapore
  225. HK Ocean Park vs Disney Theme Park in Mainland China ??
  226. Nighttime Parade for 2007 News
  227. Earthquake at 3.5 Richter Scale Shook Hong Kong on 14 Sept 2006
  228. Dream come true as Hong Kong Disneyland takes top Bridal Award,e-travel blackboard
  229. Walt Disney Co is in the process of negotiating with HK Gov for the Expansion of HKDL
  230. HKDL to introduce Annual Pass around October Golden Week
  231. Happy Birthday! 1st Anniversary at HKDL!
  232. Disneyland finds little to celebrate on its anniversary,HK Standard News,2006-9-12
  233. Mike Rowse, former Commissioner of Tourism"HKDL will do better in 3rd year"
  234. No big celebration on 1st Anniversary
  235. King of Lan Kwai Fong is leading HKOP to challenge HKDL, Sina News, 2006-9-8
  236. HKDL related transportation business close to being collapsed, Sina News, 2006-9-10
  237. HKDL facing unexpectedly tough competition from local fixture Ocean Park,IHT,10-9-06
  238. Halloween, Holidays and New Year’s Eve Fun as HKDL Announces More Festive Events
  239. Off to Hong Kong...
  240. Poor financial performance makes HKDL to break the loan agreement
  241. Buzz Lightyear Sues Hong Kong Disneyland
  242. Spokesman for Disney "No Plan to set up theme park in Singapore",udn.com, 2006-9-7
  243. Singapore & Walt Disney Co. pursuing renegotiation on Disney Theme Park.Mingaonews
  244. All-Star Basketball Player Kobe Bryant Join HKDL
  245. The key to Success is "Innovation",HK ETNET, 2006-9-5
  246. HKDL is confident to meet target of 5.6 million, RTHK News, 2006-9-5
  247. Hong Kong Disneyland going strong, UPI, 2006-9-4
  248. invitation card to HKDL's Birthday party, Mingpao News, 2006-9-5
  249. "HKDL is one of the most important Part of Hong Kong Tourism Infrastructure",HK ATV
  250. TV news Clip on announcement of attendance over 5 million,HK TVB News