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  1. No expansion plan for hotel yet, Metro HK News, 2006-8-30
  2. Due to intensive advertising by HKDL/HKOP, No of Tourists from Guangzhou double
  3. 2 hotels@HKDL almost full during Summer! HK ATV News, 2006-8-29
  4. HKDL is happy with Summer Attendance,Results will be announced after summer
  5. Visitors flocking to SAR theme parks,HK Standard News, 2006-8-29
  6. HKDL got substantial increase in Mainland Tourists, HKATV News, 2006-8-28
  7. HKDL and HK Ocean Park both doing very well in Summer!HKOP breaks record again!!
  8. HKDL might reach its 1st year target?
  9. Ideas for Hong Kong Disney's 2nd gate park
  10. Girls to jazz up Hong Kong
  11. 12 million pieces of merchandise sold so far
  12. Hong Kong Disneyland Spreads the Magic with Local Community
  13. HK Buildings Dept has approved the Bldg plan for IASW, ORISUN News, 2006-8-23
  14. First week in October 'special' ?
  15. biggest indoor amusement park in Hong Kong, July 2007
  16. Shanghai Disneyland? Purely speculation and rumors said Shanghai Tourism official
  17. Staff Admission Program Out of Control
  18. Hong Kong's Pooh visits Malaysia
  19. "Its A Small World"-Twins,Kenny, Yumiko,Isabella, Boy'z
  20. Comments from Disney CEO on Shanghai Disney Theme Park and HKDL,Reuters,2006-8-9
  21. Shanghai to relocate residents for Disney theme park - report,Forbes,2006-8-8
  22. Phase 1 :425 hectare,Phase 2:1,000 hectare for Shanghai Disney Park,HK Cable TV News
  23. Shanghai prepares site for Disneyland , Reuters, 2006-8-9
  24. HKDL Astroblasters ---- which targets to hit?
  25. No large-scale attractions in short term, HKDL still got room to grow, Mingpao News
  26. "Celebrities" tryout the new Summer Pass treats
  27. Disney in birthday gift to SAR, HK Standard News, 2006-8-8
  28. Disney hasn't yet confirmed with the introduction of Annual Pass,RTHK News,2006-8-7
  29. Disney has picked Chuansha at Pudong,Shanghai, the location for its theme park
  30. Most favorite destination this summer:HK Ocean Park, Apple Daily News
  31. HKDL plans to introduce Annual Pass and 6 Seasonal/Annual Festive Events, MingpaoNews
  32. Hotel Near Hong Kong DL
  33. New Bonuses for Summer Pass Holders
  34. Ma Wan Theme Park in 2007.Noah's Ark reappears. Apple Daily News
  35. Due to Typhoon Prapiroon, AL, FL and TL will be closed at 5pm
  36. Independent directors finally appointed to Disney, HK Standard News, 2006-8-2
  37. HKDL appoints 2 Non-executive directors, Takungpao, 2006-8-2
  38. HKDL appoints CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways as independent non executive director
  39. Hong Kong Disneyland- Size?
  40. HKDL links with Ngong Ping 360 to lure more tourists, Orisun News
  41. Water is safe at [UFO Zone], Metro HK News, 2006-8-1
  42. Bug-filled Disney water ignites law call, HK Standard News, 2006-8-1
  43. HKDL 'predicts 500,000 Shortfall', SCMP, 2006-7-31
  44. visitors arrival to Hong Kong exceed 12.19 million in first half of 2006
  45. A tale of two cities,The Herald,2006-7-28
  46. Investors still keen to ride theme park craze,ChinaDaily,2006-7-25
  47. record shattered at Shenzhen border control, Takungpao
  48. Phase 2 is 2nd gate/2nd Park, Mingpao News
  49. HK Gov Source:"HKDL might not reach its 1st yr attendance target",Mingpao news
  50. Murals within the Castle
  51. Dalian's "Kingdoms of Discovery", Modelled on Disney Theme Park, the biggest in China
  52. Disney CEO Visits HK Disneyland, People's Daily,2006-7-20
  53. Tourists from Shanghai more than double in July, due to HKDL and HK Shopping Festival
  54. Experience the fun of baseball
  55. StandardCharted Bank(HK) offers: Magical Vacation & Dream Account
  56. Summer Shopping Spree at HKDL
  57. Hong Kong Disneyland Celebrates the New Tomorrowland with Exclusive & Limited Edition
  58. Disney Plans Mainland Mooncake Assault,China Hospitality News,2006-7-17
  59. Robert Iger, Jay Rasulo and Andy Bird visit Shanghai and Hong Kong
  60. HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening
  61. Honda and Autopia questions
  62. Real Time weather photos! check before u go to HKDL!!
  63. HKDL is packed with people for 3 New Attractions, Apple Daily News, 2006-7-14
  64. HKDL might lose 2million mainld visitors to Shanghai Disney Theme Park, WorldJournal
  65. Raging Spirts in 2007, New POTC now under planning, Sina News, 2006-7-13
  66. Limited Edition Disney Motor Bike by Honda to be introduced in HK
  67. Disney considers annual pass idea,HK Standard News,2006-7-13
  68. Hong Kong headache
  69. Honda and Hong Kong Disneyland Form Strategic Alliance,JCN Network,2006-7-12
  70. HK Disneyland Exec expresses confidence about hitting 1-yr attendance target
  71. Video on Opening Ceremony of Autopia!
  72. Opening Ceremony for Autopia, and More attractions on its way
  73. Status Update on Reclamation Stage 2
  74. New attractions at HKDL to debut on Thursday(July 13), Apple Daily News, 2006-7-11
  75. Hong Kong Disneyland Gets Set to Drive to the Future
  76. KodakExpress (HK) bringing 2 special events this Summer
  77. 10 sights to expand your children's horizons,ChicagoTribune,2006-7-9
  78. HKDL Commercial at Taiwan (Video Clips)
  79. Slash prices on Set Meal and Introduce New Dessert Menu,ORISUN, 2006-7-9
  80. HKDL introduced New Dessert for Summer 2006
  81. New York, Hong Kong and Paris are home to world's most expensive shopping streets
  82. Jungle Cruise Video Clip
  83. Cantonese Song "He Invites me to HKDL"他約我去迪士尼 - 陳慧琳kellyjackie
  84. HKDL Trip Plus First Ride on Autopia!
  85. Official Sneak Preview of Autopia, Stitch Encounter & UFO Zone(Video Clip)
  86. Sneak Peek at 3 New attractions, Mingpao News, 2006-7-4
  87. HKDL debut 3 new attractions on 13/7/06
  88. Exclusive "UFO Zone" picture !!!
  89. Disneyland Resort Line wins Green Building Award
  90. 1st Day of Summer Pass and UFO Zone Trial Run
  91. 大嶼山圖片巡迴展Lantau Island Photo Exhibition, Showing Lantau Dev Plan(including HKDL Ph 2)
  92. Looking thru my Crystal Ball: Predictions for HKDL
  93. Watch Cars and enjoy discount on park tickets!
  94. Call for Autopia & Other photos
  95. Disneyland hopes summer pass will work magic,HK Standard News,2006-6-27
  96. Summer Seasonal Pass announced, HK$450, good between July1-Sep28 2006
  97. George Mitchell confirms that Shanghai awaiting gov't nod
  98. The Last Strike before 1st Anniversary:around HK$400 for Unlimited 2 months pass?
  99. HKDL hiring 300 Temporary Staff, Houston Chronicle,2006-6-20
  100. HKDL to host Asia Pacific Little League Baseball Final 2006
  101. Hong Kong Disneyland Debuts Exclusive Parade - Mickey's Rainy Day Express
  102. HKDL might introduce Seasonal and Annual Pass, HKATV News, 2006-6-16
  103. Summer crucial for Disney park, Orlando Sentinel, 2006-6-16
  104. okay 5th park? Favorite songs at HKDR
  105. Expect Clouds, Light Rain and Plenty of Magic Today! eTravelBlackboard,2006-6-16
  106. HKDL to launch "Tic Tac Train" on rainy days, Takungpao, 2006-6-14
  107. IASW by Summer 2007, WSJ, 2006/6/12
  108. "One"
  109. HKDL map
  110. U.S. aircraft carrier makes port call in HK,Crew members are looking forward to HKDL
  111. New Parade for Halloween?
  112. Where is the DLP's MSEP ?
  113. Disney steps up effort to lure visitors in 5.6m push, HK Standard News, 2006-6-7
  114. Official Hotel Photo Gallery
  115. Standard Chartered Visa Card adds Special Touches to your Magical Vacation
  116. Summer Culinary Delights at Crystal Lotus
  117. Discover Wine Buffet
  118. Hong Kong Disneyland Kicks Off World Cup and Father's Day with Exclusive Merchandise
  119. Hong Kong People the World’s Greatest Shopaholics: ACNielsen,2006-6-6
  120. "Krispy Kreme" coming to Hong Kong and Macau by Fall 2006, Yahoo News, 2006-6-6
  121. "Double the Magic" extended from June 28 to Sept 28,2006
  122. "Park Hopper Ticket" for HKDL and HK Ocean Park? Takungpao, 2006-6-6
  123. Businesses set to profit as football fever kicks in,HK Standard News, 2006-6-5
  124. HK Disneyland unfazed by Ocean Park ranking news,HK Standard News, 2006-6-3
  125. HK Ocean Park - One of the Worlds Most Popular Amusement Parks - Forbes - 2006-06-01
  126. When does the Tomorrowland expansion open?
  127. HK Ocean Park Breaks Record despite competition from HKDL
  128. Versatility Beyond Limits-Noble Coker, CIO of Hong Kong Disneyland
  129. Asian Securitex 2006 Conference-case studies on Hong Kong Disneyland
  130. Total Visitor Arrivals to HK exceeded 2.1 million in April 2006
  131. 10,000 free tickets to people with disability
  132. Rose Garden Project 2
  133. HongKong-Zhuhai-Macau Mega Bridge linking HongKong to Macau
  134. China approves 5 bln yuan Paramount theme park in Tianjin - report, Forbes, 2006-5-24
  135. Food@HKDL?
  136. Biggest Promotional Campaign will be launched
  137. "we are focusing 100 per cent (of our effort) on the Hong Kong Disneyland"
  138. Mickey Mouse goes upmarket
  139. Mickey, Donald Get Raises At Hong Kong Disneyland
  140. Mickey, Donald Get Raises At Hong Kong Disneyland
  141. "Building Leaders for Greater China" Conference at HK Disneyland Hotel
  142. Winnie the Pooh line of fruit drinks launched
  143. 1st Gay Day@Hong Kong Disneyland
  144. A formidable trio : Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen
  145. Hong Kong Disneyland - More Tomorrowland Today Vs OceanPark Caribbean Summer Splash
  146. Another Theme Park coming to HongKong nearest Neighbour- Shenzhen
  147. Disney reviews strategy after bleak Golden Week,HK Standard News, 2006-5-18
  148. New attraction to debut in 2008
  149. HKDL posted info on Weather Arrangement/Tropical Cyclone Warning issued
  150. HK Gov't plans to spend HK$120million for HKDLR to use Sea Water for Flushing Toilet
  151. Severe Tropical Storm CHANCHU approaching
  152. Free Flower for every mom at Mainstreet on Mother's Day
  153. Disneyland Resort Line (Allowances for Future Extensions)
  154. Penny's Bay Fire Station Open Day Photo Gallery, on Mon 05 Sep 2005
  155. Penny's Bay Irrigation Water Pumping Station
  156. Penny's Bay Power Station
  157. HK/Asia Superstar Jackie Cheung to test drive Autopia
  158. What would you like to see next have Autopia/Stitch?
  159. Special Offer: Stay and Play for 2 Days
  160. Disney said it still expects to hit its one-year goal of 5.6 million visitors
  161. Disney's Hong Kong Headache, Time Asia Magazine, 2006-5-8
  162. HKDL giving away 626 Tickets.
  163. HKDL to introduce "Surprise Fast Pass", Mingpao News, 2006-5-6
  164. FireStation serving HKDL
  165. "Golden Week" Tests HK Disneyland's Popularity,CRI English, 2006-5-4
  166. Autopia, Stitch Encounters, UFO Zone,might debut in End of June,ORISUN,2006-5-4
  167. CNN News Video on HKDL!!!
  168. News Clip on 1st May (1st Day of Golden Week).....
  169. Mickey rivals sea lion in golden week , Xinhua News, 2006-4-30
  170. HKIA Merit Award - Sunny Bay Station(HK Disneyland Resort Line)
  171. Hong Kong Disneyland ensures Reserved Admission During Golden Week,AsiaTravelTips
  172. Visitors arrival (to Hong Kong) reach 2.1 Million in March 2006
  173. Special Offers for Taxi Drivers
  174. Macau's challenging HongKong for the top spot in attracting Mainland Tourists
  175. Mickey and Minnie in Golden Costume for May Golden Week
  176. within 10yrs China will become the second largest Travel&Tourism economy in the World
  177. HK Disneyland, Mainland Dairy Giant Jointly Launch Promotion,CRI English, 2006.4.24
  178. Beijing ShiJingShan Amusement Park....their answer to Disney?
  179. HK Disneyland confirmed that two senior staff left....
  180. TDLFAN's day at HKDLR in photos
  181. More Flexible Marriage Registration, More Opportunities for Disney Fairytale Wedding
  182. Golden Week of May and French May @ Hong Kong
  183. Increased tourism due to Mainland's luxury tax;HK StockMarket now World's 6th Biggest
  184. Rockit Mountain...Hong Kong?
  185. Win Air Tickets to bring Overseas Friends to Hong Kong
  186. HK Tourism Board says Culture&Heritage Celebration might bring in 1.5 million tourist
  187. MTR will build Rail line extending from North of Shenzhen to South of Hong Kong
  188. HKDL Adds Easter Delights - e-Travel Blackboard - 18 April 2006
  189. The great theme park adventure-Manila Bulletin-2006/4/17
  190. New Central Pier 7 and 8.....
  191. Hong Kong's Largest New Trade Shows Opened Today at AsiaWorld-Expo
  192. Disney shop to debut in Chinese mainland, People's Daily, 2006/4/15
  193. News Clip on Price Increase ,2006/4/14
  194. Price Increase for food/beverage etc
  195. Animal Close Encounters @HK Ocean Park, with Prizes over HK$100,000
  196. Jelly Fish Vs Mickey Mouse during Easter Holidays. Jelly Fish Beats the Mouse on Day1
  197. Testing, Testing......Autopia!!!
  198. More Shopping Malls/Retail Complex Coming to Hong Kong
  199. National Geographic Channel Asia : 3 Videos on "2006 Discover HK Year" including HKDL
  200. Airport Cities World Conference, Pre-Conference registration+Welcome Reception@HKDL
  201. Ocean Spring Resort with Mysterious Island Theme Park. Increasing Competition at PRD!
  202. Chimelong Paradise Officially opens! Increasing Competition at Pearl River Delta!
  203. HKDL's Goodwill Ambassador and HK/Asia Superstar Jackie Cheung Reveals secrets @ HKDL
  204. Disney boss eager to add attractions, The Standard News (HK), 2006/4/12
  205. "One Hong Kong, One Integrated Railway" Video
  206. gay day HK and floatilla set for may 13 & 14
  207. Novotel Citygate is opening with a special rate HK$715
  208. More Cross Boundary Tourists from Mainland late this year/early next year
  209. Disneyland Resort Line might be run by the Merged New Railway company
  210. Hong Kong Is Close to a Decision on Merging Two Rail Operators
  211. "Discover Hong Kong Year" RoadShow at Shanghai
  212. 7.6% rise in Easter travel forecast, HK Gov News, 2006/4/10
  213. Mickey's unhappy over `stingy' pay at Disney , Standard News HK, 2006/4/10
  214. To Open China's Market, Disney Faces Long March,LA Times, 2006/4/8
  215. Thais head overseas for Songkran,Bangkok Post, 2006/4/7
  216. HKDL....and what's more on Lantau Island?
  217. Hong Kong General Holidays for 2007 released by HK Government
  218. Comparison between Hong Kong and Paris, 1999 Official Document
  219. Who will be visiting HKDL on 1st Anniversary in Sept 2006?
  220. Hong Kong Mickey!
  221. Al Weiss going to Hong Kong?
  222. A model of HKDL showing Phase 1+2
  223. ICXO World Executive: Hong Kong and Tibet, hottest destination for May Golden Week
  224. HKDL and Walt Disney Co (China) promoting at Shanghai
  225. Disney a poor communicator: survey , HK Standard News , 2006-4-5
  226. Tourism: Disneyland dissatisfies public, ChinaDaily , 2006-4-5
  227. HKDL appoints VP of Sales and Travel Trade Marketing - AsiaTravelTips - 5 Apr 2006
  228. Thoughts on HKDL...
  229. My Idea On How BTMR Would Fit In With HKDL's Adventureland
  230. HKDL and UPS forming an alliance
  231. Things that are better at HKDL than other Disney parks/resorts
  232. New HKDL commercial (featuring Stitch) on TV
  233. Entertainment World at SkyPlaza(HKIA) to complement HKDL
  234. HK's first 9-hole golf course to complement HKDL
  235. Ngong Ping 360 to complement HKDL
  236. 2006 Brings New Flowers to HKD - AsiaTravelTips - 30/3/2006
  237. Which Languege is most used
  238. Space Mountain Music
  239. Disney plans strategy for crowd control (FastPass) - The Standard - March 25, 2006
  240. Special Offers from HKDL: Double the Magic and Extra Magic
  241. HKD Hotel presents traditional sunday afternoon tea buffet
  242. HKDL Fan Site
  243. Madcap 'Must Knows'
  244. Foodie’s adventure at Disneyland -INQ7 - 3/18/2006
  245. Rogue cop kills constable in Hong Kong gun battle!!- various news
  246. The rumored site for Shanghai Disney Park was shown on local TV news
  247. Shanghai Files Disney Bid- CRI - 3/16/2006
  248. Hong Kong - Through the eyes of Celebrities TV series
  249. HKDL To enhance attractiveness(phase 3 development?), ORISUN, 3/15/2006
  250. HK sees no threat in Shanghai's plan for Disney park-People's Daily- 3/15/2006