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  1. Foodie’s adventure at Disneyland -INQ7 - 3/18/2006
  2. Rogue cop kills constable in Hong Kong gun battle!!- various news
  3. The rumored site for Shanghai Disney Park was shown on local TV news
  4. Shanghai Files Disney Bid- CRI - 3/16/2006
  5. Hong Kong - Through the eyes of Celebrities TV series
  6. HKDL To enhance attractiveness(phase 3 development?), ORISUN, 3/15/2006
  7. HK sees no threat in Shanghai's plan for Disney park-People's Daily- 3/15/2006
  8. Shanghai could be Disney's next theme park venue, USA Today, 3/14/2006
  9. Shanghai has submitted application for Disney Park, TakungPao,3/13/2006
  10. Century Giant Lamp Tower @ Zhongshan, should this be a Aladdin Lamp Tower for Disney?
  11. "Disney in the Stars"@HKDL vs "A Symphony of Lights"@Victoria Harbour
  12. A New Cruise Terminal under planning. Could we see Disney Cruise Line in HK?
  13. Hong Kong is preparing a 18month celebration for SAR establishment Day
  14. SEAsia's biggest "Jelly Fish Aquarium" @ Ocean Park to fend off competition from HKDL
  15. Shenzhen Happy Valley - look familiar? it's not HongKong Disneyland
  16. Heritage key to boosting SAR tourism and business-The Standard News (HK)-3/8/2006
  17. Beijing's focus on Macau stuns SAR delegates - The Standard News (HK) - 3/9/2006
  18. Average 2% - 5% pay raise at HKDL- Mingpao News - 3/9/2006
  19. a breakthru in 2006 for negotiation between Disney and Shanghai - Mingpao News,3/8/06
  20. Chinese official: Hong Kong Disneyland too crowded-Orlando Sentinel - 3/8/2006
  21. Shanghai preparing for Disney park construction-Xinhua-3/7/06
  22. Mayor :"Shanghai awaiting central gov't approval for Disney Theme Park"-Forbes-3/7/06
  23. PR Manager from HK Ocean Park hired by HKDL
  24. Wen in rare focus on SAR - The Standard (HK) News - 3/5/2006
  25. HK can maintain long-term prosperity: Wen - HK Gov News - 3/5/2006
  26. HK to Expand Individual Visit Scheme - CRI Online - 3/5/2006
  27. Some questions about the Park
  28. Theater in the Wild under preventative maintenance in March
  29. HK wins "Asian City of the Future"-Xinhua News - 3/3/2006
  30. Chianti@Discovery Bay - Spa Residence with Panoramic View Overlooking HKDL
  31. Hong Kong Disneyland makes ticket adjustment - Xinhua - 3/2/2006
  32. Mouse puts out more perks for H.K. park-TMCnet-3/2/2006
  33. Mainland visitors pump up HK's sales-ShanghaiDaily-3/3/2006
  34. Finnair Steps Up China Frequencies-Kauppalehti Online-3/3/2006
  35. HKDH Fantasia Suites Worth it?
  36. Hong Kong retail sales up 11.6% in Jan 2006 - Business Week - 3/2/2006
  37. Hong Kong Disneyland to adjust admissions - BusinessWeek - 3/1/2006
  38. HKDL to add 3 attractions - BusinessWeek - 2/27/2006
  39. Individual visit scheme attracts 200 mln visitors to HK - Xinhua - 2/22/2006
  40. Hong Kong's Economy Expanded 7.3% Last Year on Trade -CRI - 2/22/2006
  41. Thai travellers heading abroad again - Bangkok Post - 2/27/2006
  42. Broadway Musical "The Lion King" roars into Shanghai-People'sDaily-2/23/2006
  43. HKDL launches special Graduation Promotion-AsiaTravelTips-2/27/2006
  44. HKDL Desktops
  45. Hong Kong Disneyland Future Attractions
  46. Singapore family to sue HK Disneyland for woman's death
  47. How many people have come to HKDL as of now?
  48. Hong Kong and Macau: Overheated development rate?
  49. Shoppers' paradise planned in HK-Xinhua-2/17/2006
  50. Tourist Statistics @ Taiwan for year 2005
  51. Interview: learn more to adapt to Chinese market: HKDL-People's Daily-2/16/2006
  52. 9.4 Million Individual Visit Permits issued for HK/Macau during 2005
  53. Top logistics firm plans 80 service zones-ChinaDaily-2/16/2006
  54. Asian Aerospace Sets for New Future in HK-CRI-2/15/2006
  55. Asian travel professionals see tourism opportunities in HK-TravelDailyNews-2/15/2006
  56. Guangzhou newest amusement/themepark "Chimelong Happy World"
  58. China to allow Hong Kong airlines fly to other countries via mainland -Forbes-2/14/06
  59. HKDL hosts Contact and Contract HK for SE Asian Travel Prof-AsiaTravelTips-2/15/2006
  60. Another impressive year for hotels across Asia Pacific-HotelMarketing.com-2/13/2006
  61. HK Receives Record 2.2 Mln Tourists in January 2006 - CRI Online - 2/14/2006
  62. "Macau:Las Vegas of the East" & The opening of HKDL is adding to the region's moment.
  63. Hong Kong Plus Macau forming a Theme Park/Entertainment/Gaming Cluster
  64. HK Tourism Board Promoting HKDL at Taiwan
  65. A magical Valentine’s Day to remember at Hong Kong Disneyland-eTravel -2/10/2006
  66. Travel Predictions for 2006-AsiaTravelTips-2/10/2006
  67. Disney will do better, says Tang (Financial Secretary of HK)-Standard News-2/10/2006
  68. Dining at a Toilet Restaurant (Anyone interested)??
  69. Hong Kong residents are frequent flyers - e-Travel Blackboard -2/10/2006
  70. HK hopes to attract 1.43 million Japanese visitors in 2006-People's Daily-2/9/2006
  71. Valentine's Day Set Dinner Menu @ Crystal Lotus Restaurant
  72. HKDL gears up for Golden Week in May
  73. HK Disneyland learns the ways of Chinese tourists-ChinaDaily-2006-2-9
  74. Disney Plans Its Next Park in Shanghai -CRIOnline - 2/9/2006
  75. Cross-border Express Rail Planning gets greenlight
  76. Latest News/Rumors:Shanghai Disneyland
  77. Legislators against cutting lines in public???
  78. Special Offer for Travel Industry Partners Worldwide
  79. calling on HKDL to seriously consider 2nd and 3rd phase of expansion
  80. Parks and resorts profit rose 51 percent to $375 million - ABC News - 2/6/2006
  81. Over 6m people cross China's borders during holiday-Xinhua-2/6/2006
  82. China's online travel agency compensates for clients denied by HKDL-Xinhua 2/06/2006
  83. Eventually 2 x capacity ?
  84. Chinese New Year Review:HKDL vs HK Ocean Park
  85. 5-day work week proposed by Hong Kong Chief Executive
  86. Mickey's Ticket Mistake: Hong Kong Disneyland Is Mobbed
  87. Tour firms ready to sue Disney for losses, Yahoo HK News/SCMP - 2/3/06
  88. Soldout announced at 8am(2/3/06) and very long lines
  89. Parents toss their children over the fences at HKDL
  90. 2nd Theme Park on the Agenda
  91. Online Ticket Booking Service temporarily Suspended for today
  92. HKDL annouced "Soldout" at 9am on 2/2/2006
  93. Soldout on 1st Feb 06, over 1,000 guests unable to get in
  94. Disney commercial runs often on local TV channels
  95. 3rd day of CNY,"chec hao" (赤口), Soldout at HKDL
  96. "Kung Hei Fat Choy" - Tickets sold out on 2nd Day of Chinese New Year.
  97. When does she starts ?
  98. Record Breaking Chinese New Year due to effective Advertising/Promotional Campaign
  99. A Magical Chinese New Year: Greetings from HKDL
  100. Corny HKDL IASW remake
  101. Construction Updates of the Phase 1?
  102. Shanghai Disneyland
  103. Two New Attractions for Tomorrowland?
  104. Beijing plans for a Disney Park by 2010
  105. Ocean Park and HKDL complement each other?
  106. New MTR South East Island Line to Linkup Ocean Park and HKDL?
  107. Disney to Be Hot During Festival Holidays
  108. Disney CFO: HKDL is ramping up extremely well....
  109. Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade
  110. Hong Kong Disneyland names new managing director 4 mths after opening
  111. Head of Hong Kong Disneyland leaves
  112. HK Disneyland says good-bye to bumpy year
  113. Hong Kong set for cheap flight revolution
  114. Top 10 Hong Kong News in 2005
  115. 6,000 Mainland Tour groups for Chinese New Year Celebration
  116. New Shenzhen Tourist Center will promote package Tour to HK Disneyland
  117. MTR Year of the Dog Commemorative Tickets
  118. Chinese New Year Celebration at HKDL
  119. 26% more holiday travellers than expected
  120. New HK Budget Airline to offer more affordable Long-haul service
  121. Haunted Mansion for HK Disneyland?
  122. Disneyland Representative to give out Welcome gift packs at HK Airport
  123. 3rd Theme Park at HK?
  124. HKDL Tomorrowland-cartoony?
  125. HKDL vs The New Macau Fisherman's Wharf
  126. Due to high Guest demand, Tickets Soldout on 28th Dec 2005
  127. Boxing Day Round: HKDL vs HK Ocean Park
  128. It's "Packed" everywhere!
  129. 1st Magical Christmas Day: Soldout!!
  130. Tickets Sold Out again on 23th December 2005
  131. Trip to HLDL
  132. Potc?
  133. Mainland China 2005 Top 10 Tourist News
  134. Peter Pan's Flight for the 21st Century
  135. More Flexibility by introducing tickets with 6 month validity
  136. Tickets Sold Out today (13th December)
  137. Magical Market
  138. Disney park helps boost tourism in Hong Kong
  139. Japanese paper complains of foul manners from Chinese at Hong Kong Disneyland
  140. The Government is discussing building more theme parks.
  141. Disney income can cover expansion costs
  142. Christmas deco at HK Disneyland
  143. Cantopop Star invited for Magical Christmas Event
  144. Disneyland Resort Line 1-Day Pass with Disneyland Limited Edition Xmas Badge
  145. New Video on Magical Christmas @ HKDL
  146. West Corridor opens in 2006, will bring in more guests from Mainland
  147. October sets New Record for Visitors Arrivals
  148. Hong Kong govt rejects request for details on Disneyland construction costs
  149. Disney Brand Notebook Computer
  150. Collage Poster
  151. Magical Wishes Promotion
  152. Oxford Atlas maps out fresh perspective
  153. My HKDL vacation photos
  154. 3.3 Million pieces of merchandise sold so far
  155. Gala Premiere of "The Chronicles of Narnia"
  156. Slow start disputed
  157. Attendance over 1 Million since opening
  158. Its more fun when u plan plan plan
  159. President of Philippines, Arroyo Visits HKDL
  160. 2 Mainland Chinese Astronauts planned to visit HKDL
  161. Hong Kong Disneyland attendance is strong
  162. Forecast for 2006: 20% Profit Margin
  163. 114 hectares zoned for Disneyland expansion
  164. Too hot to be handled by Mickey
  165. Dining in HKDL
  166. Magical Christmas @ HKDL
  167. Msep?
  168. Special Promotion for HK residents
  169. Hong Kong Government may sell controlling stake in HKDL
  170. 2006 Discover Hong Kong Year
  171. HKDL Ticket Prices and APs?
  172. spread the Disneyland love
  173. Hong Kong Hits and Misses
  174. No Point in going if you can't wait in line
  175. Hong Kong govt may be asked for funds for proposed Disneyland expansion
  176. HKDL Official Album?
  177. Going in May - need advice
  178. News article: Disney in Hong Kong
  179. Photos & Video from my HKDL Trip
  180. News article: Former Disney employee threatens suicide atop Space Mountain in Hong Ko
  181. HK Disneyland in google earth?
  182. I got a pin!
  183. Hkdl Parade!!!
  184. Fantasia Gardens
  185. Hong Kong Disneyland only serves Oregon Wine...
  186. Has anyone been there since the park opened?
  187. "Join the Magic" theme from parade
  188. Night time
  189. Hong Kong in trouble already?
  190. A Trip report - interesting read
  191. Disney invites Children to HK park
  192. "TOGETHER WE ARE ONE" opening song
  193. Hong Kong Disneyland Castle looks just like Disneyland's?
  194. Opening Day Video
  195. AP Interview: Eisner Comments on Disney
  196. Disneyland planning second theme park in Hong Kong - report
  197. Opening Day - Butts, Feet, and Urine
  198. Classic Disney with an Asian accent
  199. PRESS RELEASE: Places Everyone! Curtain About to Rise on Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
  200. Disney opens its first theme park in China
  201. Com pair of two parks HK Disneyland PK World Carnival
  202. Greater China Hong Kong Disneyland opens at last
  203. News article Disneyland opens in Hong Kong wow
  204. Hong Kong Disneyland receives controversial welcome
  205. Disney-Related Stocks Fall Again
  206. Lion dancers prancing as Mouse roars into China
  207. Rollercoaster ride to Hong Kong Disneyland opening
  208. News article Hong Kong Disneyland opens gates to the public
  209. News article Disneyland Opens in Hong Kong
  210. From Disneyland HK web site Grand Opening Celebration
  211. News article Disney opens HK theme park
  212. Man sues Disneyland Hk all ready
  213. Mo money set precedent before Disney president
  214. Mouse Zedong? Disney opens its gates in Hong Kong
  215. Facts and Figures for Hong Kong Disneyland
  216. Disney to triple number of outlets
  217. UPDATE 3-Disney opens new park as smog casts pall over HK
  218. RP stage talents migrate to Hong Kong Disneyland
  219. Young people excited about HK Disneyland
  220. 16,000 visitors flock to Hong Kong Disneyland on its opening day
  221. Dazzling stars walk red carpet for HK Disneyland opening
  222. All tickets for opening day of HK Disneyland sold out
  223. World’s newest Disneyland boosts Hong Kong tourism
  224. Hong Kong DL
  225. OPEN For Bussiness!
  226. Resort Size Of HKDL
  227. News article Translating Anaheim for Asia
  228. All dressed up and no Park to go to...
  229. HKDL Hotels
  230. Disney's Iger: HKD "definitely ready"
  231. Inspiration Lake at HKDL
  232. HKDL Parade?
  233. HK Disneyland may limit attendees.
  234. Snappy Answers to Snappy Questions
  235. So it begins: 1 to 5.6 million
  236. HKDL Stamps
  237. Trip Report! August 21st!
  238. HK Disneyland Opening question
  239. Hong Kong Disneyland trip - Oct 19th - Who wants to join me?
  240. New Hong Kong Disneyland website
  241. My HKDLR photos
  242. More environmental impact controversy at HKDL: Discussion
  243. Downtown Disney
  244. I went to HKDL Resort!!!
  245. Hong Kong Disneyland not using air launching for fireworks- Discussion
  246. Disney to build park in Shanghai
  247. Let's Euthanize Pluto! (Dogs Put to Death at HKDL)
  248. Hong Kong Disneyland Pics and Maps
  249. Media Sneak Preview
  250. New Hong Kong Disneyland commercial