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  1. News Higher Diploma In Resort & Theme Park Management (The Open U of HK & HKDLR)
  2. News Fastpass+ in HKDL
  3. News LCK (or Lai Yuen) Amusement Park to Open 26th June ! permanent site : Sunny Bay???
  4. News Plans for Largest Shopping Complex (near HK Airport) in HK announced!
  5. Other When HKDLR provides Free Wifi?
  6. News HK Gov is committed to the development of HKDL and HKOP
  7. News Video Clip of "BuddhaLand" to be removed as demanded by Disney
  8. News Visit the Enchanting “Frozen” Village; Welcome the Coolest Summer at Hong Kong Disney
  9. News HK Ranks 13th, China 17th In Global Travel & Tourism Competitiveness
  10. News Disney green light to schools program
  11. Question Regarding Windows for Emporium on Main Street
  12. Rumor Dreamworks, Time Warner to build world's biggest theme park in Zhuhai!
  13. News 50% Increased attendance by local HK'ers over May Labour Day Long Weekend
  14. Other HKDLR is hiring Architects/Senior Interior Designer/Engineers Etc...
  15. News HKDLR to be submerged in water if temp of ocean water rise 2 degrees
  16. Review Incredibly Magical Customer Service Experience.
  17. News HKDLR plans to hire 800 more people in next 2 years
  18. News The campaign, called HAPPY@hongkong Super JETSO, will run from April 27 to May 28.
  19. News John Tsang, Financial Secretary of HK make site visit to Shanghai Disneyland
  20. News Golden Mickeys Final Performance July 26th, 2015.
  21. Trip Report Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Report - My World Tour is Complete!
  22. Video Country specific Show Your Disney Side music videos?
  23. News No of Mainland Tour Group visiting Hong Kong falls 60% in February 2015.
  24. Trip Report Hong Kong Disneyland After Dark [12/03/2015]
  25. News HK Gov requesting application of funds for Consultancy of Phase 2 Development at HKDL
  26. Rumor Frozen sing along coming to HKDL?
  27. News Hong Kong Disneyland Maintenance Schedule
  28. Fun Theatre in the Wild area music
  29. Trip Report Chinese New Year is all over and the crowds roll out.
  30. Question Student discount
  31. Question Mystic Manor refurbishment
  32. News TIC of HK (Travel Industry Council) Says it is one of the best Annual Budget
  33. News HK Gov plans to double the size of Disney Theme Park with Walt Disney Co. MarketWatch
  34. Question Any good food at HKDL?
  35. News "HK does not have enough capacity to handle influx of tourists" says CEO Of HKDLR
  36. News No. of mainland visitors to Hong Kong falls+ new protest against mainland visitors
  37. News Paint The Night down March 2nd-March 12th
  38. Question Disney Pins
  39. News Video reveals Reclamation for phase 3 !!!!!
  40. Other Why HK Gov Wants to speed up development (A Glimpse into the future)
  41. News Mr Kam (CEO of HKDLR) presenting at Legco meeting today (Phase 2)
  42. News HKDLR to release Annual Results + New development on Monday
  43. Rumor 2nd Park to be completed in 2020.
  44. Question Birthday in HK Disneyland
  45. Trip Report November 2014 Trip Report HKDL
  46. Video “Find Your Light” Music Video
  47. News Trademark "DisneySea" registered in HK
  48. Video Hong Kong Disneyland From Day To Night
  49. Question Booked My Trip For March 9th & 10th!
  50. News HK Gov will commence discussion on Phase 2 development of HKDLR with WDC
  51. News Third hotel ground breaking
  52. Trip Report Hong Kong Disney Christmas
  53. News Castle refurb from 5 Jan to 30 May
  54. Question Visiting dhk
  55. Chat HKDL paint the night rose goddess and sparkling christmas
  56. News Water Taxis to operate between HKDR, Discovery Bay and Peng Chau
  57. Rumor Admission price increase soon
  58. News ShellieMay has arrived!
  59. Video I just love this video!
  60. Video HKD Aerial view
  61. Question Best Days in the Spring?
  62. News VERIFIED... Paint the Night Brushes work with Glow With The Show Ears
  63. Question Christmas Day in HK Disneyland
  64. Review Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Review - Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
  65. Review Horrors of the Amazon
  66. Video Paint The Night Parade
  67. Question Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy
  68. Question changes in HKD's past years
  69. Question Mystic Manor refurbishment
  70. Question Halloween events only during weekends?
  71. News Fantasyland work has begun
  72. Question Hong Kong Fall 2014 Cast
  73. Fun Awesome Disney cosplay at ACG fair 2014
  74. Review Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Review
  75. Idea My Downtown Disney HK plan
  76. News Former HKDL princess Nia Sanchez wins Miss USA
  77. Trip Report 10 Tips & Tricks for Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland
  78. Question Hong Kong Disneyland in the rain?
  79. Rumor Iron Man Experience Ride System Change
  80. News Sunny Bay reclamation to become new commercial district
  81. News Disney's PhotoPass at Hong Kong Disneyland
  82. Question Help/Advice for a First Time 1 Day Visitor
  83. News We might see the development of 2nd Phase (2nd Park??) sooner
  84. News New Nighttime Spectacular in 2014, "Disney Paint the Night"
  85. News Third hotel officially announced
  86. News 2013 HKDL financial results
  87. Rumor Rumor about a non-ride Attraction for Fantasyland
  88. Question Does HKDL have an evening/twilight admission pass?
  89. News HKDL and HKOP seek further expansion!
  90. News HKDL railroad closed for a year for Iron Man construction
  91. News "East Lantau Metropolis" might rise above the sea just south (or South East) of HKDL!
  92. News HKDL Good Neighbour Hotel
  93. Rumor We might see a new Theme Park (Resorts World Hengqin) in Pearl River Delta!
  94. Question Does HKDL even celebrate the NY?
  95. News Mickey must keep up the magic
  96. Question Crowds in late February?
  97. Question Why was HKDL built small?
  98. Trip Report HKDL trip report
  99. News Hong Kong Disneyland Projects put on HOLD
  100. Other 'Pump up litte moment of happiness' charity event
  101. Review Mini HKDL Trip Report
  102. News Mystic Manor received Award for Outstanding Achievement – Attraction
  103. Question How much of a threat is Typhoon Haiyan ato HKDL?
  104. News New Animazement Electrical Night Parade 2014
  105. Question First Journey to Hong Kong and Tokyo Disney Resorts: Looking for Travel Buddies
  106. News HKDL will consider Avatar and Star Wars for future expansion
  107. Question What's the best themed Disney Hotel in Asia?
  108. News New Announcement expected today: Marvel attraction...Iron man ?
  109. Video HKD prioritizes in Cantonese and 18 percent growth of attendance?
  110. News Hong kong Disneyland halloween 2013 commercial
  111. Question Please vote on the worst Disney park via link
  112. Question Hong Kong Disneyland past years
  113. News HKDL 8th Anniversary merchandize
  114. News HKD halloween plans 2013
  115. Question Discover Card?
  116. News HKDL plans till 2017
  117. Other Hong Kong Disneyland not at risk due to large loan for Shanghai Disneyland
  118. Question year you think you'll go
  119. Chat HKD shcedule
  120. Review Mystic Point - A Mixed Bag
  121. Chat status of attendance right now
  122. News Night Time Parade in 2014 and mulls building 1million sq ft downtown disney
  123. Question Ride closures during Chinese New Year 2014?
  124. Chat What do you suggest to do in expanding and replacing rides at HKD?
  125. Chat Hours spend at hong kong disneylan
  126. News HKDL "Monstrous Summer"
  127. Question Last Minute Advice!
  128. Question Need Advice: Hong Kong and HKDL in October
  129. News New Macau Theme Park and Resort costing over MOP 10 billion (US$1.25 billion) in 2017
  130. News HKOP release roster of new attractions for next 5 yrs !
  131. Other HK mulls artificial island, 1400-2400 hectare!
  132. Question Headed to Hong Kong this September! Need help.
  133. Idea New adventure idea
  134. Other HK Gov plans to reclaim 60-100 hectare of land at Sunny Bay
  135. News HK Ocean Park up the ante with newly approved HK2.29 Billion Water Park +
  136. News Proposed Theme Park at Tung Chung scrapped
  137. Rumor Marvel Land?
  138. Chat Traveling to Lantau island
  139. News What's in the pipeline for HKDL?
  140. Other Mystic Point opening Ceremony cut short due to Amber Thunderstorm Warning
  141. Video TV Commercial released today : Mystic Manor
  142. Video Opening Ceremony; Night Time Entertainment next year! NO Expansion for the time being
  143. News Mystic Point officially opens today and opens to public tomorrow (17th May 2013)
  144. Video The Making of Mystic Manor with Imagineers and Executives at HKDL
  145. News Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf invaded HKDL
  146. Other HKDL is building a new Admin Building or new extension.
  147. Question HK Disneyland items Online
  148. Other HK Government plans to add new tourist attractions in North Lautau Island.
  149. News "Orlando Of China" Project or Orlando Project of China, Phase 1 to be completed soon!
  150. Other HKDL Master Planning - Ideal Buildout
  151. News Sands China-DreamWorks agreement: Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and more coming to Cotai
  152. Trip Report Mystiic Manor Tips and Comparison vs Pooh Hunny Hunt
  153. Pictures [Needed] Pictures of Mystic Manor and Main Street Haunted Hotel
  154. Question Video of Revenge of the Headless Horseman walk through?
  155. Pictures Spoiler! Mystic Manor attraction!
  156. Video Spoiler Alert! Mystic Manor POV ! Magnificent Special Effects!
  157. News Mystic Manor in the news video!
  158. News Mystic Manor Official Opening Date
  159. Trip Report April Showers: April 2, 2013 Trip Report
  160. Question Quick Travel Question for HKDL
  161. Question Are you a local regular to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort?
  162. News Exclusive Mystic Point Sneak Peak Lucky Draw! Preview offer for Magic Access Members
  163. Rumor 12% Increase in Ticket Price
  164. News Mystic Manor to use latest technology in 4K Projection, Wifi, RFID, 3D Glasses, etc..
  165. Rumor They won't call it "Marvel Land" , HK Headline News
  166. News Hong Kong Disneyland to get Marvel Superheroes, WSJ
  167. News CEO of HKDL reveals intentions for new expansion plan in Legislation Council Meeting
  168. Pictures Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Report - 2/7/2013
  169. News HKDL reports HK$109 million profit, 1st time in 7 years. Annual attendance 6.7mil
  170. News HKDL to announce Expansion Plan when time is right
  171. Rumor [Marvel Land] might debut on or before 2017
  172. Question Mystic Manor layout
  173. Chat Chinese New Years Celebrations
  174. Chat Should WDC submit proposal for Kai Tak Fantasy Park?
  175. News "Kai Tak Fantasy" announced during 2013 Policy Address! new theme park in the city?
  176. Idea What should the theme for the 3rd hotel be?
  177. News Two local Parks have something planned for 2014
  178. Question Mystic Manor Opening, Spring? Summer? OCTOBER???
  179. Chat Is HK Gov planning for a 3rd Theme Park ?
  180. Pictures The Grizzly Gulch Growler Special Commemorative Edition: Page 1
  181. Question How busy will Hong Kong be during 9th-18th of October 2013?
  182. Review My rating system for visiting all parks in one year - what do you think?
  183. News Super Annual Pass from 9 local Attractions
  184. Question HKDL Ticket Holder Lanyard
  185. Question First-time HKDL visitor looking for some planning resources
  186. Question Hong Kong Disneyland's Potential size?
  187. Question Mystic Manor Holiday?
  188. Chat The Flight of fantasy parade songs
  189. News This Week on Main St
  190. Question elecTRONica 2.0?
  191. Question Why are the Big Grizzly animatronic bears so crude?
  192. News Vampires Vs Werewolves for this year Haunted Halloween
  193. News Hong Kong Disneyland Update
  194. Question Adventurers Club? Is it true?
  195. News Victorian Collectables open on Main St.
  196. News Hong Kong Disneyland Update
  197. Question 2 small kids and a baby, do we need 2 rooms at disneyland hotel or hollywood hotel
  198. Video Behind the scenes in Space Mountain (short video)
  199. Other Birdseye Ariel View of Hong Kong Disneyand w/ Key Areas Labeled
  200. Chat Daily Toy Story Land hours extended
  201. Pictures Grizzly Gulth Photos [heavy photos]
  202. Video Grizzly Gulth Opening ceremony and Mystic Manor indoor shots
  203. Fun Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Investigating the Mysteries of HKDL
  204. Video Grizzley Gulch/Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars Official commercial
  205. Question Tour Services at HKDL
  206. Question Schematic of Track Layout for Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
  207. Video More Video of Grizzly Mine Train Ride
  208. Question More characters for HKDL?
  209. Question Should Grizzly Gulch Expand?
  210. Trip Report [Very Photo Heavy] HKDLFAN's Summer 2012 Trip Report
  211. Video Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars At Night
  212. Pictures Grizzly Gulch Preview !!! [photo very heavy]
  213. Video Shopping in Hong Kong Disneyland
  214. Pictures Monster on Mainstreet
  215. News Mickey's Waterworks Parade is back
  216. News Negotiation for 2nd Theme Park in HKDL Resort
  217. News A new proposal to Build a cycling track Linking Tung Chung and Inspiration Lake
  218. Pictures My design for Star Tours at Hong Kong Disneyland
  219. Question Is there anything special on the opening day of a new land?
  220. Chat Should the English name for Mystic Point be changed?
  221. Pictures Grizzy Gulch Discussion Thread
  222. Review The state of Hong Kong Disneyland
  223. Question First visit buttons at HKDL?
  224. Trip Report Timmy in Hong Kong Disneyland
  225. Question Original plans?
  226. Rumor Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Manor opening at the same time?
  227. Other Illustration: Built-out HKDL
  228. Question Flights of Fantasy Parade
  229. Pictures Mystic manor first look pic
  230. Question Which Disneyland Has the Best Lands?
  231. Question When will the Castle return to Normal?
  232. News At least 3 expansions In the Next decade,
  233. Question Does anybody have the HKDL's Celebration in the air theme song? Thank you.
  234. Trip Report HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth
  235. News Star Tours 2 coming to Hong Kong Disneyland Tomorrowland! (Disney and More)
  236. Pictures Big Grizzy Mountain mine car pic
  237. News HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop
  238. News Mystic Manor to debut in Spring 2013
  239. News HKDL to release proposal for the design of further expansion
  240. Question Why they don't change the firwork of HKDL???
  241. Trip Report Hong Kong 2011-2012 - Happy New Year!
  242. Idea Armchair Imagineering: HKDL Expansion Phase 2 Ideas
  243. Idea Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Phase II: Additional Rides
  244. Video Life as a a disneyland performer
  245. Question Hotels Around HKDR
  246. Question Which Popular attractions do you think should be at Hong Kong Disneyland?
  247. Question Airport Express Question
  248. News Hong Kong Disneyland Park Map
  249. Question ROA In Hong Kong
  250. Video Grizzly Gulch willl be very toonified