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  1. My son just shaved for the first time!
  2. Dating in cars: Things people notice - CNN 11.07.05
  3. If you could, would you?
  4. Hooters Costa Mesa Grand Opening
  5. Are you ready for some REALLY Gross Food?
  6. Osbourne sees Madonna in her nightmares
  7. Buy a house, get a wife at no extra cost....
  8. Help for a friend....
  9. Football Questions
  10. Pedicures?
  11. LGBT in the Parks
  12. Freakin FruitCake!!!
  13. Im gonna kick your ...
  14. PLEASE HELP I feel weird because I just came out
  15. London to Get Sexual 'Theme Park' - AP
  16. Britney Spears Porno tape on its way
  17. What a GREAT Invention
  18. Skinny or Fat?
  19. Lohan poses in the buff
  20. How many times a day do you get it?
  21. Sarah Michelle Gellar to Play Porn Star
  22. Lindsay (Lohen) wants boobs back - UK Sun
  23. Long Internet session, here you go Guys... (and Girls)
  24. Ted's Caving Journal
  25. Asking someone Out
  26. What's your favorite position?
  27. You thought $3 a gallon for gas is bad
  28. A reason to shop at Wal-Mart
  29. How not to steal a cell phone
  30. More Gross Out stuff....
  31. Meet time for Gay Days (DL Oct 1st)
  32. New MiceChat GLBT Pins and other items
  33. Boys Night on the Town...
  34. My first kiss..
  35. Free Cold Beer?
  36. Preteen Crushes...
  37. Here comes my EVIL POST !!!! eeeKKK!
  38. Vanity Plates...
  39. Favorite Beer & Way to Drink It
  40. Strange eBay Auction
  41. OK, guys, become a Teacher... Heck, you can get paid even after going to jail!
  42. Judge says Miller Genuine Draft is not beer!
  43. Hey Dads, there is a 1 in 25 chance your kids are not YOURS!
  44. Ready to take the Gross Out Quiz?
  45. Ever think about getting your Tongue Tattooed?
  46. God Bless the Oxygen Network...
  47. Da Ali G Show.
  48. Ever Run Into an EX when You're Not at Your Best?
  49. Poor Mickey!
  50. Shaver.. Electric or Manual..
  51. That Infernal racket!!!
  52. For the guys...
  53. Want to have an Express Elevator?
  54. Guys, watch out for this one....
  55. Major Recall of Condoms... that is, Dog Condoms
  56. Most bizarre photos of strippers you will ever see
  57. Tommy Lee chose Alcohol over Pamela Anderson
  58. Re-Cycling with an Ex-GF
  59. Is it Me, or Would It Be Cool to Date a DLR Princess?
  60. My to do list....
  61. Big Bad !!! WHos In!
  62. Where did they go!?
  63. Trunk Monkey (Warning-You May Pee in Your Pants)
  64. Disguy & HM's Wedding Feast
  65. Astronomers Claim Discovery of 10th Planet - Yahoo! 07/29/05
  66. 'Worthless' gifts get the good girls- New Scientist.com
  67. Literary award goes to man comparing boobs with carburators
  68. Invoiced Divorce: Wife Wants Back Pay For Housework
  69. This is too funny...for the guys
  70. Why Publisher Clearing House is a GOOD thing!!!
  71. So why didn't I see this on July 17th????
  72. Just Because.. San Diego Babes...
  73. Hair Products
  74. Spur of the moment "gay" meet for 7/22 or 7/23?
  75. Go to jail in Rwandai, you will be providing your own fuel....
  76. Sarah Michelle Gellar wants you to see her naked
  77. I want to be Trailer Park Trash! (in Malibu...)
  78. OK, which one of your guys wrote this letter?
  79. Who cuts the grass?
  80. Name Generators - What's YOUR poison?
  81. Meeting Gay Disney Singles?
  82. The good, the bad and the Ugly?
  83. The flu is here!?!
  84. The best flash ever made by a person
  85. Women and Relationships
  86. Why you shouldn't let kids play with guns....
  87. If you thought the Principal was "cool", check out what these teachers did
  88. My Son is the MacDaddy!!!
  89. My comp is down!!!
  90. The World's Ugliest Dog
  91. Looking for a Big Mac... well, you might be better off looking for something else..
  92. Rainbow Parties.. Say WHAT????
  93. Things guys need....
  94. Bad Day...
  95. No nudity or sexual explicit material
  96. I'm I Stupid?
  97. Interesting Video...
  98. Where was this principal when I went to school...
  99. Guys, has a woman ever tried to change you?
  100. A question for the guys (and girls)...
  101. Bizarre News The Eyes Have It
  102. "Masculinity" suffering identity crisis
  103. The key to figure out Women...
  104. Interesting ad...
  105. Great Video!!!!
  106. A special gift for the guys
  107. What "things" make the man?
  108. Kitty Cannon!
  109. Thank goodness it's SUMMERTIME!!!!
  110. Are you a Beatles person or an Elvis Person?
  111. Spooky Movies!
  112. Cool Game!!!
  113. Casino Carpeting photos
  114. Eye Candy
  115. OK, I covered my butt over at Gibson Girls, so now for the fun stuff...
  116. World's Shortest Fairy Tale
  117. DL/DCA After hours...
  118. We love curvy women
  119. Anyone interested in some Fantasy Football
  120. Tsunami
  121. The new Dancing Man!!!
  122. Long Term Relationship
  123. "Lost Boys" told to leave home.
  124. Some good medical advice!!!
  125. Need some deerskin mechanic's gloves?
  126. You too can come up with stuff, and make money!!!!
  127. SNL Tattoo Removal skit
  128. Proof Kitties are Evil!!!!
  129. Who is the greatist man's man?
  130. Ok who felt it?
  131. The Ultimate Pirates of the Caribbean
  132. Music and the Mice men
  133. What's Inside YOUR Wand?
  134. Women Beauty Pageant...... The List!
  135. The Code
  136. 50 Things a Girl Should...
  137. 50 things women should know...
  138. The most Romantic thing you have done for your Gal...
  139. Wow...
  140. Sexy Lingerie pics
  141. Completely Random...
  142. Going into Seclusion
  143. Micechatters invade Anaheim Stadium!!!!
  144. My experience with women...
  145. In honor of my 600th post, a quiz
  146. Pumping Iron @ home or gym?
  147. Washington's White "Ho" reporter:
  148. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  149. Any Baseball Fans Here?
  150. Your Greatest Americans
  151. War?
  152. Your stage name??
  153. Voting for top 25 Greatest American
  154. Hottest Animated Disney Babes
  155. Comic Based Movies.
  156. The MALE Beauty Pageant
  157. All Bow Before the Dark Lord Pirate Munkee
  158. Insane Videos...
  159. Lesbians and the men who love them
  160. A Joke...
  161. Cars (no, not the Pixar movie)
  162. SAY WHAT.. and this is from the BBC news department....
  163. WRONG, JUST PLAIN WRONG.. Can I say it again.. WRONG!!!!
  164. Capes & Cowls
  165. well...
  166. Where did THIS Slang Word Originate?
  167. Straight Guys and the women who love them
  168. Boys Gone Wild
  169. the random talk thread
  170. the revoulution has begun
  171. Wtf??!!
  172. Girls who crush on girls
  173. Message to OTM's!
  174. Disguy: Moderator of the Lost Boys
  175. Crushin on a Gibson Girl!
  176. Beauty Padgent Off topic Thread(101 ways to make this longer..)
  177. Dolphins are EVIL!!!!
  178. Scary photos!!!
  179. whats on the grill??
  180. Go fly a kite, at your own risk!!!!
  181. Please do NOT pee in this pool!!!!
  182. Check out this video....
  183. Lost Boys Logo
  184. Sports Trivia
  185. Boxers or briefs?
  186. Good Eats
  187. Hockey! Will it ever come bacK?
  188. Cootie Spray
  189. Your Local News Babes!!!
  190. Hot CM's
  191. What! Welcome LB's
  192. Hooters
  193. Why We Never Ask for Directions
  194. New Forum!