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  1. Idea Jurassic Park The Ride Updated/Jurassic World
  2. Question Halloween Horror Nights Information
  3. News Universal Agrees to bring Nintendo to Universal Theme Parks & Resorts!
  4. Question Universal Express Unlimited
  5. Question Transportation from WDW hotel to Universal Studios Orlando
  6. Butterbeer
  7. Video HHN Montage
  8. News Universal to Build Park in the Most Polluted City in the World
  9. News Universal Studios Bejing Announced
  10. Idea 2015 House of Horrors maze at HHNights
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  12. Idea The land Of Oz-Wizard Of Oz attraction!
  13. Question labor day weekend?
  14. Game Universal Studios Fully Recreated in LittleBigPlanet 2 Levels!
  15. Fun WW of Harry Potter in Japan opened today! (July15)
  16. Fun Happy 50th anniversary of the Studio Tour
  17. Idea Will the demise of film and TV production in L.A. lead to more Universal-style parks?
  18. Interesting video,, Universal makes big bet on Harry Potter — again | Daily Ticker
  19. News Sneak peek: Harry Potter's Diagon Alley
  20. Photos & reviews of Diagon A., Hogwart's Exp., new HPotter restaurant, shops etc.
  21. Question Hotels around Universal
  22. News Diagon Alley Opening Date Announced
  23. News Walls Down at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Station
  24. Question about the Hogwarts Express.
  25. Question Universal Studios Orlando- terrified family member
  26. Question Gringotts Bank Animatronics -- Who Makes Them?
  27. Question Being a celebrity impersonator for Universal Studios
  28. News WWOHP in USJ to Open in June
  29. News Universal Studios Beijing
  30. News $2 billion Universal Studios set for Beijing
  31. Other Leicester Square note--it rhymes with Chester, tester, and pester
  32. News Costco currently sells U Hwood APs for $74.00
  33. News View All Nine Academy Award® Nominated Films Over Two Saturdays, Feb 22 and March 1
  34. Question When Diagon Alley opens would it be smart of foolish for Universal to . . .
  35. Universal Reveals Diagon Alley Details
  36. News New Universal park in Beijing(?)
  37. Question World's ugliest paint job is temporary, right? (Photo)
  38. Question Please use this link to vote on which Florida dev. you're most excited about
  39. Set decorator / production designer salary
  40. Chat Would you like U Orlando to buy Disney World?
  41. Chat Who hosts the better Halloween Horror Nights? Orlando or Hollywood?
  42. Orlando Sentinal: Universal parks worth $10 billion
  43. HHN for two Nights and One day at IOA or One HHN and 2 days at Universal
  44. Question Diagon Alley Opening Date
  45. Fun Predict when the WW of HP will Open at U. Hollywood!
  46. News Comcast to "step up" spending on UOR and USH once again
  47. Video Replica BTTF Replica DeLorean at Twin Pines Mall
  48. News NBCUniversal Buy's Legendary picture's.
  49. Question Butterbeer
  50. Chat USH: Wizarding World of Harry Potter out of theme?
  51. U H wood's Hse of Horror monsters are the best I've seen
  52. Universal Daily Photo Share
  53. Universal dubai update.
  54. Universal Studios Dubai Update
  55. Universal Studios or similar parks in Brazil?
  56. Macau Government eyes theme parks for economic diversification
  57. need help ASAP :)
  58. New Universal Studios ride patent
  59. Grinchmas Steals Hearts Every-who-where At Seus Landing (2011 videos)
  60. Fire at Universal today
  61. Despicable Me
  62. Tansformers: The Ride - World Preview w/Michael Bay - & Ride Video Peek/Photo Preview
  63. Universal Studios - Tansformers: The Ride Audio
  64. Woody Woodpecker Film in Works = New Attraction for Universal Parks?
  65. Grinchmas and the holidays
  66. Universal in the rain
  67. Shrek 4D Available on Netflix
  68. So what's the consensus on UHN?
  69. FYI Old Hard Rock Restaurant was demolished
  70. Tram Tour Route?
  71. My simple TR and videos of Halloween Horror Night
  72. Making of Back to the Future: The Ride
  73. Jaws Skippers give guests a "Dry" Run of Jaws while ride was down...
  74. Kid puts life in danger to recover his hat at JP River Adventure
  75. Ex-Universal Employee Accused Of Stealing $1M In Tickets
  76. Rip Ride Rocket Discussion
  77. Fear Factor LIVE, Triceratops and Universal 360- OPEN
  78. HULK POV Ride video showing off painting in progress
  79. Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon's Blast Attraction is Closing
  80. Universal refurbs?
  81. Michael Eisner on Rip Saw Falls - PIC
  82. Wizzarding World Expansion Planned
  83. Island and universal menus?
  84. Universal refurbishments
  85. Discount tickets at Wal Mart or other stores?
  86. Avatar to replace Terminator?
  87. Universal Holiday Update: Universal Studios 12/22 with Macy's Parade - PHOTO HEAVY
  88. "Earthquake" filming in 1974
  89. USJ Christmas Show
  90. Script for Terminator 2 3D Battle across time.
  91. December 4th Grinchmas begins, and the Macy's Day Parade... come join me in the fun!
  92. USJ question
  93. The Mummy Tunnel
  94. Halloween Horror Nights 2010 Survey
  95. November 13, 2010
  96. Universal City releases a new "city report" 4:
  97. A Very Late Horror Nights Photo TR
  98. My Tribute to Halloween Horror Nights 2010!
  99. "Phoenix Project"
  100. BTTF 25TH Event!
  101. 2011 What should be its next attraction???
  102. Thanksgiving Weekend Crowds?
  103. Non-Disney nighttime show
  104. Grinchmas 2010 Auditions
  105. Showboat
  106. Universal Halloween Horror Night - SOLD OUT for tonight - October 8th, 2010!
  107. BEST HD VIDEO of Horror Night and Finale of Bill and Ted's and so much more.
  108. Halloween Horror Night auditions
  109. Universal is moving 4ward with King's The Dark Tower
  110. What should i suspect at Universal this weekend?
  111. The "Original" Ending (Revenge of the Mummy)
  112. Hogwarts = the best queue ever?
  113. Universal Studios India
  114. Pics needed!
  115. Halloween Horror Nights XX Revealed
  116. Asia Theme Parks battle: Universal Studios in India, Paramount Park in Osaka, & more
  117. Jaws: The Ride to be history?
  118. Freddy is coming to UNI
  119. Twilight coming to Universal soon too?
  120. Attack of the Killer Tram LINE!
  121. Zombie’s maze is coming back!
  122. Universal considering Lord of the Rings?
  123. Photos series of backlot
  124. [question] Was there ever a Casper the Friendly Ghost ride?
  125. So Cal Pass? All-day food vouchers???
  126. Forbidden Journey malfunction
  127. Universal from the neighborhood above Falls Lake
  128. Halloween Horror Nights Theme?
  129. I love Universal but hate that...
  130. Universal Studios Dubai - December 2012
  131. Using Kong 3D for other Events?
  132. King Kong 3D
  133. Halloween Horror Nights -- Rob Zombie Film Competition
  134. Today's the day! (July 5th 2010)
  135. King Kong Preshow Video and MORE Tram Ride Videos!!!
  136. My review of new Kong 360 3D
  137. L.A. Times Advertisement
  138. King Kong 360 3D & Special Effects 'Media Event' - June 29, 2010
  139. Larger guests forbidden to ride new HP Ride
  140. Forbidden Journey vs All
  141. Least busy weekend this summer
  142. Dark Knight Coaster!
  143. "King Kong 360-3D" Review
  144. HUGE Universal Studios Update! 2/24/10!!!
  145. USJ Magical Starlight CD
  146. King Kong Opens July 1st!
  147. Exclusive Free Gift: 3-D Commemorative King Kong Cup!
  148. Forbidden Journey Ride Queue & Ride Through (On-Ride) Videos
  149. King Kong 360 3-D Concept Art..Film Director Peter Jackson Discusses Immersive Ride
  150. My Conceptual Site Plan for SDL
  151. NBC Special Preview of WWHOP tonight 7pmEst
  152. Revenge of the Mummy - Facebook Page
  153. Universal Studios Behind the Scenes, including King Kong!
  154. The New Relocated special-effects show opens in June!
  155. Evolution Plan + Expansion
  156. Transfomers Construction Video 2!
  157. 4/21 Trip Report
  158. Universal Studios Battle of Galactica!
  159. Rated R
  160. 4:15
  161. TNA Wrestling at Universal Studios (anyone ever attend?)
  162. Walk the Backlot
  163. Universal Update 3/31/10
  164. Annual Pass Holders Get to See King Kong In June!!! [April Fools!]
  165. The Fate of the Lost Continent?
  166. Rip Rocket failure
  167. VIDEO of New King Kong attraction technical mock-up
  168. Inside the "Forbidden Journey"
  169. International Cafe
  170. King Kong Details
  171. King Kong Teaser Trailer!!!
  172. Wolfman Merchandise?
  173. Universal Studios Update 2/20/2010!
  174. Spongebob Dancing at Universal!
  175. What Mazes and Scare Zones do you want to see this year???
  176. Universal - 1 day + 2 parks + spring break = insanity
  177. What does everyone think of Jurassic Park the Ride at Universal Studios?
  178. King Kong to rejoin Universal tours in 3-D
  179. Universal Studios Update, The "New" New York sets and Jurassic Park Construction
  180. Universal Studios Jurassic Park ride original artwork
  181. Magical Starlight Parade already over?
  182. How long to do both parks?
  183. Crowds After Christmas
  184. Universal Studios Terminator 2 3D Artwork
  185. Does the Hulk need a refurb?
  186. Why no Casper Attraction at the studios?
  187. Universal Studios - Halloween Horror Nights trip review (10/29/09)
  188. Front of the Line pass at Universal Studios.
  189. Universal Marvel walk-around characters
  190. Spielberg remains Universal Studios' consultant thru 2017
  191. Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute
  192. Ticket Prices! How is this Fair?
  193. Pin Trading site?
  194. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 2009 - FINALE and Some Parody
  195. Is Comcast interested in buying NBC Universal?
  196. UVSH - Hallowween Horror Nights Front of the Line Pass?
  197. Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report
  198. Saturday or Sunday
  199. Best Hotel to stay near Universal
  200. "Back To The Future" To Be Replaced By Ride Themed To "The Dark Knight"
  201. Yoyo's 30th Birthday TR! (with NNL too) - Universal section only.
  202. New Kong now under construction!
  203. Universal Chiller Film Contest; Winner's Film Will Air On Network!
  204. Magical Starlight Question
  205. Creature from the Black Lagoon musical opens July 1, 2009
  206. Front of the line???
  207. usj osaka to close ET?
  208. In Debt Nearly $1 Billion...Can Universal Refinance Loans Using Disney Credit Card?
  209. Theme park stuntman falls...
  210. USJ Magical Starlight Parade!
  211. 1990 Universal Studios Tram Tour
  212. Tonight Show at Universal Studios
  213. Fun Simpsons Ride Experience!
  214. What characters from Universal Studios would you like to meet?
  215. Universal Gives away 100,000 free passes.
  216. Universal CityWalk
  217. A new non-Disney ELECTRICAL PARADE coming soon...
  218. Hotel near WDW and Universal Studios?
  219. universal studios CM?
  220. The Simpsons ride.... whats up with it?
  221. Universal Front of Line
  222. Cheapest way to get Universal tickets
  223. Universal Studios - Farewell Back to the Future
  224. Over 100 Photos from "The Early Show" taping at Universal this morning
  225. Universal Studios attarctions!
  226. What NBC Universal Property can help Universal Studios?
  227. Universal to build a park in Dubai
  228. Univ. Orl. Poll. Malin / Ride Warrior Ask, Where Best Should Resort Invest $120 Mil?
  229. Universal HL VS Universal HL?
  230. Universal reveals the "Vision Plan" - Variety 12/6/06
  231. Just got back from my Universal trip
  232. Back to the Future to Close
  233. SeaWorld/San Diego questions
  234. SeaWorld characters from the early 80's
  235. My Universal Trip
  236. Universal Souvenir DVD?
  237. Where can I get Seaworld Discounted tickets?
  238. SeaWorld Questions
  239. Sea World SD - Photo Essay - Winter Visit
  240. universal studios, do you like it?
  241. SeaWorld San Diego closes Main Shamu Stadium, show moves to temporary area
  242. Sea World San Diego Shamu Stadium - New Show Soon?
  243. Seaworld Adventure Camps
  244. Whatever happened to... at Universal?
  245. Anyone Else Going to Universal?
  246. Killer Whale Passes Away at SeaWorld