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  1. News Six Flags over Texas to open 4D Leage of Justice ride
  2. Chat Norm's M Mtn. update today!
  3. News Chanukah celebration at Discovery Kingdom Dec 21
  4. Six Flags over Georgia
  5. Question Questions about Magic Mountain
  6. News Colossus Roller Coaster - On fire
  7. Hint at Colossus' fate?
  8. Question Brnging a Friend for Free with an Season Pass?
  9. News Ninja Accident !
  10. Ninja at SFMM hits a tree and derails. 4 injuries reported.
  11. The flash pass
  12. A moment of silence for Colossus (1978-2014)
  13. Question when will sky tower reopen
  14. SFMM Train is for sale!
  15. Question Batman Backwards Opening Date?
  16. I need some shopping help please!
  17. Question AP processing fee question
  18. Pictures Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Six Flags Fright Fest
  19. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip
  20. Question Magic Mountain Offseason Crowds
  21. News Six Flags Announces "Six Flags Running"
  22. News Woman falls out of New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas
  23. News Six Flags Corp. to announce 2014 attractions on August 29
  24. Hurricane Harbor - Why can't you just clean the parks
  25. News Exclusive ERT at Select Six Flags Parks this Friday!!
  26. Idea I have a great idea for eagles flight.
  27. News June Events at Six Flags Great Adventure
  28. Question Sooooo... how intense is Green Lantern?
  29. Question I'm going to Discovery Kingdom this Friday and I'm . . . scared.
  30. Question Has the Loading Time on X2 Improved at SFMM?
  31. Six Flags Great Adventure unveils it's new Off-Road Adventure Truck Fleet
  32. X2 or Green Lantern?
  33. Highest Section of World's Tallest Loop Hoisted into Place at Magic Mountain
  34. Six Flags Great Adventure Hurricane Sandy Benefit and new additions for 2013
  35. Full Throttle to have it's own theme song
  36. Six Flags $99 Dining Pass - Is it a Good Deal?
  37. RUMOR: Colossus to get major Refurbishment in 2014?
  38. Sling Shot-now open
  39. Full Throttle update
  40. Trip report: October 12th
  41. My Fright Fest 2012 review (hint: it's bad)
  42. Stanley Cup at Six Flags Magic Mountain this Sunday (Oct 21)
  43. My Fright Fest Trip Report 10/07/12
  44. Teenager flies off waterslide 'Black Snake Summit' at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
  45. SFMM Fright Fest 2012 ... don't miss it!!!
  46. Advice for solo trip to Magic Mountain?
  47. Oct. 5 Visit to MM, tips on rides to hit early?
  48. Fright Fest 2012 at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  49. Six Flags Announces New Attractions for 2013
  50. NEW FOR 2013 at SFMM, Full Throttle: The World’s Tallest and Fastest Looping Coaster
  51. Big People At Six Flags Magic Mountain
  52. Never Coming Back.
  53. Crazy Talk: Six Flags Snubs College Student With Locks
  54. Hurricane Harbor Ruined with Flashpass...
  55. How about a Micechat 6Flags MMtn HALLOWEEN meet?
  56. Trip Questions
  57. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom ... Exclusive DROP time
  59. July 7th Lex Luthor Drop of Doom Finally Opens!!!
  60. New for 2012 at Hurricane Harbor: Pirates Paradise
  61. Ticket Discounts
  62. Magic Mountain parking lot
  63. SFMM Sky Tower is open
  64. Wanna ride Revolution as it was meant - NO shoulder bars and NO trim brakes?
  65. Magic Mountain: Photo Heavy Tribute (courtesy of flickr)
  66. Monster Plantation/Monster Mansion video, Six Flags Over Georgia
  67. The Log Jammer Returns!!!
  68. Six Flags and 7-Eleven announce partnership to sell Slurpee's in parks
  69. Plans for Magic Mountain's 2013 coaster leaked
  70. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor to get "Virtual Queue" system this summer
  71. Spee-Lunker Cave, Six Flags Over Texas
  72. Im going to Magic Mountian for school....
  73. six flages on new years
  74. HONK! If you love SFOT's New Texas Giant!
  75. I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today
  76. going to majc mountion tommaorow
  77. How crowded is Magic Mountain during the week of Thanksgiving?
  78. With Log Jammer Gone, any ideas of what type of coaster could take it's place?
  79. Revolution to get a refurb?
  80. rip the log jammer
  81. Fright Fest Review
  82. Taking video camera on a Coaster
  83. Pictures and Review of Six Flags Magic Mountain's Fright Fest
  84. Fright Night Question?
  85. Deja Vu after hours ride time.
  86. Lex Luthor Drop of Doom Six Flags Magic Mountain POV B-Roll 2012 Drop Tower Superman
  87. Superman Ultimate Flight Roller Coaster POV B-Roll Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2012!
  88. No more Premium Season Passes for SFMM?
  89. Deja Vu being removed from Six Flags Magic Mountain
  90. Six Flags 2012 Attractions!
  91. Best Rides at SFMM?
  92. Magic Mountain Fright Fest Auditions
  93. Fright fest 2011
  94. Trip Report: Six Flags Great America
  95. When does MM get less crowded?
  96. Wearing Glasses on Tatsu
  97. (SFMM) Green Lantern - Might be awhile for that First Flight
  98. flash pass for X2
  99. Six Flags 50th anniversary
  100. six flages tommaorw
  101. Six Flags St Louis
  102. First Time Trip, Need Help
  103. the green lantern
  104. What you can expect from the new green lantern ride at magic mountain. RIDE VIDEO
  105. Superman at Magic Mountain
  106. Road Runner Express opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  107. Baby Walrus Still-Born at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  108. Road Runner Express SFMM Construction
  109. This Year: 3-D Green Lantern Film, Plus, Hero Lights It Up w/Green Coaster!
  110. $25 off of general admission (Magic Mountain)
  111. Re-theming of Thomas Town to
  112. Texas Giant Bash with Theme Park Review!!! (May 14th - Six Flags Over Texas)
  113. Did six flags magic mountain copy Disney parks style with terminator and x2?
  114. six flags vs knotts berry farm
  115. Six Flags for the First Time
  116. Superman Opening Weekend!
  117. does that say superman?
  118. MiceChat's Press Coverage of Six Flags SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton
  119. SFMM Goliath vs Canadas Wonderland Behemoth
  120. Apocalypse: Worth the wait?
  121. Superman at Six Flags Magic Mountain now twice as good
  122. Ride Superman this weekend!!!
  123. Xtreme Pass and Saturday vs. Sunday
  124. Superman:Escape From Krypton Testing Video
  125. Six Flags Magic Mountain Season Pass Deal
  126. Snow at Magic MT.
  127. Saturday or Sunday?
  128. Six Flags Magic Mountain Question
  129. Six Flags Not Renewing most recent Licensing agreements
  130. Six Flags - Toys for the Holidays returns for 2010
  131. Decay of Six Flags New Orleans
  132. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Halloween
  133. Magic Mountain Parking
  134. Six Flags Magic Mountain's Revolution need to go
  135. Best Thrill Coaster at Magic Mountain
  136. Six Flags Magic Mountain 3 New Coasters For the 2011 Season
  137. Geauga Lake's Big Dipper Bought by Coaster Enthusiasts
  138. Six Flags Magic Mountain Questions
  139. New ride planned for Six Flags Great adventure
  140. Six Flags Magic Mountain has new Park President - Jay Thomas to TX
  141. Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest (Good or Bad?)
  142. 6 Flags looking good
  143. Jimmy Fallon's late-night tribute to Six Flags
  144. Vintage Six Flags photos (early to mid '70's)
  145. Refurb schedule?
  146. Best day to visit?
  147. Superman: The Escape not becoming Bizarro!
  148. Magic MT cancels MMA Boxing Event tonight (7/31)
  149. Confessions Of A Wuss...
  150. Starshyne's Six Flags St. Louis Trip Report for July 2010
  151. Should 6f add more music to coasters?
  152. Magic Mountain Theming
  153. Photo TR: Six Flags Great America, My Old Home Park
  154. Texas Giant to Become World's Steepest Wooden Roller Coaster
  155. Six Flags Magic Mountain to host martial arts and boxing event - good idea?
  156. Magic Mountain Itinerary
  157. Possible Magic Mountain might get Maliboomer?
  158. Will Magic Mountain focus more on flat rides?
  159. Six Flags Magic Mountain's Colossus Upgrade Rumor
  160. Magic Mountain 2010 PLAY PASS with or without 1x Hurricane Harbor ???
  161. The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR)
  162. Great Adventure Trip report 5/13
  163. My St. Louis Six Flags photos from 2009
  164. Dead Leaves and the Not So Dirty Ground : An SFMM Trip report
  165. New CEO at Six Flags
  166. Questions from another Six Flags newb...
  167. Hotels around SF Magic Mountain?
  168. Former Chairman Snyder's shady deals with himself
  169. Spee-lunker Cave at Six Flags Over Texas
  170. I Believe In Magic Mountain
  171. Six Flags Magic Mountain Report 4/16
  172. 5 or 405?
  173. SFMM adding "Crusher X" for 2011 Season
  174. Six Flags MM Update 4/2/10
  175. Going to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the first time next week
  176. Hate DLR crowds...go to SFMM NOW!!!
  177. Six Flags St. Louis closing?
  178. Magic Mountain trip questions
  179. Free tickets to Six Flags + $100
  180. Texas Giant to become steel-track coaster
  181. Special touches
  182. Best march day to go to SFMM? and which rides are closed?
  183. Six Flags Magic Mountain HD Music Video
  184. Six Flags launches an official blog
  185. King Kong to rejoin Universal tours in 3-D
  186. Magic Mountain announces 17th coaster
  187. Disney Merchandise at Six Flags?
  188. X2 is Temporarily Closed.
  189. whats the deal with the metro
  190. Ninja's Station History?
  191. Batman's.... Blue?
  192. Should Terminator Salvation get a name change?
  193. Texas Giant wooden coaster to close again
  194. Thrill the World at Discovery Kingdom Trip Report!
  195. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom info
  196. Question for the SFMM locals...
  197. Time Warp @ Six Flags New England
  198. Six Flags Nigeria
  199. Absurd Lockers
  200. Six Flags Magic Mountain: Physics Lesson?
  201. Auditioning as a face character at Magic Mountain
  202. Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - 2010 Rumors
  203. Six Flags to have hearing over New Orleans Park
  204. Best Six Flags park?
  205. Texas Giant wooden coaster closed!
  206. Six Flags over Georgia: FlashPass?
  207. Six Flags Magic Mountain - ACE Day
  208. Meet me in St Louis........or Eureka even!! (Six Flags trip report)
  209. Six Flags declares bankruptcy
  210. Six Flags Tickets for $10 (For the next 2 (or so) hours)
  211. Cheapest Tickets
  212. Base-Jumper leaps of 415 ft. ride at Magic Mountain
  213. The Greatest SFMM trip report ever posted for 5/28/09
  214. Went to Magic Mountain and wow... just wow...
  215. Magic Mountain Tips?
  216. Monster Plantation dark ride to reopen May 16, 2009
  217. Ben & Jerry's opens its own location in SFMM
  218. Opening Hours
  219. Welcome Back Mr.Six
  220. How crowded..?
  221. The Clinkerbelle's go to Magic Mountain (well, half of them anyway)
  222. 3 years later - Mark Shapiro's impact on Six Flags
  223. Magic Mountain traffic
  224. Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro on CBS News
  225. Six Flags over Texas reports record-breaking Spring Break crowds
  226. What WB property would you use for Six Flags?
  227. West Coast Bash 2009 - Six Flags Magic Mountain
  228. Six Flags Magic Mountain "highly profitable"
  229. Six Flags Popularity?
  230. Six Flags announces that there is 'Substantial Doubt' that it will survive
  231. SFMM Wiggles Word/ New Coaster Location?
  232. Six Flags Magic Mountain's New Park Map!
  233. 4 hours 10 minutes at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  234. Six Flags in more trouble???
  235. Knott's Winter Coaster Solace and Six Flags West Coast Bash
  236. Terminator Coaster is Going Vertical!
  237. 1/10 SFMM trip
  238. Magic Mountain traffic - the end is near
  239. 2009 Six Flags Flash Pass (video)
  240. Six Flags to open Qatar theme park in 2012
  241. Magic Mountain traffic for December
  242. Overdue Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report
  243. Six Flags Great Adventure to revamp Medusa!!
  244. Six Flags Magic Mountain announces "Terminator: The Coaster"
  245. Terminator Ride Coming To Magic Mountain
  246. Questions About Six Flags
  247. Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival
  248. Raven is coming to Six Flags
  249. Guest decapitated by Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia after hopping fence
  250. SFMM's 2009 Coaster!