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  1. Shellie, Gelatoni, and Duffy December!
  2. Do we want "Gelatina?"
  3. Build Your Disney Side has Duffy for stick figure family
  4. A Frozen Comparison: UniBEARsity vs Build A Bear
  5. How many hidden Mickey silhouettes do Duffy and ShellieMay have?
  6. Newbie in love with ShellieMay
  7. ShellieMay now at Hong Kong Disneyland
  8. For Sale/Trade: Shellie May and Gelatoni
  9. Duffy's Button Box & Pin Cushion: How-to Sewing Projects & Original Designs #2
  10. Sharing some of my new goodies!
  11. Where any of you at Epcot this past Saturday?
  12. Merchandise question
  13. Captain Duffy Picard and Dr Shellie Crusher (Star Trek)
  14. Duffy and the Parks
  15. UniBearsity Costumes for Duffy/Shellie?
  16. Duffy Haters…again.
  17. Sweet Duffy 2015
  18. PSA: Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day is October 8 (probably)
  19. Custom Duffy/Shellie clothes: Star Treck uniforms
  20. Nice blog post about Duffy and how someone became a fan after seeing him at TDS
  21. Easter replaces Spring Voyage in Tokyo DisneySea for 2015
  22. Disney got it wrong! Duffy IS a money maker.
  23. Cabbage Patch Kids clothes?
  24. Soon to be Duffy aficionado
  25. Shellie May Newbie! Help, please! Is this a fake?
  26. Duffy spring-clean question!!
  27. The dark side of Duffy fandom
  28. Meet-up in December?
  29. Not fans of Gelatoni
  30. HKDL Duffy Merchandise
  31. ShellieMay in Hong Kong this Christmas!
  32. TDS Christmas 2014
  33. ShellieMay Coming to Aulani Resort!
  34. My Little Collection
  35. Duffy Vinylmation Series 1
  36. I'm a New Duffy Fan ^.^
  37. When will Gelatoni be restocked?
  38. Hometown Duffy - 8/8 release!
  39. Custom Clothing and Accessories
  40. Welcome home Gelatoni!
  41. Let's share Gelatoni Photos!
  42. Bath Time!: Cleaning Duffy and Shellie May
  43. Gelatoni? + Summer Wear outfits!
  44. Halloween 2014 is like a breath of fresh air!
  45. My NEW and AUTHENTIC Shellie May <3
  46. Ciao, Gelatoni! Debut+Shopping Info
  47. Disney's Aulani Duffy Costumes now available
  48. So Confused: Shellie May help please!
  49. Update: My Possibly Fake Shellie May
  50. My possibly fake shellie may? Help me please
  51. New Friend for Duffy at TDS Coming Soon
  52. Pins - advice needed
  53. Teddy Olympics 2014: Go Team Duffeteers!^^
  54. Newbie - Shellie May Question
  55. Post your Build A Bear finds for Duffy/Shellie May here!
  56. Duffy Be Magical
  57. Official Duffy TDS Twitter!
  58. Surprise meet today at WDW
  59. 12" Duffys
  60. Am I going crazy?
  61. Items from my personal Collection FOR SALE
  62. Chandu?
  63. Duffy Cake Photos
  64. TANABATA Duffy and ShellieMay Costumes & Badges!!!
  65. Another Reason Why TDS Trumps the US Parks
  66. What is your ultimate FAVORITE Duffy and/or Shellie May?
  67. Third Anniversary Signature
  68. Oswald's (global?) debut is in CAPE COD!^^
  69. Real Duffy and ShellieMay (newbie!)
  70. Guests sharing the love at WDW
  71. HKDL Pin Trading Fun Days!
  72. Duffy NEW items for Feb/March 2014
  73. Duffy Ears?
  74. Spring Voyage 2014
  75. Newbie :)
  76. Duffy and ShellieMay (the Disney Bear) FAQS
  77. Duffy's Fluffy Journey + "When we're together, good things happen."
  78. Newbie :)
  79. I make a cast member cry......
  80. Duffy Pin lanyard?
  81. Hey Everyone! Sorry I've not been around
  82. The "hazards" of loving Duffy.....
  83. Duffy Bus - Is it real?
  84. New Duffy fan getting him the first time on Valentine's!
  85. Hey Guys! Missed you!
  86. Duffy Pins
  87. TDS Duffy Videos
  88. "My Friend Duffy" featuring ShellieMay
  89. Spring Voyage 2014
  90. Duffy in the Christmas Parade
  91. Duffy Pics on Instagram.
  92. Awesome homemade Duffy/Shellie May clothes!
  93. New Duffy Fan!
  94. Alright people-I want to see some Christmas pictures!!!!!
  95. Duffy at the Twice Upon a Year Sale!
  96. WDW Cast Members design outfits for 920 Duffys given to charity
  97. Newbie!
  98. Ok, who is ready for Christmas?
  99. New Year and Sweet Duffy Merchandise List
  100. Spring Voyage 2014 - Anyone going?
  101. New here
  102. Report on Duffy in Magic Kingdom
  103. Duffy's Secret Santa Celebration at WDW!
  104. Bear clothes at Sea World
  105. Package from Japan arrived
  106. Build a Bear coupon McDonalds
  107. Bringing you duffy and shellie from TDS to Msia/Singapore
  108. Duffy clothes on sale at Disneystore.com
  109. bab carrier for adults
  110. Duffy Tree
  111. Made Shellie May a
  112. BAB website change annoying!
  113. Hello? Where is everyone?
  114. Happy Halloween!!
  115. Little Help, Please!
  116. Things you wish OLC would make for Duffy?
  117. What is your Shellie May going to wear to match the Elf?
  118. 25% off Duffy at Disneystore Online
  119. 24 inch Duffy.. clothes?
  120. Round Two- We are going to need another Elf
  121. One WishLister's useful PayPal tips!^^
  122. Duffy in the new DVC villas at the Grand Floridian
  123. Duffy mentioned in OLC annual report.
  124. Santa's Coming TONIGHT! Christmas 2013 SITE UP!!
  125. TDR 2014 Scheduling and Pricing News...mostly kind of a bummer, I'm afraid.
  126. Passing the time until a Christmas update......
  127. "A snowy Christmas Eve in Cape Cod"
  128. An important announcement for 2013 Christmas WishListers
  129. My friend duffy english ver?
  130. DLR Duffeteer Roll Call!
  131. Pumpkin Duffy on sale
  132. Rollcall for Orlando/WDW Duffeteers!
  133. Could a WDW Duffeteer Maybe Help Me Out?
  134. Why is my new Duffy "Meatier" then my Shellie May
  135. Sweet Duffy 2014
  136. PSA: Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day - October 9, 2013
  137. (Unboxing) Shellie May's Arrival to her New home (Pic Heavy)
  138. :) New to the Community; looking for friends
  139. On the Hunt for Duffy and Shellie May
  140. Duffy being phased out of Disney Stores?
  141. Duffy meet and greet removed from DCA
  142. Ideas for my Duffy Pin Board?!!
  143. Halloween
  144. ShellieMay Sighting at D23!
  145. Duffy Halloween 2013
  146. Halloween Costumes?!
  147. Random "Duffy" sighting(s?)
  148. Loki Costume for Duffy
  149. Basic durable outfit for Shellie
  150. Happy encounter at a service station!
  151. Florida Mall BAB Closing August 4 for remodel
  152. Duffy @ Disney Store
  153. How well do BAB outfits fit?
  154. Is Your Duffy getting to floppy?
  155. Is Shelly May too valuable for a 3 year old to play with?
  156. Summer Duffy Post! D-day 6/30!
  157. CONTEST: Guess the Halloween Costume!^^
  158. Individual Names for Duffy
  159. Fun stuff to do with ShellieMay and Duffy?
  160. Duffy's Bedtime Story
  161. Strange things are afoot...
  162. 8" Shellie May?
  163. summer festival,Disney Natsu Matsuri and midway mania
  164. New to Duffy
  165. Duffy on disney jr. Field trip
  166. Duffy the Disney Bear Plush - 36''
  167. Introducing… ShellieMay! "My Friend Duffy" sequel!
  168. Traveling with Duffy and Shellie May
  169. Shellie May and Shellie May items for sale!
  170. ShellieMay public service announcement. Beware of fakes!
  171. Duffeteer Creators Club
  172. Paris "Dreamers Everywhere" Event
  173. Bringing Duffy and/or ShellieMay in public
  174. so happy right now
  175. Shellie May debuted at Disneyland Paris!!
  176. MiraCosta Hotel Luggage Charms
  177. Totally LAST SV13 Special Request Trip
  178. Duffy ON Merchandise at WDW
  179. going out with shellie or duffy backlash
  180. Kuma❤Tomo
  181. Post your Build A Bear finds for Duffy/Shellie May here!
  182. WDW Star Wars Weekends Starts Friday 5/17/2013
  183. Shellie May?
  184. Introducing Spring and May
  185. Happy birthday duffyd!!
  186. new spring voyage outfit
  187. DuffyD - are you ok?
  188. shellie may tattoo
  189. WANTED: Shellie May
  190. clothes for shellie may
  191. clothes for shellie may
  192. Pink pre-Duffy bear
  193. does duffy/shellie may go everywhere with you
  194. Target Dollar Spot has bear sized
  195. Facebook: Duffy the Disney Bears adventure
  196. I thought I read that Build a Bear will mail from the Downtown Disney (Ca) store?
  197. VIDEO: TDS Morning Greeting for TDL's 30th
  198. Shellie may !!!!
  199. How do you carry your duffy
  200. disney cruise line duffy vs other duffys
  201. Hello! New member here...
  202. Did anyone here go the the Duffy Book signing at Epcot in 2011?
  203. crochet and knitting patterns for duffy
  204. duffy or shelly may
  205. Long haired Duffy from Ebay
  206. TDS/Duffy on Japanese TV Show
  207. I Need Help Mustering The Resolve To Remove My Bears’ Tags!
  208. Has Anyone Tried to Pin Trade for the Duffy Cast Member Exclusive Pins?
  209. Has anyone almost had their Duffy bearnapped/stolen?
  210. Duffy Commercials
  211. AMAZING Duffy video
  212. Tell about YOUR Duffy!
  213. Heartfelt video
  214. How to Send Money via PayPal
  215. What is your favorite Duffy/Shellie item of all time?
  216. Payments with paypal
  217. Spring Voyage/Happiness Year Shortcuts!!!^^
  218. Traveling Duffy II - Commentary & Social^^
  219. Traveling Duffy II, the Voyage Continues
  220. This is NOT a good day for ShellieMay.
  221. Duffy Cell Phone case
  222. I got my own Duffy from Japan!
  223. Duffy at EuroDisney and/or Hong Kong
  224. Not Duffy Specific but I'm thinking Someone May Know the Answer!
  225. TDR 3oth Anniversary Happiness is Here outfit!
  226. Quality of Duffy fur
  227. New Duffy fan here!
  228. Saw a Duffy bear in the UK today!
  229. Thoughts on Duffy Marketing in the USA
  230. Need help on some older disney bears please.
  231. Duffy gift for 4 year old
  232. Free the mittens! And other costume alterations...keep this around for later.
  233. Spring Voyage 2013 Shopping Voyage Sign-Up
  234. Duffy Tail
  235. Duffy or Shellie May favorite?
  236. "The Happiness Bear"
  237. The "Round-Up" Factor
  238. Hello, can I introduce myself? and share my Duffy & ShellieMay’s exciting news?
  239. Disney Store exclusive Duffy merchandise?
  240. Hello, Fellow Duffy and Shellie May Fans! I'm new to MiceChat!
  241. Duffy on TV
  242. Are these authetic Duffys?
  243. I got a Duffy today!
  244. SECOND — & LAST! — Sweet Duffy Shopping Trip February 13!
  245. Duffy on social networks
  246. Selling my collection on ebay
  247. the official "Duffy the Disney Bear" name badge
  248. Please Help with the possible FAKE Shellie May!!
  249. HAPPY 2013, Duffeteers!^^
  250. First Duffy Bear!!