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  1. UNI missing out not opening Hogsmeade now
  2. No more free parking on annual pass?
  3. My Kiss 104.3 Special Private Party 5/1/15. Anyone have tickets?
  4. Is Stu's Disco too close to Harry Potter?
  5. Fast & Furious: Supercharged "First Look"
  6. Hollywood & Dine...
  7. Crowd on 2/15 and 2/16
  8. Newbie questions....Can you Universal in 1 day? 😳
  9. The Simpsons Springfield Expansion videos/pictures update
  10. Fast & Furious Supercharged Details
  11. Does U H.wood have a cat population like Disneyland does?
  12. WWOHP and Halloween
  13. HHN X Speculation/Rumors/Announcements.
  14. Crowd estimates for January/February 2015?
  15. Predictions & photos on Hwood's Harry Potter, please.
  16. House of Horrors, Hollywood Photoland, and Blues Brothers Stage Demolition Has Begun
  17. The Season Pass Podcast #285 with HHN's John Murdy
  18. A Clip From the Ellen D. show.
  19. HHN discount tix thru BK at halloweenhorrornights.com/burgerking
  20. HHN Trip Report 9/26 & 9/27
  21. DTH's Horror Nights Reign Till Dawn vs. An American In the Flesh in 3-Peat-D (Review)
  22. SoCal Trip Report Series: Universal Studios Hollywood (7 of 7)
  23. Halloween Horror Nights VIP...Worth it?
  24. Crowds mid week
  25. Soundstage 28 'Phantom Of the Opera' Removal
  26. House of Horrors at USH Closing September 1st, 2014
  27. New years at ush???!!!
  28. Shrek's Talking Donkey
  29. I Love Lucy
  30. Will there be a Diagon Alley in USH?
  31. Which ticket for June 14?
  32. Back to the Future coming BACK to the Present?
  33. Sad Day at Universal USH now has Disneyesqe disabled policy Rating from A to D
  34. Review: New Food Offerings in Super Silly Funland
  35. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem model
  36. Wizarding World of Harry Potter & Simpsons Springfield Construction Update
  37. New for 2015: Fast And Furious: Super Charged, and Springfeild.
  38. WWOHP April 2014 Construction Update
  39. New Updated WaterWorld Show Video at Universal Studios Hollywood 2014
  40. Is May 17th a good day to visit?
  41. HHN 2014 Update Thread
  42. Best price for USH Premium annual pass?
  43. A Full look at Despicable Me Ride Area at Universal Studios Hollywood
  44. Jurrasic outfitters
  45. Show schedule
  46. How much time needed at parks?
  47. Parking question
  48. Edits to the Studio Tour stock material?
  49. 50th anniversary of the Studio Tour
  50. Awesome new update
  51. May Trip
  52. Eating at Universal Studios California
  53. Error in the USH In The Parks article.
  54. Universal Studios Hollywood - Theme Park or Studio Park?
  55. Doc Brown's Chicken and Hollywood Cantina demo starting 1/6
  56. Grinchmas extended (again) to Sunday 1/5
  57. lack of USH updates?
  58. USH Classic attraction GONE
  59. 2013 Grinchmas and a New Streetmosphere show Videos
  60. Construction updates...?
  61. El Cucuy drawing
  62. Grinchmas 2013
  63. USH Horror Nights Front of the Line Trip Report
  64. Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Halloween Horror Nights
  65. Bill & Ted cancelled
  66. Trip Report USH HHN VIP 10/20/13
  67. USH HHN 2013 review
  68. Podcast
  69. Meet Harry Potter at USH 4:30 tomorrow!
  70. My Review for HHN 2013
  71. Gibson AMP demolition update
  72. HHN with NO Front of Line Pass? Possible????? (First Timer)
  73. DTH stars as The Boogeyman in: HHN Opening Night Review (9/20)
  74. Big shark by Doc Browns chicken upper lot
  75. Halloween Horror Nights on a Thursday
  76. HHN Hollywood opening night
  77. New Universal Plaza Now Open!
  78. Universal Studios Parking!
  79. Fast & Furious Attraction Rabblings Spinning and Drifting About
  80. HHN VIP Experience
  81. USH Super Silly Fun Land w/ "Soarr and Spin' Themed Flat Ride
  82. Might Upcoming Wizardoing World Incude Hogwart's Ex[ress Train Ride?
  83. WWOHP/HHN 2013 interface speculation
  84. El Cucuy: The Boogyman comes to life at Halloween Horror Nights
  85. Zombies to take over the Universal Backlot at this year's Hallowen Horror Nights
  86. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem Progress
  87. USH Announces "Monsters Remix" Maze to Return to HHN
  88. USH Announces "Curse of Chucky" Scare Zone for HHN
  89. USH Announces "The Purge" Scare Zone for HHN
  90. Insidious Maze Announced for HHN!
  91. Universal Halloween Horror Nights Announces Black Sabbath 3D Maze
  92. USH Sunday Crowds
  93. The Walking Dead Returns to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights
  94. Characters in the park
  95. Evil Dead Coming to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights
  96. War of the Worlds segment of Tram Tour Question
  97. Universal Studios Hollywood Photos I've Taken.
  98. Tour changes due to Tonight Show?
  99. HHN Auditions Coming Up
  100. USF To Have as it's icon Its own Caythay Circle Theater tower.
  101. is the Carthay iconic building coming to universal.......
  102. USH Backlot fire- 5 years later
  103. King Kong 360 3D
  104. Has Anyone been a Universal Screenings?
  105. V.I.P. Pricing Ridiculous Or The Next Big Thing?
  106. La Llorona drawing
  107. Universal Studios Hollywood Price Increase.
  108. A Contest, of Monsters Universal 2013
  109. Universal Flex Pay?
  110. Crowds in June
  111. Rumor and Speculation: Super Silly Fun Land for the Despicable Me attraction
  112. Super Silly Fun Land Patient.
  113. RUMOR: Doc Brown's Chicken possibly leaving
  114. HHN 2013 wishlist
  115. Universal Evolution Plan
  116. John Murdy (creative director of HHN) announces fan competition.
  117. The Price of Progress: Universalís Past, Present and Potential Future
  118. USH Construction Update of Despicable Me and the park!
  119. Universal Hollywood Hiring
  120. Front Gate Wide Open?
  121. Ryan Phillippe Visits Universal Hollywood
  122. Big Time Rush coming to Universal Orlando for Summer Concert Series
  123. Costco "Annual Passes"
  124. Universal Studios Hollywood 50th Anniversary
  125. Holiday inn across from Universal
  126. Hollywood Sign. HELP!
  127. Despicable Me - Minion Mayhem coming to Universal Studios Hollywood
  128. Jurassic Park Final Drop Nitpicky Issue
  129. The Collapsing Bridge!
  130. Universal Announces Transformer Store opening and Walk Around Characters
  131. Universal Studios Hollywood 3/2/13 - 1st of many trips in 2013
  132. Restored Back to the Future Delorean at USH
  133. Despicable Me
  134. Hiring for Transformers in Orlando has started! Opening in less than 60 days.
  135. USH Baseball Field/Park set
  136. Ride system tests have started on Transformers at Universal Orlando
  137. Free Birthday tix (Hollywood) Help
  138. The Characters of USH
  139. Springfield
  140. So Waterworld actually IS on the chopping block?
  141. Wait.....USH is going to have a FULL SIZED Hogwarts Castle????
  142. Small fire contained at Universal Hollywood
  143. wild wild west replacement
  144. USH Behind Walls, 1/9/13
  145. Wait a minurte....Termination 3D closed??
  146. T2:3D preshow song
  147. A Grinchmas Trip to Universal Studios - Picture and Videos (lots)
  148. With 3 (3!) Maze spaces gone at Next year's HHN....
  149. Comcast CEO looking to focus on more international
  150. USH: Grinchmas 2012 (photos)
  151. Warner Brothers Studio
  152. universal area doesn't want pyro
  153. MuMmy the Ride Original Ending? (hollywood)
  154. Passholder Tree Lighting Ceremony??
  155. Despicable Me
  156. Transportation question to Universal Hollywood
  157. USH Expansion
  158. Why Water?
  159. My HHN prediction's
  160. under the Simpsons Ride at USH
  161. Trip Report! Warning! Strong Opinions ahead!
  162. Grinchmas Schedule
  163. Steve Burke is cool!
  164. Universal Orlando's announcement on Nov. 1- Insiders confirm it's Transformers
  165. First visit to Universal Hollywood: quick practical question...
  166. Which day is best to visit Universal Studios Hollywood?
  167. A few notes from Oct13 daytime visit to U Studios Hollywood
  168. HHN Hollywood on Halloween Night
  169. T2:3d
  170. VIP experience at HHN
  171. Going to hhn tomorow help
  172. Drive Time
  173. A Night of Terror! HHN Trip Report
  174. VIP Experience and HHN
  175. CastleMiner Z maze at the Halloween Horror Nights
  176. My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12
  177. A 2nd HHN event Design
  178. First time Aussie family needs some advice please!
  179. Full day vs. just HHN ticket?
  180. First Universal trip - I need help!
  181. Unused days?
  182. HHN Front of the Line?
  183. HHN Hollywood First Timer HELP!
  184. HHN '12: Invaded by DTH316 (Very Lengthy Opening Night Review)
  185. HHN Hollywood 2012 Reviews
  186. Advice for solo trip to Universal Studios/HHN/Magic Mountain?
  187. Awesome Video POV Waterworld!!! Behind the Scenes!!!
  188. Employee night!
  189. Is this weekend hhn empolye weekend?
  190. Can somone get an update on Universal studios Japan HHN this year?
  191. September weekend at Hollywood HHN?
  192. Walking Dead: Dead inside maze walkthrough with John Murdy and Chris Williams
  193. How much time needed at Universal Studios Hollywood?
  194. Curse of Chucky a Maze Next Year?
  195. a idea for the simpsons ride replacement
  196. Fallon's reduced presence on Studio Tour?
  197. Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights
  198. First time at Universal Horror Nights
  199. Big People At Universal Studios
  200. Universal Studios Hollywood HHN Tickets on Sale
  201. Does anyone know when T2:3D's last day is?
  202. Universal Orlando 2012 Official HHN line up
  203. Jeepers Creepers Terror Tram at Horror Nights 2013
  204. What if - Futurama where to replace The Simpsons Ride?
  205. Grrr, its frustrating that they are moving so quickly on Orlando Transformers but...
  206. USH So Cal Deal Question
  207. Nothing has been announced about Transformers at USF so....
  208. UHHN Orlando Express fearpass - how does it work?
  209. Rumor: Is Transformers really going to come to USF?
  210. New USH Maze: Walking Dead Attack Halloween Horror Nights
  211. City Walk amc IMAX
  212. evolution plan update
  213. Going to USH on 8/13. Tips on doing whole park in one day?
  214. Universal Studios Announces The Walking Dead for annual Halloween Horror Nights 2012
  215. Current COSTCO Universal Studios H. offer in Southern CA?
  216. Universal Studios Announces Silent Hill Maze for annual Halloween Horror Nights 2012
  217. Universal Studios Announces Silent Hill Maze for annual Halloween Horror Nights 2012
  218. Annual Passholder discounted tickets for guests?
  219. friday the 13 hhn announcement
  220. Hidden Mickey at USH
  221. Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2012 dates
  222. Annoying experience at Universal Studios Hollywood.
  223. HHN Hollywood Auditions
  224. 2012 Universal Studios Hollywood Map
  225. USH: Krustyland Games Midway & Plussing of Mummy Coaster Effects/AA Features
  226. (IDEA) for a Simpsons-themed land
  227. New Munster House
  228. VIP Experience.... mehhhhhhh
  229. USH Outside Beverage Policy Changed
  230. Transformers early opening all Summer
  231. Universal Studios Hollywood-Clueless to Tour Plan
  232. New BTTF Ride in 2015 - Petition
  233. USH HHN 2012 Official Line Up
  234. Transformers the ride model
  235. What causes stops in Uni rides?
  236. Will Transformers The Ride be open during Halloween Horror Nights?
  237. How is Universal Pin Trading?
  238. E.T. and Jaws Merchandise?
  239. Transformers The Ride 3D -- Micechat Reviews!
  240. Transfomers the ride vehicles
  241. Transformers The Ride Grand Opening Ceremony PICS Heavy!!!
  242. Transformers opening at 7:30 AM Memorial Weekend
  243. Why doesn't USH take advantage of their great views?
  244. Jurassic Park Refurb, taking a bit too long?
  245. Transformers= Zero threat to Disneyland
  246. All You Can Eat Pass deal through May 24 (beyond that ?)
  247. If you live in LA you should ride TF now and beat the Summer crowds!
  248. HHN 2012 hollywood: my idea
  249. House of horror update.
  250. Transformers the ride soft opening details