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In the Parks

  1. In The Parks - Ho Ho Holiday Hoedown at Disneyland, Knott's, Universal

    by , 11-11-2010 at 10:20 PM

    Like sands through the hour glass, Summer gives way to Halloween and pumpkins give way to Christmas. Thanksgiving is all but a lost tradition for theme parks these days in the mad dash to get those Christmas items on the shelves as early as possible. But it does give us a bit more time to enjoy the ever expanding holiday activities in the SoCal area. ...

    Updated 11-12-2010 at 09:24 AM by In the Parks

  2. Special World of Color Coverage, Blue Sky, Harry Potter and More

    by , 06-10-2010 at 08:48 PM

    (Column updated 6-12-10 with additional information on Glow Fest)

    We have a very special update for you today from the grand opening of a highly anticipated new show at Disney's California Adventure - World of Color! We bring the "Blue carpet" celebrity premiere to you!

    A new extravaganza is gushing into Disney California Adventure park in Anaheim, California

    Updated 06-12-2010 at 02:02 PM by In the Parks (Blue Sky Cellar update added)

  3. In The Parks - the Busy and the Beautiful - Disney and More

    by , 03-25-2010 at 08:23 PM
    Beautiful, busy, and bustling with excitement. Theme parks throughout the south land are experiencing the Spring Break rush - but nowhere more than at the Disneyland Resort, which is packed to the gills with students happy to be out of school. What makes us happy is the construction progress at California Adventure and Disneyland. Day by day, inch by inch, World of Color, Cars Land, and the Little Mermaid are taking shape.

  4. Disneyland Party, Fancy Pass, Windows on Main Street, and Lots of News and Photos

    by , 03-11-2010 at 08:02 PM
    Super-mega-special-awesome pass from Disney, midnight Disneyland parties, windows on Main Street, planting Paradise Park, whale parties, freebies, photos and more - that's just the tip of the iceberg for today's update.

    World of Color is testing around the clock, Garden Walk is in serious trouble, Knott's and its parent company are up for sale, D23 ...