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In the Parks

  1. In The Parks - Halloween Happenings

    by , 10-28-2010 at 09:50 PM

    Happy haunts materialize and begin to socialize this weekend as the Halloween season wraps up on Sunday. The local theme parks and haunted events will be packed to the gills with thrill seeking guests. Where will you be celebrating Halloween? In The Parks has assembled the essential haunts and info for the Southern California area.


    Updated 10-28-2010 at 10:29 PM by In the Parks

  2. Disneyland Party, Fancy Pass, Windows on Main Street, and Lots of News and Photos

    by , 03-11-2010 at 08:02 PM
    Super-mega-special-awesome pass from Disney, midnight Disneyland parties, windows on Main Street, planting Paradise Park, whale parties, freebies, photos and more - that's just the tip of the iceberg for today's update.

    World of Color is testing around the clock, Garden Walk is in serious trouble, Knott's and its parent company are up for sale, D23 ...