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    Aw! Sounds like a lot of fun!
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    So what I was saying is that I came down to So. Cal because my 11 year old cousin wanted me to be his godfather. So I sure as heck accepted. I'm honored that he chose me and looks up to me.

    So since he asked me months ago, I kept in contact with him by sending him things.

    Finally, I flew in last Sunday, April 5, and hung out with him for a bit before my friend picked me up for a few days.

    My friend and I went to hollywood and met up with California Adventurer of debate Lounge fame, very nice person, and saw the premiere for Observe and report in the Grauman's Theatre.

    Tuesday I went to Disneyland with a friend and his friend.

    Wednesday I met up with my former art teacher and went back to my godson's house to stay the night.

    Thursday I just hung out with my Godson and his family. That night myself, my godson, and his dad went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D. His dad fell asleep during the movie and I thought it was just okay. But my Godson loved it and that's all that mattered.

    Yesterday I spent time with my nephew and today was my godson's baptism.

    Tomorrow I plan on seeing my nephew and godson one last time before flying back home on Monday.
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    Okay, this did not let me finish when i was typing my original post. So I will finish what I wanted to say in the next entry to this blog.
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    Shoplifters are bad for business but with the way the economy is turning, you're going to be seeing this a lot more.
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    Retail is such a hard department to work in especially because of stuff like this.

    Bravo though! I hate shoplifters to no end.
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    I hear ya Knittingnerd .

    I do my best not to let some bad customers ruin my day, but sometimes they just become frustrating to deal with.

    But I did laugh when the guy who was cussing out my manager was ranting that The big business keeps taking advantage of the small guy. I laughed because he called us a big business! We're actually a small business chain! Our chain has yet to reach the western part of America !

    But like my dad said, down here, if a company employs two or more people down here, it's considered to be a big business .
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    Take a deep breath. It sucks but think about it this way: people suck.
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    Holy carp! Retail during the holiday season stinks, no two ways around that. I did retail ONCE during the holidays and swore never to repeat that same mistake. As long as it doesn't get to you then you're good, right?

    I hope you have a great holiday!
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    I just got back from a Lorrie Morgan concert. Knew little about her until I heard her perform some songs.

    She's got a very neat song coming out on her next album in the next few songs titled Mirror, Mirror. It's a sad song about losing pieces of your self and wanting that back.

    She also did a beautiful redo of Louie Armstrongs It's A Wonderful World.

    Had a good time all in all.

    Wish my digital camera wasn't dead or I would have gone up to the stage and taken some good photo's.
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    I couldn't help much though. I wasn't an eye witness to the accident, because I arrived only minutes after it happened. I sure couldn't help the victim with anything because I didn't even know there was anyone in the car. I honestly thought the victim was the man flagging me down and he looked alright to me. So after I realized there were other people at the site, I decided to leave, thinking the accident wasn't all that bad.

    But then I looked at more pictures last night, and the whole roof of this car was GONE!! I don't know how the heck this kid survived at all!

    If I can find the pictures again, I will post a link to them.

    Anyway, let me tell you about what happened on Tuesday.

    It was me, my assistant manager, and fellow associate working at the store.

    I was in the back of the store unloading the boxes for the cleaning departmen. I love working the back area's of the store when it comes to unloading the truck because that means I do not have to deal with customers at the register. There are those customers that are really hell bent on ruining your day and that's what I hate.

    Anyway, my A.M. and fellow associate were working the register.

    So these two women came up with a clearanced item that had a reduced sticker on it saying $3.59.

    The clearanced item was ringing up as $5 though. Now it's pretty common for scammers to try and pull the wool over our eyes by pulling stickers off other clearanced items and putting them on other items. It's so hillarious how they think we are stupider than they are !!!

    Anyway, my A.M. was not going to fall for their scam, she knew they were trying to pull off a scam because they were spending too much time in the clothes section acting weird.

    So when the A.M. did not reduce the price, the customer started getting disrespectful and started to cuss her out! The idiot customer even said my A.M. was to blame directly for the price not ringing up as $3.59!!

    So my A.M. called the District Manager and asked for advice. The D.M. of course quickly caved into the customers demand and really embarassed us by not having our side, by giving into the snobbish A-Hole.

    I told my A.M. that I would have called the cops and then the D.M.

    The stupid customer clearly was one of those people who intentionally went out of their way to raise hell and give us grief.

    I sure as hell would have ignored her if she ever disrespected me. If she ever started to cuss me, BOOM, she's on ignore, I'd tell her to leave, or the cops would on the way.

    I hate it how some people feel the need to treat us like crap for doing our jobs. I PRAY we will never see them again!! We don't want their business! Infact I hope that they tell their friends and family not to come to our store because we don't want their business either!
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    It's a good thing that you were there to help out.
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    I FINALLY figured it out!!!

    I kept reading through the book last night and it briefly went over how to solve for a square.

    But of course, you know how Mathematicians are. They tell you how to solve for the answer one way and then they put questions in the book in which you need to solve it some other way that they didn't go over.

    It's like teaching someone how to fix a brake and then telling them to fix an engine without any help.

    ANYWAY, what I remember from the book is this. The book states all sides of a square are equal. So a basic question in regards to solving for the meters of a square should be set up like this:

    P=4s OR Perimeter equals four times the sides

    So when you are solving for anything regarding the square, the last step you must take is to divide by four.

    SO here is how I finally got the answer to my question.

    The Perimeter of the square is 7(4)-12 (4 representing the amount of even sides on a square)

    7 x 4 - 12= 16.

    Then divide the 16 by 4 and you get 4 meters !
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    Sorry you're having ickiness in school here's what I was thinking (and it's and evil way of thinking because I think it's one of those equal on both sides devils) :
    But that gets 3L=2 which is wrong... Figure a square has 4 equal sides. Sorry no help. Can you buddy up with a geometry wiz kid?
    Updated 08-09-2008 at 01:58 PM by knittingknerd (did math wrong.)
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    Very true .

    You never know when you will run into these people again. They may be the one's who wind up helping you out in a time of need too.
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    I don't have any specific stories that stick out in my mind, but I know I've come across some good deeds in my life. They always warm my heart and I try to perform them as well. I think it's a great feeling knowing you did the right thing, and possibly made someone's day.

    Hey, what goes around comes around.
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    i figured p= 7[a - 2] then p/4 for one side

    but that would be 7/2 or 3.5 per side...closer but not right
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    Yup, the back of the book says 4m is the answer.

    But I decided it may be best for me just to go through the whole chapter, read everything and solve every question.

    Maybe that will help me figure out how the answer is 4m when I get back around to it.
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    I'm not getting this one either way I try to work it. I feel like something is missing.

    You're sure the answer is 4? One side=4, and it's a square. So the perimeter has to be 16.

    If x=4...

    I'm getting 7x-2= 28-2=26. That's not a match.

    Or, 7(x-2)= 7(2)= 14. Also not a match.

    Anyone else?
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    I have dropped this math class once before, about two years ago. But given the fact that the Geometry section in the course is what broke the camels back for me last time, I am doing my best to spruce up my Geometry skills.

    I am constantly going over the Geometry section in my textbook and am slowly getting through the book Geometry For Dummies. Dummies does not cover everything in the book so I am setting that aside right now and am just trying to figure out all the questions by doing them myself.

    I sure hope I don't fail this semester because there is now no point dropping out since this is the last class until I get my first degree.

    So I staying on this ship, even if it's sinking .

    Sometimes when I review question in my math book, I feel upbeat because I am doing them correctly. Other times I feel like I am going to do bad because I am not answering others correctly.

    For instance, a question I just can't let go of is this one:

    "A stained-glass window in a church is in the shape of a square. The perimeter of the square is 7 times the length of a side in meters, decreased by 2. Find the length of a side of the window."
    I keep thinking the equation is suppost to be set up like this:

    P=7(X-12) But I must be wrong because the answer is suppost to be 4m, and solving the equation that way does not get me 4m.

    Now, I know Multiplication and Subtraction will be involved because the question said "Times" and "Decreased."

    It's just that I am having a hard time setting it up. If I am correct, in order to get the measure of a side, we need to first solve for the squares length, and the solve for the squares width to get the answer. I may be wrong though.

    Guess I better search around in this textbook a bit more.
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    i feel for you and understand completely....that's why i go to community college

    and congrats on almost being done! that's great!
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