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Evil Genius Guide to Disneyland

I hate just about everyone and everything... But I love Disneyland!


  1. Spring Breakers or Save the Biscuit Save the World

    by , 07-04-2013 at 08:34 AM (Evil Genius Guide to Disneyland)
    [I][FONT=arial black][COLOR=#ff0000]Hey Dorks!
    This post is from Spring Break of 2013. [/COLOR][/FONT][/I]
    There are two thing I hate in this world, heat and crowds. Spring break at Disneyland is chocked full of both of them! Sounds like a recipe for a crappy time, but FSL and I hadn't been there in a week so we decided to bite the bullet and brave the mob.

    I got to the park fully intending to have a bad time and be stressed out from the sheer volume ...