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Evil Genius Guide to Disneyland

I hate just about everyone and everything... But I love Disneyland!


  1. Play Day!

    by , 07-03-2013 at 08:16 PM (Evil Genius Guide to Disneyland)
    [I][FONT=arial black][COLOR=#ff0000]Jumping the gun here a bit... I was going to do one post a day, but I figured "what the heck"... Bonus post for today! Wooooooo!

    This was from 3-7-13. It was just a day in the park... [/COLOR][/FONT][/I]

    I promise I will eventually give you some useful information and not just blather on. Although, I love to hear myself talk so maybe you will have to suffer a bit longer.

    The FSL and I went for a play day in ...

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